Raw Castings

Raw Castings #1933: Jonathan Oxford

Casting #1933: Jonathan Oxford (with Michael Roman) at RawCastings

It’s Donny Forza’s turn to take new guys to the couch. He lets Jonathan Oxford know he needs to be totally submissive. The conversation’s mostly one way, but that’s ok since Jonathan’s stuffed for most of his audition.

Raw Castings: Casting #2452: Billy Bottom (with Michael Roman)

Casting #2452: Billy Bottom (with Michael Roman) at RawCastings

Billy Bottom’s a very sexual person, and he needs a safe place to run wild. That’s where we come in.

Raw Castings: Casting #845: Michi Coxxx (with Michael Roman)

Casting #845: Michi Coxxx (with Roman Heart) at RawCastings

We needed a second opinion, Michi Coxxx needed something rougher, kinkier.

Raw Castings: Casting #124: Shawn Reeve (with James Scott & Joe Shawn)

Casting #124: Shawn Reeve at RawCastings

Every now and then a casting director needs a second opinion. Not only does Shawn Reeve get plowed at both ends in his second audition video, but members can go behind the scenes and see how creative he is when it comes to nailing that perfect position.

Raw Castings: Casting #49: Pierre Pierce (with Austin Andrews)

Casting #49: Pierre Pierce at RawCastings

Austin Andrews tried very hard to keep it strictly business, which makes it that much hotter since you can see in his eyes how much Pierre Pierce loves auditioning.

Raw Castings: Casting #2171: Diego Diaz (with Michael Roman)

Casting #2171: Diego Diaz at RawCastings

Diego Diaz is a fitness instructor with a fat dick and a big juicy ass. Strictly a bottom, this newcomer to porn channels years of ambition into an unbelievably hot audition. Even the casting director is left speechless at the end.

Raw Castings: Casting #1320: Tyler Cody

Casting #1320: Tyler Cody at RawCastings

Tyler Cody’s an old soul, double penetrated many moons ago, multiple run-ins with the law, and a taste for bros. This is his first time flying anywhere, let alone Vegas, just to get fucked. Tyler hopes everyone watches his audition video because he’s going places in this industry.

Raw Castings: Casting #563: Levi North (with Michael Roman)

Casting #563: Levi North at RawCastings

This Oklahomo’s never been on camera before, but at an average of a hookup a week since he came out, Levi North’s ready to go pro. The casting director reassures him: “Don’t be nervous, it’s always a little awkward at first.” As soon as that dick comes out, Levi loosens right up.

Raw Castings: Casting #95: Isaac Lin (with Austin Andrews & Scott Demarco)

Casting #95: Isaac Lin (with Austin Andrews & Scott Demarco) at RawCastings

Catch the banging of Isaac Lin in this audition tape. On the way to the casting director we learn Isaac likes being watched while he’s getting off. He’s naked at home, he’s naked on the beach, he’s naked in the club. Isaac is definitely a bottom who knows his way around big dicks. Hell, money’s nice and all but he’d audition for free, he’s full of stories and cum. Austin Andrews gets things going by ramming his cock down Isaac’s throat before throwing him on the couch and pounding him. He’s rough, yet to see Isaac’s face you’d think he was just getting fingered. Scott Demarco joins in to take Isaac’s audition to the next level. He’s ready to get spit-roasted, double penetrated, and anything else a director might want to throw at him. And on him. And in him.

Raw Castings: #73: Fletcher (with Austin Andrews)

Casting #73: Fletcher (with Austin Andrews) at RawCastings

Fletcher, a nice southern twink daddy gets his dream audition when Austin Andrews decides to cast him for a scene.

RawCastings: Casting #266: Mike Rathburne (with Scott Demarco)

Casting #266: Mike Rathburne at RawCastings

He’s no stranger to the ring, but boxer Mike Rathburne (aka Ronin on ChaosMen & Rocke on Str8Chaser and ActiveDuty) skips the Strip to prove he’s a lover not a fighter when it comes to sex. Well, more of a lover. He’s rough with the ladies, likes to be in control, and looking to loosen up a little for his first audition. You won’t ordinarily see Mike blowing a guy, so it helps to flash the prize fighter some cash. Still, this grower doesn’t start showing until he’s got Scott Demarco’s fat cock in his mouth. Mike is game for his audition, all business, never stops sucking. Scott clearly enjoys pounding this champ’s straight, hairy hole. Mike doesn’t like to lose. Good thing, too, because in gay porn everyone wins.

