Raunchy Bastards

Raunchy Bastards: Episode #140: This Bareback Fuck Toy Is Fun!

Episode #140: This Bareback Fuck Toy Is Fun! at Raunch Bastards

Lance Farrow and I only talked for a few days before I flew him halfway across the country. Trust me, I was eager to get into that fine bubble butt of his. That happened to be a weekend that Bo Connor and I were hanging out, which was perfect. Bo has a big cock, and he is just as perverted as I am when it comes to breaking in newbies. Lance was down for whatever, but we didn’t explain much to him about what was going to go down.

Raunchy Bastards #104: Bringing On The Power Fuck! (feat. Tristan Sweet and Devin Marcel)

Episode #104: Bringing On The Power Fuck! at Raunch Bastards

This scene is one amazing fuck. I’ve been filming and fucking Tristan Sweet now for over a year, and he’s an amazing bottom (see all his other videos!). Tristan self-identifies as straight, and hasn’t changed that tune, yet. That said, he is perfectly open minded and doesn’t mind getting pounded down as long as there’s something in it for him. I had been asking Tristan to try fucking a dude – really fucking him, but he had been a little reticent about it. As he explained it, since he was straight it was easy for him to get fucked but he was worried he wouldn’t be sufficiently excited to get a boner and fuck another guy. I certainly thought he could do it, and I finally got him to give it a go. Since I had Devin Marcel on hand, who is a complete cock whore, I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for Tristan to get up in there. Well, I was right. Tristan fucks the shit outta Devin, and it is hot, hot, hot!

Raunchy Bastards #124: Desparate Teen Nuts Getting Fucked By Creep (with Rick Hazard)

Episode #124: Desparate Teen Nuts Getting Fucked By Creep (with Rick Hazard) at Raunch Bastards

Rick Hazard was very eager to get into the porn biz. He had put an ad up online, and within 48 hours I had flown him down from his native home in the boondocks. Although his profile had stated that he would be interested in working with girls, he mostly seemed like he was in it for the money. Times are tough in Appalachia. When I picked him up at the airport, he looked even younger that I thought, and that’s when I found out he was in school still even. Even though he was 18, he still had that immature manner of dress and disposition. Since it was his first time on a plane, he mostly talked about that the whole drive back to my place.

Raunchy Bastards: Episode #108: He Likes That Boy Pussy! (feat Tucker Reece and Grant Porter)

#108 (He Says He's Str8): He Likes That Boy Pussy! (feat Tucker Reece and Grant Porter) at Raunch Bastards

Grant Porter is definitely one of the sexiest fuckers I’ve come across in a while, and I just love filming him. One of the reasons he is so great is because his facial expressions let you know exactly what he is feeling. Since he loves to fuck, I thought I’d put him with one of our resident cum whores – Tucker Reece. Tucker is just as great to work with, and he loves dick more than any guy should. Right before Grant showed up, I let Tucker see a pic of him (they had never met). Tucker instantly got horned up and very excited. Needless to say, when Tucker and Grant got together, it didn’t take long for Grant’s dick to get wet.

Raunchy Bastards #139: Hooker Cam (Worth The Price Of Admission!)

#139 (Hooker Cam): Worth The Price of Admission! at Raunch Bastards

Hooker, Carson Booth, is one pricey guy, but to tell you the truth, he is completely worth it. He and I chatted for a long time before I actually met him, and he was courteous on the phone. He was so nice, in fact, that I worried he might be a wet noodle in the sheets, but I sure was in for a pleasant surprise!

Raunchy Bastards #127: Wannabe Thug Is Just A Cheap Whore (with Danny Luca, Dalton Kramer and Clay)

Episode #127: Wannabe Thug Is Just A Cheap Whore (with Danny Luca, Dalton Kramer and Clay) (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

I met Dalton Kramer through on of those online ads. The ad stated he wanted to do porn, and the pics looked pretty good, so I initiated communication. Only when I picked him up at a bus stop (which was at a truck stop) off of the rural interstate did I realize that I hadn’t been communicating to Dalton at all, but to a “friend” of his.

Raunchy Bastards: Episode #99: This Straight Boy Loves the ‘D’

Episode #99: This Straight Boy Loves the 'D' (with Bud Strong and Tristan Sweet) at Raunch Bastards

Bud Strong put an ad online wanting to be a pornstar. He only lived a short drive away, so after a few texts he was over to have a go at it. I told him that I’d take some photos of him and he could “try out.” I didn’t explain exactly what I meant by “try out,” but luckily I had Tristan over that day, so Tristan imparted a lot of words of wisdom about porn as we were getting ready for some photos.

Raunchy Bastards #114: Seeking Older Gentlemen (Bareback)

Episode #114: Seeking Older Gentlemen (with Brad Gemini) at Raunch Bastards

The ad said, “Seeking Older Gentlemen,” so I thought to myself: “What the hell?” Although I was accustomed to these types being the laziest, minute-counting, jonesing fraudsters (and potential thieves, to boot), I decided to take my chances. After all, his pics looked good and it’s hard to find them that good looking on a Saturday afternoon. Usually the good ones are still hungover and don’t bother updating their profiles until Sunday night, or even the next Tuesday, depending on how many freebies they’ve had at the bars (or how many bars, ha!).

