Sean Cody: Bearded Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan

Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody

Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody
Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody

Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody:

Deacon (aka Johnny Donovan) is back and bearded! As he kisses Drew Ryan, he plays with the bottom’s nipples and reaches around to squeeze his ass. The guys quickly shuck off their clothes, and Deacon says “Oh yeah, show me that ass!” as he bends him over the couch before rimming his hole. Drew sucks the top and climbs on to ride Deacon’s dick, then Deacon lays him on his back to fuck that hole. The top wants Drew face down, ass up on the floor, and that hole is absolutely perfect. Drew cums as Deacon pounds him in doggystyle, then he takes a facial and pronounces it “delicious!”

Watch as Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody

Watch as Deacon Fucks Drew Ryan at SeanCody

LJ Shaffer says:

The bottom is fucking hot so is the top

Bair says:

I enjoy sexy Drew too, with those beautiful, PIERCING eyes of his. He often has a smile on his face during sex which makes it look like he’s having LOTS of FUN! I was surprised to see Deacon with a beard. The beard along with his new Caesar style haircut caused me not to recognize him at first THEN I saw that majestic BubbleButt AND those massive water-melon crushing thighs and I instantly knew who it was. The ONE and ONLY! Tehehehehe!

Gazzaq says:

Cant stand Deacon as a performer, ever since his and his hubby’s debut on Sean Cody where upon it declined!


Like the full beard on Deacon but other than that another DISAPPOINTING update from SC

sasuk388 says:

i would rather watch anything with matt bomer than this. sc why fuckin WHY

sasuk388 says:

worst update in awhile. seancody neeeds taken over by a new group that cares about it

Young Neil says:

I feel like I am constantly being negative lately, but I kind of really miss Ricky/Asher… I know some didn’t like him, but I still think the film Deacon did with Asher and Hector was the hottest Sean Cody video ever. I kind of want to see some more movies with Ricky, especially with both Ricky’s and Deacon’s new looks. They are a hot couple.

zaxms says:

Deacon will look better without full beard, little is ok.