ColbyKnox: Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks in ‘How To Spend a Rainy Day’

How To Spend a Rainy Day (Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks) at ColbyKnox

How To Spend a Rainy Day (Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks) at ColbyKnox
How To Spend a Rainy Day (Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks) at ColbyKnox

Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks in ‘How To Spend a Rainy Day’ at ColbyKnox:

ColbyKnox “newcummer” Oliver Marks is entranced by the rain, leaning on a porch rail. The falling water soaks the compound’s yard. The sound of thunder mixes with the patter of rain on trees and shrubs. As the camera pulls away from the cutie’s face, we hear slurping. Looks like Oliver’s hole is wetter than the grass.

Colby Chambers is on his knees, licking Oliver’s hole. “So hot,” Colby whispers. He pulls Oliver’s shorts all the way down. Thunder can’t cover Oliver’s moaning. Colby licks Oliver’s tool and gives those butt cheeks a few playful smacks. “Spread those cheeks for me,” Colby commands. “Get in there,” Oliver moans.

Colby stands up, placing romantic kisses on Oliver’s lips. He gets on his knees, kissing his way to Colby’s crotch. His cock swings in front of Oliver’s face when his shorts are removed. Immediately he swallows Colby’s tool. Oliver spits on it, using both hands on the shaft. Colby face fucks him. “Your cock is so big,” Oliver mutters. He licks Colby’s nuts. He leans over to finger Oliver’s hole. Spit and precum make Oliver’s lips shiny. He stands up, leaning on the porch rail again. He arches his back and Colby works inside Oliver’s tight hole.

Intense Anal Pleasure and Passionate Desires Unleashed:

“Fuck me,” Oliver Marks begs. “Oh, my God. Your cock is so big.” “Give me that ass,” Colby commands. He fucks hard and deep, grabbing Oliver’s throat to make sure he stays where Colby wants. He puts a foot on the railing to gain more leverage. The camera gives a great view of his rod smashing into Oliver’s hole. They stop to make out. Colby heads over to a chair. Oliver follows, taking a seat on Colby’s meat. Oliver goes up and down. “Oh, God,” he cries. “You’re so deep.” Colby grabs both butt cheeks, making sure Oliver feels all of him.

“Ride my dick,” Colby orders. “Fuck me fucking good,” Oliver mumbles. Colby Chambers thrusts up, toward the rain. “Pound that fucking ass,” Oliver moans. The studs switch positions. Oliver on his back, knees drawn to his chest. Colby reenters the succulent hole. Oliver’s eyes widen from the shock but he handles the intrusion. He strokes his dick as Colby fucks to the balls. “Spit on my fucking cock,” Oliver whispers. “I want to come so bad.”


“Come for me,” Colby Chambers instructs. Oliver Marks does. A juicy explosion, glazing his stomach. After kissing Colby, Oliver goes back to the porch rail. Colby gets back inside that tight hole. “Drain my nuts inside,” Colby promises. As cum drips off Oliver’s stomach and dick, Colby fucks. “Fucking use my hole,” Oliver pleads. “Fucking come for me.” Colby shoots man juice inside Oliver, making sure it stays inside his canal. The tired studs make out.

“Told you it would be better than fucking in the bedroom,” Colby jokes between kisses. Who can disagree? “Welcum” to ColbyKnox, Oliver!

Watch as Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks at ColbyKnox

Watch as Colby Chambers Fucks Oliver Marks at ColbyKnox

moondoggy says:

Oh SHIT. Colby Chambers is the closest thing to a stone cold lock as there is in porn. But the limit of this company is that their taste in scene partners is so narrow, repetitive even for their niche part of the market, and not always inspiring. Oliver Marks is hot on a level that I feel like we rarely even see in porn anymore. I will be watching this with my dick in one hand and my blood pressure medicine in the other.

DeeGee says:

They don’t build any story, other than two gay good ol’ boys from Carolina who like to fuck. When they’ve done role-playing it’s great, but otherwise, scenes are by-the-book repetitive. Nice Christmas Tree mini-farm, however!

moondoggy says:

Having now watched the scene, I have one gripe: They edited twice during the orgasm. You can see Colby’s cock is already throbbing and inseminating before the edit, so there’s no subterfuge. But I still find it distracting. An edit is an interruption by definition. That’s the very moment such an intrusion is unwelcome. If they want a different angle, they should use replay like the Sean Cody of old and like Corbin Fisher now. I also don’t exactly care for Colby wearing his shoes. But it’s still an incredible scene that lives up to the photos. I wish he would do like he did with Ty Santana and just breed the fuck out of Oliver over and over, in all kinds of different settings.

DeeGee says:


Elza says:

Oliver Marks is that cute boytoy next door that you just wanna wreck

bo69 says:

His real life BF is Carter Collins and they are known as SW College Boys on OF, etc. I am sure Carter will appear next with Mickey and then the four of them together. That would be worth waiting for.

Fummer43 says:

Oliver Marks loves a dick in the fanny. Very nice!

Camille says:

Oliver Mark so cute ♥️♥️♥️