Raunchy Bastards #094: Straight Italian Comes Back For More! (with Mike Moretti & Toby Springs)

Episode #094: Straight Italian Comes Back For More! (with Mike Moretti & Toby Springs) at Raunch Bastards

I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I understand Mike completely. Ever since he came over and sucked my dick, he’s been calling me asking if I have any other videos he can be in. So, on the one hand, he is eager. And his cock is always rock-fucking-hard, so there’s that.

Raunchy Bastards #136: Nineteen and Homeless

Episode #136: Nineteen and Homeless at Raunch Bastards

When you’re cruising around looking for a cute homeless guy, you have to move fast. The good looking ones don’t stay homeless for that long – usually they are in a temporary situation until some dumb chick lets him stay at her place, or maybe even an older gentleman with a spare bed and some cash.

RaunchyBastards #098: Teen Rentboy Project

Episode #130: Teen Rentboy Project at Raunch Bastards

Tristan Sweet and Jared Marzdon are both sexy, horny young guys. What differentiates them is that they have a wild fuse, that if correctly lit, will make them explode with sexual energy. I knew this about Tristan beforehand, but Jared was the big surprise here. Both of the guys live near me, and both were for sale.

Raunchy Bastards: #130 (Creeper Casting): Creep Pops Jock’s Virgin Hole

#130 (Creeper Casting): Creep Pops Jock's Virgin Hole at Raunch Bastards

Dominic Phelps and I had only chatted for a few days before I had him over for a photo shoot. He seemed like a pretty sexy motherfucker, and I wanted to tap that virgin hole badly. He said on the phone that he was down for some gay4pay, but only if it paid extremely well. I told him not to worry about it, I had him all set. I explained that I needed to do some photos of him, though, and maybe test out his ability to actually do something with a guy.

Raunchy Bastards #101 (I Knew He Was Gay): Gang-Banged At The Redneck Rodeo

#101 (I Knew He Was Gay): Gang-Banged At The Redneck Rodeo at Raunch Bastards

Grant Porter is a dyed-in-the-wool redneck: sexy with a fantastic body and a cute smile. He’s also always ready with a hard dick, it seems. Castiel, who showed up while Grant was around, first appeared wearing cowboy boots and a massive belt buckle. I thought that with two redneck studs like these, Tristan’s sweet ass was about to get a proper pounding! Sure enough, once the three of them got in the room together, it didn’t take long for the clothes to come off and the sex to commence.

Raunchy Bastards #115 (Creeper Casting): Horny Curious Teen Gets Banged

#115 (Creeper Casting): Horny Curious Teen Gets Banged at Raunch Bastards

Randy Vigilante applied to he creeper’s ad because he was in desperate need of some work. Although he hadn’t really dreamed of doing porn like a lot of guys, he was smart enough to know that it could pay some bills. When he agreed to head over, I was pretty excited, because he had a great smooth 19 year-old body, a great smile, and what looked like a rock hard cock.

Raunchy Bastards #073 (Creeper Casting): Casting Cooper

#073 (Creeper Casting): Casting Cooper at Raunch Bastards

Cooper put his own ad online seeking a position in the porn industry as a performer. I thought he looked pretty good, and chatted him up. A few weeks later when I was swinging through his hometown, I gave him a call and asked if he wanted to meet me for an audition, and asked if he was down for anything with another guy. Although he said he was only interested in working with chicks, he reluctantly agreed to come by. He was definitely curious about the biz and he also needed the few bucks I said I’d toss him. In my opinion – although I could be wrong – he was also slightly curious about exploring his sexuality more.

Raunchy Bastards #106 (Hooker Cam): Suburban Teen Converted Into Gay4Pay Whore!

#106 (Hooker Cam): Suburban Teen Converted Into Gay4Pay Whore! at Raunch Bastards

Times get tough real quick when mommy and daddy turn off that credit card. Boys from the suburbs get excited about finally moving out of the nest; they and some friends find a cheap house to rent in the city.

Raunchy Bastards #078 (I Knew He Was Gay): I’m Not Gay, But I Want Some New Shoes!

#78 (I Knew He Was Gay): I'm Not Gay, But I Want Some New Shoes! at Raunch Bastards

Danny Luca and Patrick Gentry. I love them both, but I’ll be damned they can’t save their money. Burns a hole right through their pockets. That must be why they are always calling me asking them if I have any work for them. Of course, since they are favorite, I do my best. I was actually excited to see Danny plow Patrick’s little tight hole. I was hanging out with Ryan that weekend, and he volunteered to help film. It was quite the party.

