Corbin Fisher: Liam Fucks Barron ‘A Rematch’

Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher

Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher
Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher
Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher

Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher
Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher
Liam Fucks Barron at CorbinFisher

Liam Fucks Barron at Corbin Fisher:

Liam returning to Corbin Fisher to take on and get drilled by Barron’s big dick was perhaps the biggest moment of the year to that point, but Liam and Barron weren’t content to leave it there. If you thought Barron Rails Liam was a big deal, get ready to have your world rocked!

It’s not often Barron bottoms, so when he does it’s important we get him to do so for a guy who really knows what they’re doing and can make it worth Barron’s while. Well, cue Liam! With his big dick and buff body, Liam can deliver a pounding like few others. Liam knows what he’s doing, and is equipped to do it all so well. What’s more, Liam and Barron get along so well with one another and have so much fun anytime they’re around one another that it only makes sense Liam is Barron’s designated top stud for the round of action you’re about to enjoy here.

Yes, this outrageously hot episode is packed full of bulging muscles, deep dicking, loud moans, slapping flesh, and all-out intensity. But don’t let yourself miss spotting all those more subtle signs of just how much these two studs are into what they’re doing here, and one another – those moments of deep eye contact, the way they reach out to grab and stroke one another, the passion in those kisses and how fixated they are on one another.

While Barron might not bottom much, clearly this is the way to do it, and who he’s been wanting and needing to do it with!

Watch as Liam Fucks Barron at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Liam Fucks Barron at Corbin Fisher

markjohnson22 says:

I’m not gonna lie: the photos look hot.

Cain Barron says:

They usually are, until we get to see the videos.. CF and SC are the same these days, horrible cinematography. If only the videos are half as hot as the photos..

whodunit? says:

Looks ok. And looks like I’m gonna have to finally accept that Dylan has probably retired. Hope there is one more film in the vault.

THE one says:

Looks like Chris has retired as well, they both joined around the same time. It can be frustrating to keep checking for updates only to find the same old CF rinse repeat. Better to unsubscribe from their website until you see the release of the scene in the vault, which may take up to a year.

Kier Ibanez says:

Chris hasn’t he has twitter and insta you can follow him

THE one says:

Can you send me his IG plz

porndrifter says:

Uh-oh! I knew when I saw that title that there was gonna be trouble for me today.

BeeBee says:

Tehehehehe! I suspect many CF subscribers will be in “trouble” today. BUT, I will use John Lewis’ phrase and refer to it as “GOOD TROUBLE”. It’s been awhile since HANDSOME Barron bottomed, AND the Top is GORGEOUS Liam. OH, HAPPY DAY!

BeeBee says:

Tehehehehe! I suspect there’s gonna be “trouble” for many CF subscribers today. BUT, I will use John Lewis’ phrase and refer to this as “GOOD TROUBLE”. It’s been awhile since HANDSOME Barron bottomed, AND the Top is GORGEOUS Liam. OH, HAPPY DAY!

MarcusT says:

I was here for tha first round, and now for tha second. Yea baby!

Rough&sweet says:

The camera work is bad again! The photos look much better than actual caps, everything looks blurry and hard to make out. I bet they shot it on the same day as the scene Barron fucks Liam with one crappy amateur videographer. Those scenes could easily be mashed together into one in Seancody’s golden age. None of them appeal to me as a bottom…yawn!

swan says:

This looks ok to me. No one has a trashy face but not really attractive either. I don’t think Barron is cute or attractive enough to be a bottom, he becomes an annoying bottom. Maybe CF should exchange some models with Belami to get some better looking models, make stuff less dull and more interesting.

sasuk388 says:

Belami always has hot models . Love to see Ethan opry. Helmut and more on cf for sure

Darkhog says:

Liam and Barron both have beautiful bodies!

JJ says:

I think it’s been too long since the last time Barron gets fucked, that cock is leaking all over the place!

Kj says:

You had me at handsome hairy Barron with his awesome nipples.
Liam has some great nipples too.
Thank you Corbin Fisher for this excellent scene.

Quietist says:

Damn, this is old fashioned CF quality.
Very good kissing with duelling tongues, I love that. Those looks from Barron, wow. And Liam knows exactly how to respond. The guys were really into each other!
Mutual sucking, like it should always be.
Barron wasn’t acting when he showed having trouble taking first penetration. Seems like he doesn’t bottom very often. 3 Months ago in his Q&A he hinted at bottoming again for Rocky. Turns out he does it for Liam. Like I said before … Liam is taking Rocky’s crown. (R. probably was way too busy playing with his blue VW Golf.)
The precum, the cumeating, this scene had it all.
Lightning wasn’t great, but so many other things were.

Gazzaq says:

Yayyyyyyyyy About Bleeding Time.

My Fav Lad Liam is with Barron topping him, which is what asked for repeatedly.

Nice One CF!!!😊😊😊😊

Tim says:

Barron is so damn hot, love to see him enjoying getting fucked as much as he fucks.

Kj says:

Love to watch Barron eat Liam’s cum.
Handsome, Hairy, and Hungry…..Barron is THE man.

Scrapple says:

Barron with a dick in his ass and cum in his throat. All is right with the world. I do have to deduct points because this is the shaved down version of Barron. Hairy, stubbled beastmode body Barron is the one I want to see catching cocks. CF can make it up to me by having that Barron in a threesome with Liam and Rocky. Everyone bottoms, Barron gets tagteamed, takes and internal from one and a facial from the other and FINALLY gets his handsfree moment. The man has been wanting that since Jacob turned that ass out.

I said in their last scene Barron was giving away all his tells. He was giddy at the thought of what was about to happen. That’s what I love about Barron. He doesn’t give a fuck about these cameras, he always strives to build a rapport with his partners and he isn’t afraid to let go. No macho posturing. No need to pretend he doesn’t like what he likes (cumeating for instance). He has no hangups and that’s why he kills it every time.

To his credit, Liam cut back on the “daddy” stuff and focused his energy on showing Barron a good time. The riding was my preferred top position because you had the visuals of Barron’s hard, leaking cock and Liam’s big balls swinging away. I’m going to chalk Liam not eating Barron out to a directorial decision. Because, why wouldn’t you? The facial was interesting. Barron was mean mugging like he was made he couldn’t get more dick in his ass, but also happy because he was going to get some cum. That’s why they need to give that man two dicks. He deserves it at this point. That cumsharing at the end was purely accidental. The only reason Liam got to lick the cum off Barron’s cheek is because Barron didn’t know it was there. B did not want to share that shit.

DeeGee says:

Waxing poetical until you’re giddy, my friend. Glad you found your happy place.

Scrapple says:

I’m not confident that feeling will last long. Probably until the next update.

Bloo says:


TomCNR says:

Barron bottoming… I am seated. He always leaks!!!