HairyBoyz offers a slew of new furry men fucking, sucking and rimming each other. Muscle Bears? Wolves? Otters? Hunt no further!

HairyBoyz: Alexsander Freitas & Angelo Marconi

Alexsander Freitas & Angelo Marconi at HairyBoyz

Angelo is paired with Brazilian hairy hunk Alexsander Freitas in this video – perhaps one of the hottest men in porn today. He can only be described as having a unique fucking style and it’s balls to the walls, 100MPH crazed animal fucking like you have never seen before! Check out this machine in action.

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HairyBoyz: Aybars & Steve Cruz

Aybars & Steve Cruz at HairyBoyz

A seasoned professional meets an adult entertainment amateur in this interesting team-up. And who better to show Aybars the ropes than furry daddy Steve Cruz?

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HairyBoyz: Antonio Biaggi & Aitor

Antonio Biaggi & Aitor at HairyBoyz

It’s a battle of the bald in this awesome set. Buff beauty Aitor is pitted up against hung, hairy stallion Antonio Biaggi for a real man-on-man match-up.

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HairyBoyz: Junior Stellano & RJ Danvers

Junior Stellano & RJ Danvers at HairyBoyz

Built from head to toe with hairy muscle and tattoos, Junior Stellano is escaping work with an afternoon jerk. RJ enters and is quickly transformed from co-worker to cocksucker, first working on Junior’s balls and then back to that massive rod.

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HairyBoyz: Logan McCree & Mike Dreyden

Logan McCree & Mike Dreyden at HairyBoyz

Everyone’s favourite inked-up hottie, Logan McCree gets busy with Mike Dreyden in the store room. They suck, fuck and ass-lick, surrounded by some of their own previous work plastered on posters around the walls.

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HairyBoyz: Tim Kruger & Max Schulter

Tim Kruger & Max Schulter at HairyBoyz

Max Schulter gets completely pounded by hung and hairy Tim Kruger. It’s straight into the ass-plowing action for these two – these guys don’t like to mess around. After fucking Max in a number of different positions, the sexy bearded Tim hovers over him with that enormous cock and spews a big load all over his muscled chest, but not before the sight of his tool sends Max into ecstacy and a causes a healthy load to be blown all over himself.

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HairyBoyz: Nick Aragon (Set 1)

Nick Aragon (Set 1) at HairyBoyz

Bearded bear Nick Aragon has many good assets, not least of which is that amazing ass. In close competition are those fuzzy pecs and his thick cock. What an impressive line-up on this fella.


HairyBoyz: Steve Hunt (Set 1)

Steve Hunt (Set 1) at HairyBoyz

You want Fur? Muscle? Sexy-as-hell features? BIG cock? It may sound too-good-to-be-true, but this hairy Hungarian hunk is exactly that and another hot addition to our family of hairy studs. He stands about 5ft 9ins tall and boasts a cool 9-inches of uncut cock. He’s worked with a number of top Euro studios including High Octane and oozes sex appeal as an army recruit, in his first photo set for


HairyBoyz: Marcos David & Tristan Phoenix

Marcos David & Tristan Phoenix at HairyBoyz

Dark haired beauties Tristan Phoenix and Marcos David fuck in the kitchen in these action shots. Tristan applies his culinary skills to Marcos’ huge curving monster, swallowing the massive cock down his gullet and bending over the stove to get his ass licked out. Hairy Latin hunk Marcos also fucks Tristan on the table.

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HairyBoyz: Steve Cruz (Set 6)

Steve Cruz (Set 6) at HairyBoyz

Wow! This is a world class photo set. We have some of the best photographers in the biz at, who are kings at capturing the hairy male form. This set featuring Steve Cruz (with full beard and body hair matted down with sweat) is a perfect example of how our photographers shoot sexy and hardcore, yet still beautiful in the same frame.


HairyBoyz: RJ Danvers (Set 3)

RJ Danvers (Set 3) at HairyBoyz

RJ – the crew in the Hairyboyz office love your young, fresh face and very hairy body! It seems you members are fans as well, with member ‘agentstone’ describing this pup as “pre-cum-olishis” We hear you ‘agentstone’!

HairyBoyz: Brandon Irons (Set 1)

Brandon Irons (Set 1) at HairyBoyz

We don’t know why it has taken us so long to bring you Brandon Irons. If I had It my way I would be bringing you content of this hottie 24/7. With the face of a fashion model and the body of an athlete, this lightly hairy hunk is fucking sexy. In this, his first set for, he even dons a workman’s tool belt, adding a touch of fantasy to the set.


HairyBoyz: Tober Brandt & Cory Koons

Tober Brandt & Cory at HairyBoyz

Tober Brandt has never looked better. This huge, tattooed stud always has a good time. Cory Koons climbs up onto the chair and monkey-fucks Tober’s throat before deftly spinning around and planting his big creamy ass right on Tober’s square jaw.


HairyBoyz: Aaron Action & Erik Hunter

Aaron Action & Erik Hunter at HairyBoyz

Erik Hunter is paired with Aussie bad dog muscle hound Aaron Action. This is a balls-out, take-no-prisoner, suck-n-fuck-a-thon that runs the whole gambit from slow and sleazy to fast and furious.

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HairyBoyz: Miguel Leonn (Set 2)

Miguel Leonn (Set 2) at HairyBoyz

Miguel Leonn is one of the hairiest, hottest man in porn. His front is covered in dark fur that you could bury your face into for hours. Underneath that hair is a gym trained body that looks spectacular in these pics, as does his famous big dick.


HairyBoyz: Trey Casteel


We have featured horned up, muscle pup, Trey Casteel many times in various action sets and video releases at, but we have never brought you a solo photo set of this popular model. So grab your cum rag, and enjoy what we think is a much overdue look at this young man in his first ever solo photo set. Woof!


HairyBoyz: Grunts(Brothers In Arms)

Grunts(Brothers In Arms) at HairyBoyz

At Grunts bootcamp the privates are making fun of Sergeant Houle’s name, calling him Sergeant Hole! This really pisses the Sarge off, and Jake goes ballistic! As punishment, Jake decides to select this platoon for night patrol–and for a dose of hypo spastic nitrate. “Turn ’em all into queers and then let’s see who is laughing.” As night falls, they set up camp, but soon a white smoke drifts thru the trees and down the valley and before long the drug has its effect!

Watch Grunts Bootcamp at

HairyBoyz: Josh West

Josh West at HairyBoyz

Josh West is what this site is all about. He is a masculine looking man with hairy pecs that you just want to lick and chew on. So we are honored to have such a hairy (and hung) man on our site. It has to be said the thickness of his cock is quite impressive, that’s not to say it isn’t long, but its hard meatiness is mouthwatering. This hairy mans-man is a show stopper indeed, and we are sure you will like what you see.


HairyBoyz: RJ Danvers & Justin

RJ Danvers & justin at HairyBoyz

RJ Danvers is fresh fur, young and gorgeous and covered in hair from tip to toe. He is becoming a favorite of many members, as not only beautifully hairy, but as a kid who can take dick with the best of them. This is RJ, Soldier style, getting all raunchy in his military attire at Grunts boot-camp.


HairyBoyz: Jake Deckard (Set 5)

Jake Deckard (Set 5) at HairyBoyz

Jake Deckard was born to play the bad ass army man, and that is exactly what he is in this set. He’s pumped, mean looking and exudes a cocky, aggressive demeanor. Our favorite pics see Jake bound to a tree, and blindfolded, lying there, ready to be taken advantage of.