Sean Cody: Muscle Hunks Axel Rockham & Kyle Fletcher’s Intense Fuck Session

Axel Rockham Fucks Kyle Fletcher at SeanCody

Axel Rockham Fucks Kyle Fletcher at SeanCody
Axel Rockham Fucks Kyle Fletcher at SeanCody

Muscle Hunks Axel Rockham & Kyle Fletcher’s Intense Fuck Session at SeanCody:

After a trip to the park where Axel Rockham shows off his playful side with a dance while Kyle Fletcher poses sensually, the muscular hunks return to the studio to get serious about sex.

“I wanna see that dick!” Kyle exclaims as he takes Axel’s shorts off and sucks him.

“Damn!” Axel gasps at the skilled blowjob.

Kyle Fletcher rides the top, then begs for his dick in doggystyle, and Axel Rockham fucks him deep on his side. Kyle cums all over himself as he gets penetrated missionary, and the top pulls out to add his load to the mix.

The premiere for this scene is on March 17, 2023.

Watch as Axel Rockham Fucks Kyle Fletcher at SeanCody

Watch as Axel Rockham Fucks Kyle Fletcher at SeanCody

Bree Van de Kamp says:

Kyle looks like his oral hygiene is terrible and his gummy Geena Davis smile is so bad. The other guy looks like if you stuck a ninja turtle in a machine to turn them into a human, then put that human in the same machine to reverse back to a ninja turtle, only to again put him in the machine to make him human again. That back and forth transformation would make this very bizarre liquid shit of a person and that is “Axel”.

Bair says:

Tehehehehe! VanDeCunt has always been like that. Disconnected from reality. “They'” (I don’t know VanDeCunt’s pronouns) has always reminded me of a deranged drunk staggering around in the streets, cursing at the buildings, seeing “their” own nightmarish projections in the world rather than what is there. Understanding projections is so important for personal growth but VanDeCunt does not have a clue that the hate, cruelty and disgust “they” dump unrealistically and irrationally on porn performers is the hate, cruelty and disgust “they” feel for their own self.

Gazzaq says:

jeez this is me after a good night out on the tiles lol!


If this was your attempt at being funny you failed miserably

Kanaka says:

@Swan meet @Bree. Y’all should get along. You’re both cunts.

Gazzaq says:

Bloody Hell BVDK Jeez!!!!

NeAl1669 says:

I may be in the minority here but I don’t find Axel attractive at all, less so after seeing him dance. Kyle on the other hand is sexy AF.

Bair says:

A porn performer who I might find particularly attractive others might not find attractive at all, and vice versa. I have no doubts about that. It’s all in our individual “wiring”. It’s fascinating to me. A mystery. Axel is PERFECT for those he is perfect for. He has a brooding, “bad boy”, dangerous look. That’s why I actually enjoy his little dance routine. I saw it as him breaking out of character, being silly and cute and having some “dancing with myself” fun; which greatly softens his demeanor (for me) in a positive way.

Gazzaq says:

Nicely Put B and I totally agree with you here. Some models we love and other we detest, but as long as they entertain me that I all I ask when watching gay porn!

Scrapple says:

Is the person who butchered Kyle’s manscaping the same person who told Axel to dance?

DeeGee says:


Legondex says:

Hot, but I’m still waiting for a scene with Axel and Preston

sasuk388 says:

this feels like sc

Paulbon23 says:

Marry me Axel! <3

Gazzaq says:

This looks good and Axel who I was not to bother about previously, got me with his dancing very nice. Good scene with Kyle and yeah its not classic Sean Cody which I so bloody miss, but it is what it is, 2023 Sean Cody!!!