Kristen Bjorn: Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise in ‘Casting Couch #488’

Casting Couch #488 (Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise) at KristenBjorn

Casting Couch #488 (Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise) at KristenBjorn
Casting Couch #488 (Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise) at KristenBjorn

Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise in ‘Casting Couch #488’ at KristenBjorn:

Andre Cruise eagerly anticipates his encounter with Jacob Lord as he inducts him into the esteemed Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The stage is set for an exhilarating experience.

Intense Chemistry and Mutual Pleasure:

Jacob Lord reveals his taut underwear, captivating Andre’s gaze upon entering the room. Passionate kissing ignites a powerful chemistry between them. Stripping away their underwear, they embark on a journey of mutual pleasure.

Sensual Deepthroating and Cock Worship:

Jacob skillfully positions himself, ensuring no moment of pleasure is missed. Andre eagerly opens wide, eagerly sucking on Jacob’s impressively meaty cock. The intensity builds as they explore new sensations.

With deliberate movements, Jacob glides his fat cock deep into Andre’s smooth, awaiting ass. Andre expresses the sheer pleasure of being filled by Jacob’s impressive member, reaching new heights of ecstasy.

Exploring Deeper Depths and Acrobatic Positions:

Jacob Lord takes control, placing Andre Cruise’s shoulders on the floor for a deeper angle of penetration. The forceful thrusts elicit intense pleasure as Jacob explores various positions, pushing their sexual acrobatics to the limit.

After withdrawing, Jacob craves a taste of the sweet, stretched ass he pleasured. The interplay of cock and ass flavors drives his desire to fuck harder and deeper. Pleasure intensifies as Jacob’s hot cock meets Andre’s eager hole.
Flipping the Pleasure and Self-Exploration:

Andre Cruise takes charge, lowering himself onto Jacob Lord’s awaiting cock, experiencing the thrill of self-penetration with each downward thrust. Displaying his hot hole, Andre triggers Jacob’s explosive release, coating him with creamy cum.

Final Climax and Intense Finale:

Jacob Lord’s cum-drenched fingers stimulate Andre Cruise’s pleasure, leading to a sensational climax. Andre releases his hot load over his ribbed abs and heaving chest, culminating their passionate encounter.

Watch as Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise at KristenBjorn

Watch as Jacob Lord Fucks Andre Cruise at KristenBjorn

enjoyer of various things says:

Wow he looks JUST like Sir Peter!

Maxwell says:

I was actually going to say it too!

marclyte says:

Jacob Lord is vers but more often bottoms in his onlyfans. I hope he keeps that energy, otherwise he’ll not differentiate himself from the pack. (For anyone wondering, his onlyfans isn’t worth it unless you’re rich. You subscribe to get <1min trailers of all the content which are all pay-per-view. But he does bottom in a lot of them. Still, camera work is very amateurish in the one video I saw.) Someone who looks like a top then bottoms all the time is always gold in porn.


The audio sounds pre-recorded