Czech Hunter

Bigstr’s Czech Hunter: Episode #399

Episode #399 at Czech Hunter

Czech Hunter: As it is getting colder and colder, I started the hunt in the metro station today. It didn’t take too long until a young looking, blond guy caught my attention.

CzechHunter: Episode 244 (Young Exhibitionist) (Bareback)

Episode 244 (Young Exhibitionist) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Ladronka is a very nice park in Prague, very popular amongst young rollerbladers. I was very successful there in the past, as some of you might remember. This time I looked for exhibitionist types. They’re easier. I found one working-out right there in the open.

Czech Hunter: Episode 240 (Roommates on St. Matthew’s Fair)

Episode 240 (Roommates on St. Matthew's Fair) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I got a call from a guy who I hunted long time ago. He mentioned having pretty serious financial problems. Not my problem, I told him. Then he promised to bring along his roommate. I was a bit reluctant but my curiosity won eventually.

CzechHunter: Episode #239 (Boy In Pub Accepts My Invitation…)

Boy In Pub Accepts My Invitation... (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I couldn’t sleep that night. Instead of lying in bed pointlessly I went night hunting. Unfortunately it was raining so almost no-one to find outside. So I decided to try pubs and clubs. What a great idea it was! I found a pub with a small birthday party going on inside. I crashed it without hesitation, of course. And lady luck smiled on me.

CzechHunter: 200th Episode (Let’s Grill Party) (Bareback)

200th Episode (Let's Grill Party) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Honza called me that a boy he met around Christmas last year invited him for a BBQ party. He told Honza that 2 guys at that party have been already quite drunk and quite broke. Of course that boy expected some reward for this delicate information. Honza was busy so he sent me to this party instead. Once I paid a small amount – or lets call it reward – to the host he introduced me to the group. And then the party got started. After a bit of small talk and a couple of beers I tried to talk the first one into giving me a blowjob. He hesitated a lot and offered me to talk to one of his friends who was gay. But that would have been too easy. Instead I offered him more money if he could even convince his 2nd straight friend into some threesome action.

CzechHunter: Episode 198 (Financial Advisor Accepts Deal) (Bareback)

Episode 198 (Financial Advisor Accepts Deal) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

A sunny day again. And I was expecting loads of nice boys barely clothed on the street. Indeed there have been some but my first catch didn’t have time because he had a meeting with his boss. Great. So I went on and tried my luck with a young shift-manager from a fastfood-restaurant. He was anything but not open-minded towards my dirty offer. Bad luck again. Suddenly the first guy came back and we were able to continue our “interview”. He told me that he was working as some sort of a financial advisor and that his salary was quite good. I still decided to offer him money for getting naked. He agreed right away. And soon I found out that he was in deep financial trouble and I could see in his eyes that he was rather happy about every single crown I added.

Czech Hunter: Episode 191 (Straight Boy on The Edge) (Bareback)

Episode 191 (Straight Boy on The Edge) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Today something very crazy happened to me. Met two boys, one was fast and resolutely saying no and told me to fuck off. That also happens sometimes. The second one was very special. I have seen him kissing his girlfriend and walking away with some groceries. I’ve stopped him and start to talk to him.

Czech Hunter: Episode 188 (Hot and Masculine Manager) (Bareback)

Episode 188 (Hot and Masculine Manager) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I somehow ended up at the construction site. Cool place, but kinda bad timing. It was already closing down. Last one leaving was a manager or a banker or an insurance guy. Didn’t have high expectations but I didn’t hesitate and approached him.

CzechHunter: Episode 183 (Dude From Train Station) (Bareback)

Episode 183 (Dude From Train Station) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

For a long time I didn’t hunt in the central train station area. In the past it was always a huge success. I have been a bit lazy so I went for the sure thing. Switched on the cam and looked around, but I was shocked cause for quite a long period of time there was nobody suitable for my special project. All desperate I’ve stopped the first young dude who has been passing by. Within a minute he told me to go f*ck myself and left.

