Corbin Fisher: Jared Bottoms For Roman (aka Damian Night) in ‘Lighting Roman’s Candle’

Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher

Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher
Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher

Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher
Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher
Lighting Roman's Candle (Jared Bottoms For Roman) at CorbinFisher

Jared Bottoms For Roman (aka Damian Night) in ‘Lighting Roman’s Candle’ at Corbin Fisher:

Roman (aka Damian Night) and Jared each landed at CorbinFisher around the same time – something they can’t help but chat about a little at the outset of this episode. They got a kick out of how far they’ve each come since then, and how much sexier each has become since then! Their first on-camera meeting was remarkably hot and let us all know they had bright futures at Corbin Fisher, and in this one they take things to all new levels!

It’s obvious Roman and Jared each remember their first time together quite fondly, and had spent the time since looking forward to more. It makes sense these two would get along so well, really. They’re attracted to one another, turned on by the same things, are each insatiably horny most all the time, and each know full well Roman’s cock is a perfect fit for Jared’s hole.

It is also obvious Roman likes to fuck precisely how Jared likes to get fucked – hard, fast, long and steady. Roman goes to town on Jared’s ass, and Jared loves every bit of it. The only time they take a break from Roman drilling Jared like that is when Jared takes charge and fucks himself with Roman’s cock hard, fast, long, and steady! By the end of it all, the cum is everywhere!

Watch as Roman Fucks Jared at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Roman Fucks Jared at Corbin Fisher

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I’m always down to watch a scene with Roman at CF (not MEN though) and Jared is a good a cock hungry bottom. So I’m happy with this.

moondoggy says:

This is what you call bringing it. There was an edit between Jared and Roman’s cumshot, but Jared’s cum was still visibly wet on Roman’s chest, so there couldn’t have been a whole lot of time between the two. (And I don’t care about simultaneity anyway — it’s just a nice addition when it happens.) And for sure Roman came from fucking. Jared’s hole even dripped when Roman pulled out, but I don’t know if that was lube or cum. I lean toward it being (pre)cum because CF is not known for excessive lube the way Tim Tales is. Sometimes a load comes out in stages, which may also account for why Roman reached for his cock hesitantly, then kept fucking. That man knows his instrument, and he understood that he wasn’t “there” yet, even if there was a partial initial internal.

Kj says:

Handsome Jared is always a treat. Beautiful nipples.

Mathieu91 says:

Déjà vu… Boring !
Always the same models recently.

cc this c says:

I could do without the spitting.

whodunit? says:

For some reason I could watch 10 Dylan scenes in a row but can’t handle seeing these two in a scene yet again

Gazzaq says:

Dylan is so boring and his performance put me to sleep end of!

Gazzaq says:

And can I just add that thankfully he is not in Xmas update, but no doubt he will be back in the New Year’s update!

sasuk388 says:

i love dylan and his progression. i would rather see jared be a dom top , wtith that cock

Quietist says:

It’s strange, maybe even a bit awkward seeing Roman again in a CF-update, while we know he went to MEN in the meantime. Especially so because he was with CF for so long (this is his 50th MM scene and he never did bi or str8).
And we can be certain that CF still has more Roman scenes stored.
Will we get one every time Roman has something published at another studio? Is CF going to be such a tease?

It’s a real pity that Roman let himself be seduced by MEN to join their circus. Does this gay man not see how problematic MEN is? I guess most porn models just aren’t smart enough to realize how low the morale is in the porn industry.
But Roman is fully responsible for his actions. He can’t blame CF like he tried with “they didn’t ask me back”. He has been busy for a long time to wean himself away from CF. MEN doesn’t mind if their models are active on OF as well. It seems like CF still won’t have it.

This scene with Jared is definitely more than a year old. The write-up hints that this is the second time Jared and Roman are in a scene together, but in Dec. 2021 they also were in a threesome with Riley.
The decoration of the room also gives a hint. This was last seen in an update in May this year but that was an old scene with Kyler. Before that we have to go back to Nov. 2021, but the new decoration was already in an update in Aug. 2021. How long before that was recorded, I don’t know. But it is safe to say that this Jared and Roman scene was recorded at least a year and a half ago.

Paulbon23 says:

I love when Roman tops.

Ted says:

Imagine this Jared being f*cked by Black man! He needs to go to Treasure Island Media/Tim Tales immediately!