Raw Castings: Casting #71: Ty Mitchell (with Dax Daniels)

Casting #71: Ty Mitchell (with Dax Daniels) at RawCastings

Ty Mitchell loves porn. At home he’s had to surf cam sites to be on screen, but here in Vegas he gets a chance at the real thing. Ty’s had some earth-shattering experiences with big dicks before, so he knows he can handle the casting director. And with a kinky side, Ty can do more in a scene than your average amateur. Dax Daniels sits back when they first meet and allows Ty to do his thing, which means gagging on Dax’s cock until it’s rock-hard and glistening.

Raw Castings: Casting #106: Tony Prower (with Scott Demarco)

Casting #106: Tony Prower (with Scott Demarco) at RawCastings

You wouldn’t know it from his casting session with Scott Demarco, but this is Tony Prower’s first time doing porn. On the drive over he let slip that he loves being watched. Cam shows, screwing around on the soccer field, that sort of thing. But porn?

Raw Castings: Casting #78: James Scott

Casting #78: James Scott at RawCastings

James Scott is a nonchalant gay for pay guy with some experience in his small Kentucky town. Telling the Casting Director about himself during the preinterview, he goes back and forth a lot about his experience with guys, girls, and getting paid for some kink shit; almost like he wants to impress the Casting Director or trying to make himself believe he is cool with what he is about to do.

Raw Castings: Casting #410: Austin Floyd (with Jack King)

Casting #410: Austin Floyd at RawCastings

This is one of those scenes that are so hot to watch, that we could hardly contain our own cocks while filming! Not only do we have the return of muscle hunk Jack King, but also our straight southern newbie, Austin Floyd. Austin totally has the lean nerdy boy look going on, and hiding in his pants a nice full sack and thick cock; a perfect match for our guy Jack King.

Raw Castings: Casting #87 (Jackson Davis)

Casting #87: (Jackson Davis) at RawCastings

Jackson Davis is on the casting couch, and he begins by explaining what a cum whore bottom he is. Because he loves cock and cum so much, Jackson thinks that he will be fantastic in the porn industry. Jackson has a good look: He is a feisty redhead with blue eyes and boyish good looks. The casting director asks some perfunctory questions about Jackson’s background, interests, and etcetera before jumping into taking some photos.

Raw Castings: #706: Mack Parker

Casting #706: (Mack Parker) at RawCastings

Mack Parker found the agency online and applied. As he is in the back seat on the way to the studio, he gets an informal interview, in which he really opens up about his sexuality. From all appearances, you wouldn’t guess that Mack is gay or bi, but his story is definitely interesting. His first time with a guy, he says, was on a camping trip with a longtime friend. The initial experimentation seemed to have blossomed into a sexual relationship of sorts, and Mack experimented with everything, including fucking and getting fucked.

Raw Castings: Casting #630 (Jake Riley)

Casting #630 (Jake Riley) at RawCastings

Jake Riley is a Georgia boy who describes himself as “an everyday normal guy,” but he also admits to being curious about man-on-man action. In his casting interview, Jake also mentions that he hasn’t done much, but that he is eager to try more.

Raw Castings: #341: Joe Shawn & Austin Andrews

Casting #341: Joe Shawn & Austin Andrews at RawCastings

Joe Shawn is the pornstar hopeful in the “porn taxi” today, and he explains why he is auditioning even though he has done porn in the past. “It’s been seven years,” he explains. Thankfully, he is still hot as fuck – this guy has definitely been taking care of himself. He stopped doing porn, he says, because he wanted a little break that turned into a long break. In the meantime, he hasn’t had any sexual contact with another guy. He is nonetheless single, and describes himself as a man-whore. When pressed, Joe says that if he did like guys, he would like taller, muscular guys. Surprise, surprise! Despite his sabbatical from gay porn, Joe definitely thinks he has what it takes.

Raw Castings: Casting #156: Devon Black

Casting #156: Devon Black at RawCastings

Devon Black is on the casting couch. He’s never done porn before, but he looks like he needs the money. He says he is straight, but that he understands gay porn can get him the cash he needs. “You’re looking a little rough, there!” the casting director says. Immediately, the director grills him on his incarceration history.