CzechHunter: Episode 179 (Good Offer For Luxury Boy) (Bareback)

Episode 179 (Good Offer For Luxury Boy) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Today I wanted to tap some cute and tiny ass. So I’ve had to look harder to find one. Considering the cold weather outside it wasn’t a pleasant search. But as you all know me, I never give up. Walked all the way from Namesti Republiky to Namesti Miru until I’ve found what I was looking for. Hardly 170cm, cute and kinda scared young fella was luckily willing to be interviewed.

CzechHunter: Episode 177 (2 Brothers in Special Foursome) (Bareback)

Episode 177 (2 Brothers in Special Foursome) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I got a call from a cute sporty hunk who I already fuck in the summer. Asked me out for a beer. So why not, I was actually in a mood to fuck him again. Once we sat down, he told me about two brothers he met in the gym. They spoke about money problems, so he came up with an idea to help them out financially and help me out to get what I always want. 24/7 and 365. But this sneaky little fucker wanted to rip me off and get some commission for this hook up. So I set him straight and told him that only way he can get money of me, is that I would fuck him as well along side with them. He agreed and I finally met those two brothers. They looked almost like twins. Both have well build bodies, cute faces and amazing smile. I was so impatient while they have been finishing their drinks.

Czech Hunter: Episode 176 (Skinny 18 Year Old Blond Student) (Bareback)

Episode 176 (Skinny 18 yo Blond Student) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I’ve decided to try my luck at the University this time. Huge concentration of young, cute and moneyless boys is guaranteed. I found my target straight away. Leaving the library, there was a cute lad walking in my direction. He was in his first year.

Czech Hunter: Episode #170 (Party Ride with 2 Blond Boys) (Bareback)

Episode #170 (Party Ride with 2 Blond Boys) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. My very close friend invited me over for a cottage party with his friends. I wasn’t sure if I should take my cam, but I risked it and took it with me.

Czech Hunter: Episode #167 (Sextime In Whirlpool) (Bareback)

Episode #167 (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I ended up in the very city centre of Prague, close to Wenceslav square. It was never too difficult for me to find a cute lad here. And I was once again more than successful. My first pick was the right one. I was a bit afraid once he told me that he had at least a job, but his attitude was very YES, man!

Czech Hunter: Episode 166 (Boy Fucked After Office Visit) (Bareback)

Episode 166 (Boy Fucked After Office Visit) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Hi guys! Jiri is back after few months. Last time you saw me during football World Cup. I’ve had an accident and had to recover fully. But I’m back in full strength and with the dick, harder than before.

Czech Hunter: Episode #165 (Sport Dude Fucked Bareback)

Episode #165 (Sport Dude Fucked Bareback) at Czech Hunter

I cant say that I hate shopping malls – today I’ve had a business meeting there. So I’ve decided to mix the business with pleasure and take my camera with me. Accidentally I switched the cam on just close to the gym. In a few seconds I’ve spotted a young dude leaving the gym. I knew this one would be a real catch, if I persuade him successfully.

CzechHunter: Episode 162 (Sex With Shapely Guy) (Bareback)

Episode 162 (Sex With Shapely Guy) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Powered up after a gym I’ve decided to go right to the bus stop. A usual spot for me with always returning success. First pal I’ve talked to was very rude and reluctant from the very beginning. But the high level of endorphins after the work out made me very motivated. I knew that I’ll get someone today.

Czech Hunter: Episode #159 (Two Guys, One Awesome Moment) (Bareback)

Episode #159 (Two Guys, One Awesome Moment) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

What happened to me today was just awesome. Amongst the things which I love the most is certainly a threesome. But I had to watch my own movie this time to recall how I managed to get these two young lads into my little dirty project. First I’ve met this guy at the metro station…

Czech Hunter: Episode #157 (The Best Blowjob and Fuck) (Bareback)

Episode #157 (The Best Blowjob and Fuck) (Bareback) at Czech Hunter

Lazy but horny: that was my today’s mood. So I’ve decided not to go too far from my house. Actually I just went out of my apartment and switched on the cam. Bus stops are always good spots to get an ass. Within 10 minutes I’ve spotted my little prince.