Sean Cody: Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck

Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody
Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody
Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody:

There’s lots of laughs and lots of flexing as mustached Guido (aka Ryan Kroger) and muscular Paco Colombiano take off their shirts in the park and get to know each other. Paco makes his pecs dance before teasing you with a view of his ass, then heads back to the studio where he hungrily swallows Guido’s cock.

“Yeah, make it wet,” the top tells him, and Paco says, “I wanna ride your dick.”

First, the bottom takes a little mustache ride as Paco tongues his hole, then he sits down on that cock. Paco gets drilled on all fours, then shoots a hot load as Guido pounds him in missionary, and it’s time to flip fuck as Guido bends over to take Paco’s dick.

Paco fucks the mustached hunk in missionary till Guido cums.

Watch as Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Watch as Paco Colombiano and Guido Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Young Neil says:

I mean, finally some action! Lol

bo69 says:

Paco is an absolutely amazing star, bottoms, tops, eats & feeds. Welcum!

Bair says:

And with a wonderful smile on his handsome face. For me, one of the sexiest things is a bottom taking it with a smile on his face.

Gazzaq says:

Jeez Paco looks great in this pick as does Guido fucking him!!!

Justine Bever says:

So Sean Cody is now Lucas Entertainment?

treasuretrail says:

That mustache is gross. Ugh.


So are the tattoos

Bair says:

Why do some people who personally do not like something label it as “gross”? Homophobes label people in the LGBTQ community as “gross”. Gross means obscene, repulsive or disgusting. A mustache is just a mustache. There is no food in Guido’s mustache. No buttermilk or bread crumbs. It’s not dirty. No mud or snot is dripping from it. It is shaped and trimmed. It JUST is. Why do some people think that their personal dislikes about something that is NOT gross DEFINITIONALLY is “gross” just because they personally don’t like it? The definition of “gross” is not: “something that someone personally happens to not like”.

Justine Bever says:

Bear. That’s called freedom of speech. One should be entitled to express his feelings, likes, and dislikes. No preaching needed.

Bair says:

What I wrote was my “FREEDOM OF SPEECH.” Tehehehehe! I did not like the comment you wrote though, so that makes you “gross”. All joking aside, I personally dislike exaggerative excuses for one’s simple dislikes in an attempt to overly justify their dislike. That makes treasuretrail “gross” because I disliked his comment.

Justine Bever says:


Gazzaq says:

Is it mate, as I think he looks ok to be fair!

Lefoten says:

Without the mustache, he’s even a very attractive guy. I hope you notice and appear shaved later.

Dakota111 says:

More of Presley Scott bottoming scene preferably gangbang by black models with extra big dick is a scene to watch for hope to see it someday

TomCNR says:

Paco is hot and Guido is so not. They had to ruin Paco’s first duo scene.

sasuk388 says:

waste of a scene

Paulbon23 says:

Paco would’ve been just the top one.

Gazzaq says:

This looks good. I like both guys and Paco remind me of the old Sean Cody models and is lovely looking bloke. I also like Guido as well. A pretty decent pairing!

DeeGee says:

Sean Cody, home of the dad bod.