Raunchy Bastards: #112 (Creeper Casting): Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw

#112 (Creeper Casting): Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw at Raunch Bastards

Robby Aspen was so excited about getting into the porn biz that after I scheduled him to come in, he was calling or texting me every 15 minutes – for days. I was excited, too, of course, because I like them young and eager. When he finally came in for a photo set and audition, I could tell I was going to have a lot of fun. It was pretty apparent from talking to him that he was a complete freak in the sheets. He told me story after story about some girl or guy or group that he had been with. I knew this one would be a cake walk, because the guy obviously was a sex addict. Sometimes the chase is fun, but sometimes it’s just nice to have some hungry little bitch willing to do whatever you want. And, of course, I was correct.

Raunchy Bastards #89 (I Knew He Was Gay): I’m Not Gay, But Your Ass Made Me Bust, Bro!

#89 (I Knew He Was Gay): I'm Not Gay, But Your Ass Made Me Bust, Bro! at Raunch Bastards

After his initial casting, I was a bit surprised to get a call so soon from Mike. He needed the money, he said. In spite of him reiterating that he was straight, he said that he would do whatever it takes. Apparently he has very expensive rent, because I knew he already had a full time day job. I thought since he was new at fucking dudes, I’d pair him with Aston, who not only likes straight guys but loves getting dicked down.

Raunchy Bastards #102 (Creeper Casting): Good Ol’ Country Boy Tricked By Creeper

#102 (Creeper Casting): Good Ol' Country Boy Tricked By Creeper at Raunch Bastards

Grant Porter is the type of guy I usually see at country concerts. He’s from a relatively rural area, he’s a good ol’ boy, and he loves having a good time on the weekends. Contrary to popular belief, redneck teens like this are surprisingly into experimentation, and almost all of them have messed around with another guy. This is much more so the case than guys who grew up in suburbs or the city. Must be that fresh country air (or moonshine). At any rate, I was excited to have a for-real cowboy type apply to do porn, and I had him over less than two days after our first conversation. He was excited to be doing a scene with a chick I set up, but I told him I’d need to get some photos and see how he does on camera first.

Raunchy Bastards #068 (I Knew He Was Gay): Tighter Than Pussy But It Feels Damn Good (Bareback)

#068 (I Knew He Was Gay): Tighter Than Pussy But It Feels Damn Good (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

Thomas (Penn) had been through the ringer in a casting session, but he’d never been with a dude his own age, and he’d never fucked a guy. Since he has a great dick, I thought it would be hot to put him with Toby (Springs) and see what he can do. Thomas was sort of excited about getting to be the stud, and he and Toby got along pretty well when they met the day of the scene.

Raunchy Bastards #068 (Hooker Cam): Straight Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix

#068 (Hooker Cam): Straight Teen Gets Bred For Concert Tix (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

It’s no secret that Noel is one of my favorite raunchy bastards. He is so pleasant and helpful, and I try to see him as often as I can. Hell, one time after I fucked him he offered to help install a bathroom fixture I still had in the box on the counter. Now THAT’S service! No handy man services were needed this particular afternoon, I just needed to get a nut and Noel had another unique and pressing time sensitive request: He needed money to buy him and some girl tickets to a concert over at the amphitheater.

Raunchy Bastards #080 (I Knew He Was Gay): That’s A Lot Of Jizz, BRO!

#080 (I Knew He Was Gay): That's A Lot Of Jizz, BRO! (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

The action started out with Ryan servicing the two straight boys. I love how Danny keeps staring at Thomas’ cock the entire time. It could be that he is an open minded straight guy who is just curious about the size of his dick compared to other guys… or he could just really be into dick. I have my own opinion on the matter, but I’ll let the viewers formulate their own opinions.

Raunchy Bastards #071 (I Knew He Was Gay) 3 Straight Boys & Daddy Bareback Group Fuck Party

#071 (3 Straight Boys & Daddy Bareback Group Fuck Party) (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

Me and some of the boys were chilling that afternoon, and I floated the idea with them of doing a big bareback fuck fest. They all needed some cash flow, so they were of course down. Or should I say, they needed an excuse to get some dick? Ha! At any rate, Kip, Patrick Gentry and Toby Spring were on my bed and undressing before I could even get everything set up to film it. They were laughing and joshing around with each other, having a good old time. I think it’s funny how the mood changed from bored to excited once the prospect of having a male/male anal sex was on the horizon. At any rate, I was excited, too!

Raunchy Bastards #083 (Creeper Casting): Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole

#083 (Straight Virgin Jock Gives Up His Hole) (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

When I met Thomas Penn, he had answered an ad I put online for guys. He sent me some really sharp photos that were not only professionally produced, but were from an adult company. So, I thought to myself, this guy is a total faker. I asked him to send me some pics that were taken himself on his phone, and he sent a few, but I was still skeptical. He informed me that he had done some jerk off vids and a straight porn, and that he needed the dough so he was down to do more. Well, I gave him the address and we set a time, but he never showed. He stopped returning texts, too. So, I gave it a few days and tried again. Sometimes you have to just let the hunger sit in their belly. I called him, and he answered. He explained that his car broke down, his phone died yada yada yada. I told him I’d pick him up. He asked me to meet him at the mall in front of a sporting goods store. Already thinking he was a faker, I was probably more sketched out than he was. He said he’d be wearing a black shirt.