Mike Hancock

MikeHancock: Blowing Cameron Sage

Blowing Cameron Sage at MikeHancock

After shooting a hot fuck scene with power bottom Reed Hartley for Hancock Men, Cameron Sage was ready to party with the cast and crew.

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MikeHancock: Blowing James Oak

Blowing James Oak at MikeHancock

After getting married, James Oak took some time away from the biz to focus on his beautiful new bride. James and I are good friends, and true to form, James remains focused on all things that deal with his cock. I invited him over just to hang out. He said his latest obsession was “penile enlargement” for “her” pleasure. Being in the porn biz, I had a penis pump lying around that hadn’t been used. I told him I’d give it to him as a belated wedding gift if I got to see him use it. Wedded bliss hadn’t diminished James’ carefree personality one bit, and he was happy to oblige.

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MikeHancock: A.J. Irons

A.J. Irons at MikeHancock

AJ Irons loves to work out, surf, and fuck! He works hard on his physique, and he loves the attention he gets him from both women and men. He fantasizes about being in a bisexual threesome with another guy and a chick. With a body like his, I’m sure it won’t take AJ long before that fantasy comes true.

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MikeHancock: Chad Daniels’ Audition

Chad Daniels' Audition at MikeHancock

College student Chad Daniels was eager to audition, but when he dropped his pants, I could see he preferred the “natural” look when it came to his pubes. I told him I liked the “trimmed” look on my models, so I pulled out my clippers and offered to clean him up. To my surprise, Chad started sportin’ a chubby while I sheared his “undergrowth,” and by the time I was finished, his cock was hard and drippin’ precum. If a close shave is all it took to get this stud worked up, I couldn’t wait to see what happened when he actually jacked off. After a few tugs, his meaty cock looked like a mouthful, but it was his cherry red ass that had my heart aflutter. After all was said and done, this college stud got me more than hot and bothered. Chad passes Intro to Porn 101 with flying colors.

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MikeHancock: Tyler Durdan’s Audition

Tyler Durdan's Audition at MikeHancock

Tyler Durdan spends lots of time at the gym to keep his rockin’ body hard. When he’s not working on his muscles, he’s studying at a local college. When he needed some extra cash to help out with his tuition…

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MikeHancock: Sean Ash Fucks Ryan Andrews

Sean Ash Fucks Ryan Andrewsat MikeHancock

It’s no secret that Ryan Andrews and Sean Ash love sex. Both of these studs cum equipped with huge cocks and beautiful asses, so seeing them fuck has been on my wish list for awhile. There’s nothing sexier than seeing two straight guys secure enough with their own sexuality to breach the psychological boundary of intimacy and truly, madly, deeply kiss. So when Sean and Ryan started making out like high school sweethearts, I knew the sex was going to be off the charts! It may not be a love connection, but it’s definitely the next best thing…

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MikeHancock: Kaizer’s Audition

Kaizer's Audition at MikeHancock

I have always had a “thing” for foreign men, so when Kaizer walked through the door and I heard his eastern European accent, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. He said he was a struggling actor chasing the Hollywood dream, but auditions weren’t paying the rent. Like so many guys before him, I told him that it takes more than a pretty face to make it in porn; however, I was more than happy to have him strip for my cameras and show me what he had to offer…

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MikeHancock: Blowing Julian Striker

Blowing Julian Striker at MikeHancock

During his audition, I could tell that Julian Striker wasn’t shy when it came to exposing himself. The only hesitation Julian had was being touched by another guy, sexually. But I got him over that hump by massaging him “head” to toe. When Julian sported wood just from being rubbed down, I knew Julian was ready to take a walk on the wild side. My mouth had been watering…

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MikeHancock: Jay McQuay

Jay McQuay at MikeHancock

As a bouncer at a local club, Jay McQuay flexes his muscle every night, keeping folks in line when they get a little out of hand. But it was a different kind of muscle that he had to get hard for my cameras if he hopes to be the next porn phenom. With his All-American looks and a rock-solid 50 inch chest, I couldn’t wait to get Jay in for an audition…

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MikeHancock: Seth Boxer

Seth Boxer at MikeHancock

Having grown up on a farm in the southwest, Seth Boxer is no stranger to hard labor. Working the land and working the gym have translated into a perfect body at the ripe age of 20. Seth’s boy-next-door good looks make him a natural in front of a camera, but I wanted see if Seth has what it takes to really make it in the adult biz…

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MikeHancock: Blowing Jay Swift

Blowing Jay Swift at MikeHancock

Jay Swift got a massage on his last visit, and I’ve been aching to get my mouth around his thick cock every since. He finally agreed, if he could wear a mask and imagine it’s his girlfriend giving him the blow job of his life. (lol) I took my time with Jay, because I wanted to savor every sweet second of sucking his massive dick. But I wasn’t going to let this straight boy leave without having his ass licked from someone who loves licking ass as much as he loves sucking cock. (Let’s see your girlfriend do that!) By the time Jay busted a creamy nut, I knew I’d done my job. Even though he was blindfolded, I know Jay Swift’s eyes were definitely opened.

