Behind Friends

Behind Friends: Jace Reed Fucks Nick Vargas in ‘Dirty Dancers’

Dirty Dancers (Jace Reed Fucks Nick Vargas) (Bareback) at Behind Friends

Fit student Nick Vargas needs a few more dance lessons, but his skill in sucking enormous cocks and riding the biggest bareback poles is soon confirmed when dance teacher Jace Reed reveals his challenging tool!

Behind Friends: Boris Lang and Dom Ully Flip-Fuck in ‘Sexual Graffiti’

Sexual Graffiti (Boris Lang and Dom Ully Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Behind Friends

Real-life bodybuilder Boris Lang (a.k.a. Marty Lang) finds slender street artist Dom Ully spray painting graffiti on an underpass wall.

Behind Friends: Tomas Friedl Fucks Steaven in ‘Just Like Always’

Just Like Always (Tomas Friedl Fucks Steaven) (Bareback) at Behind Friends

It’s a sunny Summer afternoon in the city, and Steaven is inside his upscale hair salon busily cleaning his equipment. Tomas Friedl, one of his regular clients, walks right in the door and down the steps.

Behind Friends: Jace Reed Fucks Tomas Salek in ‘Do You Ever Mess With Guys?’

Do You Ever Mess With Guys? (Jace Reed Fucks Tomas Salek) (Bareback) at Behind Friends

What’s a dude to do when he can’t find any pussy? Sometimes you go for the next best thing. After having a few shots with his buddies muscle jock Tomas Salek is more than happy to settle for Jace Reed’s big cock.