Gangster Fuck

Gangster Fuck: The Watch (Episode 4)

The Watch (Episode 4) at Gay War Games

Time runs so slow, for our little ìwatchî thief. And the process is going in circles. Sucking, beating, fucking again and again. There is no way he can escape or make it last less. Only thing is just to get used to it and maybe enjoy it. But it wonít be that easy. Our watch victim is now hard and angry, so the revenge will be long and painful.

Gangster Fuck: Freedom is Not For Free (Episode 1) (Bareback)

Freedom is Not For Free (Episode 1) (Bareback) at Gay War Games

In the middle of nowhere. Tied up and with no chance to move. Poor little blondie is gonna experience a true definition of a word “pain”. Let’s see how he gonna manage a pounding, slapping and sucking which is about to come. The two attackers teamed up on him. Beating him with the belts and slapping on a face with their dicks. He canít even scream for help, cause his mouth is block with a duck tape. They are about to put medieval on his virgin ass.

GangsterFuck: Car Addicted (Episode: 04) (Bareback)

Car Addicted (Episode: 04) (Bareback) at Gay War Games

As a sound of painful moaning changed into something which was more like the sound of enjoyment, the master did his best and fucked the little car boy with an anger and wrath of old antique Titans…