Sean Cody: Hayden and Levi’s Locker Room Flip-Fuck

Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody
Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody
Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody:

Tall, dark-haired and bearded trainer Levi is in the gym teaching some of his favorite upper-body exercises, where he’s joined by blond Hayden who shows off his own favorite workout. Later, as the guys disrobe in the locker room, Levi sees Hayden watching him and beckons him over. The guys kiss and suck each other, and Levi rims the bottom, then fucks him from behind against the lockers. Hayden rides Levi and cums all over the top’s cut abs, then the guys flip fuck as he pounds Levi doggystyle. Levi rides the hairy hunk on the floor till he cums!

Watch as Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Watch as Hayden and Levi Flip-Fuck at SeanCody

Kj says:

Hayden is a handsome hairy man. Levi is a sexy man. This is hot !

swan says:

He is hairy ugly.. too much and you like everything.

Kj says:

Thankfully, we will never have to see you LOL

Mark Coppola says:

Hayden looks familiar.

Elza says:

I have no idea who these guys are, nor does it look like SC, but hot guys flipping is always a yes

BeeBee says:

I agree with everything you wrote. There are those who will find them hot, I have no doubt. Many enjoy flipping scenes, so that will be a yes for them. And even though SC never had a definite “type”, like BelAmi does, the guys have always been younger looking, haven’t they? I’m thinking if each of these men were paired with a younger and less bulky and hairy guy (instead of with each other) then it could be somewhat SeanCodyish, if being SeanCodyish is even important to SC. But them both together makes me think of RawFuckClub or Raging Stallion. I’m not sensing any chemistry between them, but that could just be me. To me it looks like they had a job to do, and they did it.

TomCNR says:

If only this was the old SC

moondoggy says:

Blanche: Dorothy, do you ever wish Mindgeek was run by Sean Cody instead of the other way around?
Dorothy: Every day of my life.

DeeGee says:

SC will extract all the eroticism from this pairing, despite the talent. Fail.

Young Neil says:

Hooray! Not only did they get Levi back for a flip scene, this other guy they paired him with is also hot! This is a 10/10 for SC… maybe 9/10.. (I think the setting could be better and I’m probably being too generous, but it’s a happy moment for what’s been pretty boring releases for me in the last few months… No coincidence it’s November though…)

Now maybe they bring Beck back for a flip-fuck… that said… I’d probably like to see that with Nicky as well. (So many SC guys I wish to see more from, (Eddie… Troy… even more Landon…) personally… even if they moved on to MEN… but I can’t tell if this is just a plot to starve me out and bite on anything remotely hot)


Another SC failure ,I’ll pass

JB says:

Glad that my 10 year membership with Sean Cody just ended. Without a doubt, I will not renew.

Northboy691 says:

All in favour of Levi bottoming more!

Jason says:

Two gorgeous men, using each other’s holes, beautiful!