Dirty Boy Video: Is Your Boyfriend Home? (Johnny Emerald Fucks Haze Weiler)

Is Your Boyfriend Home? (Johnny Emerald Fucks Haze Weiler) at Dirty Boy Video

Haze Weiler’s boyfriend is out when Johnny Emerald surprises him by climbing in the window for their elicit hook up! Johnny pounces on Haze and they kiss passionately pausing only to pull off their shirts. Haze pushes Johnny down on his back and pulls off Johnny’s sweatpants to release his thick beer can of a cock!

DirtyBoyVideo: Ass Eating Butt Munch (Damien Franco Fucks Aiden Clark)

Ass Eating Butt Munch (Aiden Clark & Damien Franco) at Dirty Boy Video

Aiden Clark is checking his phone when he hears Damien Franko come in. Ready for a hot fuck, Aiden meets Damien at the door and they quickly fall on the bed. After a hot make out session, Their shirts come off and Aiden licks Damien’s hairless chest and works his way down to the waistband of his underwear.

DirtyBoyVideo: Poolside Pounding (Christopher Keane Fucks Gideon Graham)

Poolside Pounding (Christopher Keane Fucks Gideon Graham) at Dirty Boy Video

Christopher Keane and Gideon Graham can barely keep their hand off each other in this overcharged lust scene!

Dirty Boy Video: You Wanna Get Fucked? (Farmer Tom Fucks August Grey)

You Wanna Get Fucked? (August Grey & Farmer Tom) at Dirty Boy Video

Farmer Tom begins by giving August Grey a back rub, taking notice of August Grey’s bicycle tattoo as a tramp stamp. He takes the opportunity to slip August Grey’s boxers down, exposing August’s hairy ass. August likes it, of course, and Tom leans in and kisses him.

DirtyBoyVideo: Warehouse 3-Way (Brayden, Damian & Scott)

Warehouse 3-Way (Brayden, Damian & Scott) at DirtyBoyVideo

Now live on Dirty Boy Video is a smoking hot warehouse 3 way! It’s a tag team, butt fuck, split roast!

DirtyBoyVideo: Two Boys, Three Loads

Two Boys, Three Loads at DirtyBoyVideo

Adam can’t control his impulses and reaches down to grabs Jace’s bulging crotch! Jace pulls Adam’s underwear down to find a nice big hard throbbing cock waiting to be sucked before letting his ball sack slap against Adam’s perfect tight ass as they do it doggie style!

DirtyBoyVideo: Three Day Load!

Three Day Load! at DirtyBoyVideo

Peter gets on his knees and licks Nick’s cock through the fabric of his underwear. Nick fucks the hell out of the eager bottom before putting him down and fucking him even harder from behind! Finally Nick lets loose a gusher and rewards Peter with tonight’s soupy dinner!

DirtyBoyVideo: Fleshjack How-To! (Seth Roberts & Dimitri)

Fleshjack How-To! (Seth Roberts & Dimitri) at DirtyBoyVideo

We asked the hot and popular Dimitri to come in and try out a fleshjack but he was intimidated because he never used one before. Fortunately super sexy porn model and apparent fleshjack expert Seth Roberts was on hand to show Dimitri how to properly use our fuck toy!

Watch Seth Roberts & Dimitri at DirtyBoyVideo

DirtyBoyVideo: Jimmy Roman Tops Max (Butt Munch)

Jimmy Roman Tops Max (Butt Munch) at DirtyBoyVideo

The handsome Jimmy Roman is back on Dirty Boy Video! This time he’s focused his attention on the sexy and well hung Max! Watch as Max takes a pounding from Jimmy’s juicy uncut cock!

Watch Jimmy Roman & Max at

DirtyBoyVideo: Jack, Damien & Kyle (Face Fuck Cock Fest!)

Jack, Damien & Kyle (Face Fuck Cock Fest!)

Jack told us he had a serious hard on for amateur skater Kyle when he saw him fuck a fleshjack on the site! Naturally Kyle was happy to come over to shoot a blow job sex scene, but didn’t know we invited Damien and his super fat cock to join them!

Watch Face Fuck Cock Fest at DirtyBoyVideo

DirtyBoyVideo: James & Jeffrey (Friends With Benefits)

James & Jeffrey (Friends With Benefits)

The chemistry between these sexed up boys is clear as they make out in their underwear! James is well hung and gives Jeffery a real mouthful…

Watch James & Jeffrey at DirtyBoyVideo

DirtyBoyVideo: Chris Gets Some Ass

Chris Gets Some Ass at Dirty Boy Video

Chris uses his spit to loosen Brandon’s hole, working in one finger, then two, then three! Chris fucks Brandon doggy style, smiling and giggling as Brandon begs him to thrust deeper and deeper. After Chris pulls out and cums all over his smooth stomach, Brandon straddles him and sprays his jizz in Chris’ face, hair, and mouth!

Watch Chris & Brandon’s Video Clip | Visit DirtyBoyVideo

DirtyBoyVideo: Jay & Nathan (Real Chemistry)

Jay & Nathan (Real Chemistry) at Dirty Boy Video

There’s real chemistry when these two boys got together! Jay goes straight for Nathan’s hard cock and Nathan is more than happy to return the favor. WATCH the sparks fly as Nathan and Jay get to know each other!

Watch Jay & Nathan at

DirtyBoyVideo: Jonah & Chris (Brooklyn Blow Buddies)

Jonah & Chris (Brooklyn Blow Buddies) at Dirty Boy Video

Jonah is a ginger kid with a big dick and Chris is scruffy with a hefty, uncut cock. We visit them in Jonah’s place in Williamsburg, and it doesn’t take long for their pants to come off. It’s a super hot suckfest!


Dirty Boy Video: Suburban Parking Lot JackOff

Suburban Parking Lot JackOff

A hot blonde straight boy jacks off in his car! All while parked at the train station in Scarsdale, NY! Ahh, summer in the suburbs! It seems the photographer found this straight kid up in Scarsdale at a newstand, and talked him into jerking off right there in the train station parking lot! In the truck his father bought him for his 18th birthday!

Jim Rides the Freight Elevator

Jim Rides the Freight Elevator

Jim is a 22 year-old Production Assistant from New Jersey who works on indie movies in New York City. Jim and DirtyBoyVideo’s(DBV) friend Sean swiped a camera from the set and took a 15-minute timeout from work, hiding in the freight elevator. Sean captures the whole ride on hand-held camera…then gave the tape to DBV. Jim looks pretty nervous at first, then thinks the stunt is funny…and manages to shoot a load before heading back to work outside.

Jim Rides the Freight Elevator

There’s a whole lot more where this came from at DirtyBoyVideo

The Return of Subway Boy

The Return of Subway Boy

He’s back! This guy is so fucking hot, and this time he strips almost totally naked and cums right on the platform! He still starts off being very nervous, looking all around the platform to make sure the coast is clear, but once he gets going, there’s almost no stopping him.

There’s one close call when the train comes in as he’s bare-assed and stroking! And when a couple of people enter the station, he CONTINUES to jack off! When he falls to his knees and cums, it’s just too fucking wild!!

MUCH more at Dirty Boy Video