Sean Cody: Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner

Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody

Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody
Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody
Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody

Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody:

Dark-haired Axel Rockham and blond Sumner pose outside under a tree, stripping off their shirts. After Sumner pulls Axel in for a kiss, they’re raring to go. Axel can’t get enough of Sumner’s ass as he gives it a squeeze, and Sumner sucks the top, then bends over to take his dick.

“Fuck yeah, right there,” Axel says, and just has to get a taste of that hole as he puts the bottom on his stomach to pound him hard. The guys spoon before Axel fucks Sumner in missionary and they both cover Sumner’s abs with cum.

How would the bottom rate this dick? “69 out of 10!”

Watch as Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody

Watch as Axel Rockham Fucks Sumner at SeanCody

sasuk388 says:

this doesnt look that bad. BUT i want the whole fucking library back. i want sean to get fucked or go somewhere else get bred into oblivion. i want first time hot studs . sc back to its roots.

Elza says:

They need to hire a guy called Winta, then they could do some sexy seasonal role play.

“Oh fuck, Summer, I feel your sizzling hot dick inside me!” 🌞🥵

Bair says:

Axel’s long hair in front, falling over his eyes when he leans forward, is SOOOOOOOO sexy (to me). He’s quite a handsome dude. What I’m struck by in this trailer concerning Summer is his wonderfully casual and relaxed demeanor when being fucked. I find that SOOOOOOOO sexy. No exaggerative posturing for the camera. Just a leisurely, “welcum to my hole and cum on in,” manner. No pain to react to or wince off. Just pleasure to cordially accommodate and comfortably savor,

Mathieu91 says:

Sean Cody needs to fire their casting director. As Paris Hilton would say, this is ‘beyond’ !

Scrapple says:

That’s not a tree in that first pic. It’s a preview of the next item in the Sean Cody Dildo line, molded after Sumner’s huge cock.

Coming in ’24, spring, summer or September.


Axel not bad but Sumner ASS has my BBC rock hard

Kj says:

Axel and Sumner are sexy

Gazzaq says:

Very Fucking Nice. I do like Axel as he is one sexy bloke. Sumner I am so glad he getting his fat ass fucked and he looks great getting plowed out! The trailer is great.

Now Sean Cody can also have that other hottie that is Ozzy getting his fine muscle bubble butt stuffed please!

Paulbon23 says:

Marry me Axel! ❤️

JJ says:

So is Sumner good at bottoming?

Rocky Tweeytter says:

when axel will bottom?