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MikeHancock: Justin Riddick Fucks James Biehn

Justin Riddick Fucks James Biehn at MikeHancock

When the girls are away, these boys are going to play. Horny Justin Riddick couldn’t find pussy to scratch his itch, so he was happy to fuck the next best thing — James Biehn’s willing ass. But first James teased Justin’s throbbing cock by giving him an awesome blow job. Justin returned the favor in some hot 69 action, but it didn’t take him long to spin James around and bury his dick deep in James’ manhole. First Justin rammed James doggy style, then James rode Justin’s cock like he was in the Kentucky Derby. By the time they were ready to blow their wads, they’d both forgotten all about chicks.

MikeHancock: Justin Riddick Fucks Ryan Andrews

Justin Riddick Fucks Ryan Andrews at MikeHancock

With a cock that’s almost as thick in inches as it is long, and an ass that’s kept tight and toned from surfing, Ryan Andrews is as versatile as they cum! He goes wild when he finds someone who can take his huge cock, but he goes even wilder if someone’s cock can rock his A-Spot.

If anybody knows how to hit the mark, it’s muscle stud Justin Riddick

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MikeHancock: Rod Berry Fucks Alton Cox

Rod Berry Fucks Alton Cox at MikeHancock

If you’re Rod Barry’s roommate, you better not be late on your half of the rent. Alton Cox found out the hard way that Rod means business when it cums to his money. It’s a good thing Rod has a soft spot, figuratively speaking of course, when it cums to Alton and his nice bubble butt. With an ass-et like that, there’s always room for negotiating. When all is said and done, Rod gets the better end of the bargain with an expert blow job and rim job from Alton before fucking Alton’s ass hard and deep. Alton learns first hand that there’s a stiff penalty to pay when you don’t pay the piper.

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MikeHancock: Troy Harden’s Solo

Troy Harden's Solo at MikeHancock

Troy Harden is a newbie to the biz. A couple of years in the Army gave Troy an adventure of a lifetime, but like Dorothy, a fellow Mid-westerner, once said, “There’s no place like home.” Troy got different tattoos at various ports of call. It didn’t take long for him to notice a connection between a sense of sexual pleasure and the distinctly pleasing pain he experienced when getting tattoos. It was the fact that they were doing something beautiful while inflicting the pain that got his juices going. Troy readily admits he’s definitely got a kinky side to him, and he plans to be a tattoo artist himself one day, creating both pleasure and pain with his art. Until then, Troy hopes to pay the bills using another of his God-given talents… his big dick and beautiful ass…

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MikeHancock: Blowing Justin Riddick

Blowing Justin Riddick at MikeHancock

Justin Riddick is tops in the field when it cums to topping. Just ask Andrew Justice, who was on the receiving end on their last visit. Justin’s cock made my mouth water, so I had to have him back to quench my thirst. However, his beautiful bubble butt is what caught my eye. His fine ass is definitely an “untapped” resource, and Justin says it’s going to stay that way. That didn’t stop me from warming that pink hole up with one helluva rim job, and it wasn’t long before I let my fingers do the walking …right into his ass. From his moans of ecstasy, Justin just may be reconsidering his position on anal play.

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MikeHancock: Phenix Fucks Blaze

Phenix Fucks Blaze at MikeHancock

A glutton for pleasurable punishment, aspiring power bottom Blaze is back for more. Who better to help Blaze on his quest than stud Phenix Saint. Blaze has been watching lots of porn and doing his homework to perfect his dick sucking technique. Never one to turn down a good blowjob, Phenix put Blaze’s oral skills to the test. There were no complaints from Phenix, who returned the favor with some hot 69 action. But Phenix was here to fuck, and once he got started, there was no turning back. Whether Blaze was on his back, stomach or side, Phenix plowed his tight ass, showing Blaze the true meaning of power-top!

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MikeHancock: Blowing Nicholas Luv

Blowing Nicholas Luv at MikeHancock

When I first met Nicholas Luv, he said there’s no way he’d let another guy touch him. He didn’t mind beating his thick meat for the camera, but having another guy jerking off beside him was as far as he would go. But after being massaged, he said it wasn’t as big a deal as he thought it would be. After lots of coaxing, I finally convinced Nicholas that crossing the line with a blowjob would be just as easy. He doubted I could get him off by blowing him. Not being one who takes defeat lying down, I told him to wear a mask, so he could just concentrate on the feeling. By the size of things, I think Nicholas Luv enjoyed it, despite himself.

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MikeHancock: Ryan Andrews Fucks James Biehn

Ryan Andrews Fucks James Biehn at MikeHancock

Ryan Andrews and James Biehn are used to being the “big man” on base. Each of these studs has an 8-inch dick that is more than a handful, let alone a mouthful. Well, they both got a taste of their own medicine by blowing each other’s huge cock this go round. But Ryan’s heat-seeking man missile was aching to fly, and after warming James up with a rim job, Ryan found his target in James’ hot ass. It was a direct hit, and it wasn’t long before both of their creamy payloads were exploding like the Fourth of July.

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MikeHancock: Blowing Sean Ash

Blowing Sean Ash at Mike Hancock

Sean Ash discovered at the early age of 14 how good sex feels. Now he’s a party animal on campus. But pounding pussy ain’t paying the bills. He loves porn and he makes no excuses why he came knockin’ on my door — “I’m here for the money.” His bold honesty gave me a hard-on, and when he dropped his pants, I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth around that thick dick of his. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he turned around and showed me his tight, firm ass. He’s the total package if ever I saw one. With a head for business and a body for porn, this stud is going places. But not before he cums, and pays tuition as well.

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