Cade Maddox Fucks Bearded Johnny Donovan

Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at

Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at
Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at
Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at

Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at

Bearded Johnny Donovan joins Cade Maddox on the couch at The perfect way to spend a hot, sweaty summer day is with hot, sweaty sex.

Johnny starts things off by kissing down Cade’s chest. Then he wraps his lips around Cade’s cock, while Cade begins teasing and fingering his hole. Cade’s rimming makes Johnny beg to be used, and soon he’s getting fucked doggy style.

Next, it’s Johnny Donovan’s turn to be on top. He rides Cade Maddox’s dick before getting on all fours on the table. In the climax, Johnny orgasms as Cade pounds him on his back, pulling out to shoot on Johnny’s hole. This scene is a must-watch for fans of intense, passionate action.

Watch as Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at

Watch as Cade Maddox Fucks Johnny Donovan at


A definite no. SC has fallen so low since the sale. They both would have never been seen in front of the camera before the sale.

markjohnson22 says:

Cade does look good, but the shark is fully and completely jumped now. Johnny used to have the best legs in the business but they seem a little less than they were.

I’m more intrigued by the fact that Johnny Donovan has convinced SC to let him use his OF name instead of the name he had with them for years (Deacon) than I am interested in the sex. Clearly, OF creators have significant power now and the studios are (I guess) an occasional stop to boost OF subscriptions. I wonder how much performers make on OF compared to with studio scenes/contracts.

adam1uk says:

The branding on the video isn’t SC — it’s MEN. And it’s on the MEN website, not the SC one.

Quietist says:

And … it can't be SC, because it's not set in a gym.

Quietist says:

And so they corrected it. But at Aylo (formerly MG) they keep managing to make themselves look like fools.

Globe Trotter says:

Yeah, I'm afraid OF has dealt a savage blow to Big Porn, and we get to witness it in slow motion. Kinda like how file sharing completely obliterated the music industry. Now all we have left are shallow, two chord AI generated hits you tend to forget after a week. The same is happening to Big Porn before our very eyes.

whodunit? says:

Unless he's bottoming I have no interest in Cade at SC. But SC is so bad now it makes sense he's here.

Globe Trotter says:

I can't remember ever seeing Cade bottom before. Do you remember with whom?

whodunit? says:

Don't think he has. And I see no reason for him to be at SC unless he does.

Darkhog says:

This is kind of refreshing watching Cade fuck Johnny. The look kind of place a ClobyKnox feel to it with a more mature manly touch!

Kj says:

Cade And Johnny Donovan in a great scene for MEN.

Gazzaq says:

No to both 😣!

Legondex says:

Looks hot 🔥

SL says:

Okay you gotta admit cade neck-down is pretty spectacular

Terry Hinckley says:

Johnny with his mountain man look is sexy as fuck. Not the usual scene for MEN just two guys fucking and not stupid dialogue and set up. Johnny takes Cade like the bottom he is. Unexpected MEN, let see more like it.

James Freedman says:

So Cade Maddox never want to bottom? What a shame. If you can give it 100 times, you can definitely take it one time