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Shay Michaels Fucks Aarin Asker at Breed Me Raw

Shay Michaels Fucks Aarin Asker (Bareback) at

After a hard chest workout Shay Michaels and Aarin Asker hit the steam room to get all sweaty and relax those massive pecs. But Shay had a different goal – to get Aarin on his raw cock like a good boy should be. Shay’s perfectly curved cock was sticking out from the towel and Aarin took notice and came over and start servicing that cock with his hot mouth.

Russ Magnus Fucks Damien Brooks at Breed Me Raw

Russ Magnus Fucks Damien Brooks (Bareback) at

Russ Magnus was on vacation lying by the pool naked when he picked up hot black muscle hunk, Damien Brooks. Damien’s phat black ass was just hanging out at the pool and Russ just had to get in there! Russ and Damien go back to his cottage where Damien starts gagging on Russ’s thick uncut cock.

Breed Me Raw: Shay Michaels & Luke Harrington (Bareback)

Shay Michaels & Luke Harrington (Bareback) at

Payback is a raw cock up your ass power fucking it until it explodes. That is what Luke Harrington experienced when Shay Michaels wanted to hook up with him gain but this time as Luke as the bottom boy. Shay made Luke get on his knees and do some serious cock sucking and deep throating before Shay put Luke on a fuck bench and did what he wanted to do for days – shove his curved cock into that hairy hole right down to his hairy balls and give that ass some payback! Luke didn’t argue and took it like a big hairy man, load and all!

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Reed & Shay Michaels (Return) (Bareback)

Tyler Reed & Shay Michaels (Return) (Bareback) at

Shay Michaels and Tyler Reed have fucked before but this time Tyler was in for a treat as Shay had recently shaved his big bubble ass. But this time Shay wanted Tyler to use a condom.

Breed Me Raw: Tomm Black & Andy West

Tomm Black & Andy West (Bareback) at

Tomm Black was in his office on the weekend trying to get caught up on some work when his buddy Andy West stopped by to help him out. Little did he know Andy had only one thing on his mind and that was getting Tomm’s fat uncut cock up his man hole.

BreedMeRaw: Shay Michaels & Dylan Saunders (Bareback)

Shay Michaels & Dylan Saunders (Bareback) at

Having been fucked by Shay Michaels before, Dylan Saunders couldn’t wait to get the shower with him and feel his hot beefy body against his and lather up his curved cock with his spit. Dylan knew what a great fuck Shay was and took him to the bedroom where he gave up his slut ass to Shay’s hot mouth so he could feel his beard against his cheeks as his hole pulsated for that raw cock.

Breed Me Raw: Lex Antoine & Draven Torres (Bareback)

Lex Antoine & Draven Torres (Bareback) at

Lex Antoine was hanging out in the local bathhouse waiting in the glory holes for some cock sucker to come by and give his huge meat a good sucking. He didn’t have to wait long with a hot mouth appeared on the other side of the hole.

BreedMeRaw: Zach Hood & Ricky Shut (Bareback)

Zach Hood & Ricky Shut (Bareback) at

Every boys loves to get fucked by daddies and Ricky Shut is no exception. This hot muscle jock was desperate to get fucked by bodybuilder Zach Hood. With his massive pecs and ass Ricky gave up his hot hairy jock hole to this hot daddy!

BreedMeRaw: Brad Kalvo Fucks Dylan Saunders

Brad Kalvo & Dylan Saunders (Bareback) at

On a hot summer day you hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing, and Dylan Saunders giving Brad Kalvo a blow job in the shade. Expert cock sucker Dylan shoved his face in Brad’s bush and gobbled up that man meat like nothing.

BreedMeRaw: Tyler Reed and Shay Michaels (Bareback)

Tyler Reed and Shay Michaels (Bareback) at

Shay Michaels has been waiting for years to get Tyler Reed’s raw cock up his big hairy ass. He finally got his chance over spring break.

BreedMeRaw: Brad Kalvo & Bobby Hart (Bareback)

Brad Kalvo & Bobby Hart (Bareback) at

In his first bareback scene, Bobby Hart was pleased to service Colt model Brad Kalvo and shove his face right in Kalvo’s hairy crotch and suck down that man cock.

BreedMeRaw: Jake Wilde and Travis Rush (Bareback)

Jake Wilde and Travis Rush (Bareback) at

Jake Wilde and his jock buddy Travis Rush came home from a rugby game and were all hot and bothered. Needing to release some tension, Travis didn’t waste time.

Breed Me Raw: Ennio Guardi and Andy West

Ennio Guardi and Andy West (Bareback) at

Ennio Guardi invited his friend Andy West for a little workout and some muscle show off in his living room. But what started as a muscle worship session quickly ended up in some hot sweaty sex action.

BreedMeRaw: Draven Torres & Butch Bloom (Bareback)

Draven Torres & Butch Bloom (Bareback) at

After a hard day’s work Butch Bloom and Draven Torres hit the showers but the two hot fuckers got an instant boner when they saw each other naked!

Breed Me Raw: Kane Rider & Zac Zaven

Kane Rider & Zac Zaven at

If you liked Kane Rider in last week’s scene, you’re going to love him in this one with Zac Zaven. Especially if you like black men who top raw. Kane and his amazing big black cock is a whopping 9×7 and Zac takes it as a challenge to try and deep throat that fucker down to the balls.

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