RandyBlue: Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff

Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue

Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue
Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue
Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue

Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue:

Reese Rideout and Jack Emhoff (formerly Luca del Rey) heat things up on RandyBlue in an unforgettable scene. Reese Rideout has done amazing scenes at RandyBlue, but thanks to Jack Emhoff, he may have a new favorite. Jack, a lively top-pleaser, shows Reese there’s more than just a spark between them.

Unforgettable Worship and Wild Energy:

Jack immediately worships Reese’s body and cock, taking a deep-throated face fucking to start. Jack rides Reese’s cock with wild bottom energy, loving every second. But Reese wants his turn too.

Dominant and Passionate Encounter:

Reese worships Jack’s ripped body and incredible ass before fucking him with the dominant energy Jack loves. Eventually, he gets Jack on his back and pounds a load out of him, then shoots his own on Jack’s abs.

A New Favorite Scene:

Afterward, Reese Rideout is still in awe of Jack Emhoff. No wonder this scene is his new favorite on RandyBlue!

Watch as Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue

Watch as Reese Rideout Fucks Jack Emhoff at RandyBlue

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Darkhog says:

Jack, definitely gorgeous and Reese so magnetic, and smoking this scene together!

Curlee says:

It is remarkable that Reese was a regular with the original RB studio. Now 20 years later here he is back at RB looking good as ever. And everything I just said also applies to Roman Todd.

Paulbon23 says:

Reese, make me a baby!

Terry Hinckley says:

Reese even with his thick Dad bod @ 42 looks sexy, however let the hair go natural your GRAY man, embrace it. And while were at it stop the manscaping a natural bush and hairy hole on a man is SEXY. Your not great at convincing me of the DOM act either go full on or continue the mechanics vanilla porn your know for. I think that Randy Blue has done an admirable job with the lighting and camera angels to make you look your best even though your fake tanning yourself to death.

JohnJ says:

This looks like a really hot scene!

Grabass says:

Reese Rideout is a total porn legend! ❤️ His charisma and talent are just amazing, and i’ve bene a fan since way back. Every performance he does isn’t just a scene; it’s like an unforgettable experience full of passion and intensity. Reese has set the bar so high, and his legacy shows just how dedicated and talented he is. Honestly, there’s no one else quite like him in the industry. He’s just the best! That said, sometimes his scenes can feel a bit too predictable. It would be great to see him bring a bit more spontaneity and raw emotion. Honestly, even with that, there’s no one else quite like him in the industry. He’s just the best! *steps down from soapbox*

Quietist says:

You must be that die-hard fan that sponsored the $10 that is the total amount on Reece’s Go Fund Me for the penis enlargement operation he wants so bad.
He probably can afford an extra millimetre with that result.
This action of his is totally hilarious. If it isn’t meant as a joke, well …
But he has to deal with the result in some way. He must have thought this through beforehand, with a plan B. Or is he just missing some grey cells?

porndrifter says:

Rideout’s cock is perfect. Why would he want to change it/lengthen it?

Mark Coppola says:

I’m really disappointed with this scene. If I could be in one with Reese, it would be totally different. Why isn’t anyone appreciating that muscle butt? It’s just dull! And that mustache? Seriously, it needs to go. Instead of these pretend moves, let’s have some real intensity. I should direct this! The bottom should lose the mustache, get some leather sheets on the bed, and Reese should take control with some real passion. Start with a good long rimming, then Reese should rough him up and end with a powerful finish. Now that’s a scene!

LatinxPrideJuan says:

Reese has an incredible body, but his hairstyle and face are looking dated. It’s time to step back with some dignity

Kj says:

Give us more of Reese Rideout

Terry Hinckley says:

Beautiful Jack is the perfect power bottom! Reese puts forth his best DOM performance yet. Reece gets Jack in a headlock from behind while fucking him ruthlessly is damn hot. Reese has some life left in him yet, let’s see how the RB connection continues to evolve……

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