Sexy British Guys.

UKNakedMen: Jonas Jackson Fucks Dmitry Osten

Jonas Jackson Fucks Dmitry Osten at UKNakedMen

UKNakedMen cutie, the bristle chinned little hunk Dmitry Osten is back, this time with Jonas Jackson.

UK Naked Men: Felix Chase & Koby Lewis (Flip-Fuck)

Felix Chase & Koby Lewis (Flip-Fuck) at UKNakedMen

Yum bring on the boys, and what more shapely, cummly lads could we ask for than Felix Chase and Koby Lewis, a rough ‘n’ ready, dirty blonde and a sexy, tanned, lithe brunette. They’re both strapping, muscular lads with big, uncircumcised dicks and a they’re both, totally versatile and luv a good, hard dicking, we make sure everyone leaves our sets, sated, satisfied and drained.

UKNakedMen: Antonio Fucks Billy Rock

Antonio Fucks Billy Rock at UKNakedMen

These young bucks are a high-summer treat, with a flush of youth, two juicy uncut cocks and those burgeoning sexual appetites, that only a mid-twenties hunk possesses. Billy Rock is a tall, slender hung Northener whilst Antonio is a dark, sexy, Italian lad, both of our oversexed show offs LUV uncut cocks.

UKNakedMen: Sam Barclay & Josh Milk

Sam Barclay & Josh Milk at UKNakedMen

When the sleazy pick up ends in a Penthouse above Manchester the guys head out onto the balcony where our lads, Sam and Josh lock lips, We luv Northern guys, and Sam is more than eager to take a hot length.

UK Naked Men: Jerry Kaytton & Max Born (Bareback)

Jerry Kaytton & Max Born at UKNakedMen

Couldn’t wait to get these two handsome things back for some more raw, uncut cock, slam dunk-a-fuck action. When Jerry Kaytton calls a plumber, he doesn’t bargain for getting well and truly plumbed himself, but big, bald, tattooed thug, Max Born is that plumber and he wants to lay a little extra pipe on the job. 6’3″ of muscled body, horse hung and powerful, Jerry’s putty in his hands…

UK Naked Men: Erik Lenn and Alex Stan Flip-Fuck

Erik Lenn & Alex Stan at UKNakedMen

Yum! This UKNakedMen scene is extra sticky and nasty. Here we have Erik Lenn, a big, mean-arsed fucker taking on sexy, lithe young hottie, Alex Stan.

UKNakedMen: Text For Sleazy Sex (Dyego Ace & Marco Ramsay) (Scene 1)

Sleazy Sex (Dyego Ace & Marco Ramsay) (Scene 1) at UKNakedMen

Time for our summer series, from our brand spanking new producer Dirty George. He’s hand picked a crew of cute young lads, with BIG, uncut cocks, big loads and insatiable appetites. Episode one of our series finds Dyego and Marco meeting up for a sleazy encounter, Dyego’s a cute Brazilian with a big cock and a very hungry arse, whilst Marco is a rampant top and a juicy, 8 inches of throbbing uncut meat that Dyego can’t wait to get his hands, lips, tongue and spit-luved sprinter on. These young lads thrash and wrestle, with Marco spreading Diego’s hole for a long hard look before plunging his probing tongue, fingers and pulsating tool deep into Dyego as he moans with pleasure. Marco is edging his way to a convulsive climax and we don’t miss drop of that fl! ickable, suckle boy-juice as it spurts.

UKNakedMen: Andrea Suarez, Brute Club & Jason Domino

Andrea Suarez, Brute Club & Jason Domino at UKNakedMen

Wow this one is hot, THREE stunning guys an absolute smorgasbord of sex, handsome, tanned, Latino – Andrea Suarez + taut, tanned, Brit, skin-head – Jason Domino + brand-spanking new Italian gypsy boy (yes really) Brute Club, this one is a real humdinger. Brute Club pops his porno cherry in splattering style in this one, and there’s a reason his second name is Club!!

UKNakedMen: Sky James, Patryk Jankowski & Giorgio Arsenale

Sky James, Patryck Jankowski & Giorgio Arsenale at UKNakedMen

A slender twink, a muscle hunk and a burly, smooth daddy, its a spunky concoction. After a night of clubbing, Skinny, big-dicked twink – Sky James sneaks in a piece of trade – muscular, hairy Patryk, BUT he’s staying over with his step father so they’re gonna have to be discrete. But this oversexed daddy isn’t asleep, he’s revved up a raring to go.

UKNakedMen: Luke Vogel, Ross Drake & Michael Selvaggio (Bareback)

Luke Vogel, Ross Drake & Michael Selvaggio (Bareback) at UKNakedMen

What better way to spice up real-life-young-boyfriends, than add a rough, hairy, big-dick Dutch guy to their passionate fucking. Michael Selvaggio finds Drake and Luke messing with his car so he takes matters into his own hands. Drake and Luke might be young, Luke’s just eighteen, but boy are they filthy dirty? oh yes.

UKNakedMen: Luke Vogel & Ross Drake (Bareback)

Luke Vogel & Ross Drake at UKNakedMen

Real life lovers, sexy, young and hung – Ross Drake and Luke Vogel starting our year with a scorching, squelchy splosh of sex. With a mixture of intimate POV footage ( just watch that massive, raw uncut cock sliding inside Ross!)

UKNakedMen: Get Thee Behind Me (Riley Tess, Dan Broughton & Shay Cruz)

Get Thee Behind Me (Riley Tess, Dan Broughton & Shay Cruz) at UKNakedMen

We were swept away wanting to show you the spunk drenched climax to Riley Tess’ fall from grace, but heres the scene that sent father Tess to hell. Shay (the Spray) Cruz and Daniel Broughton extract a vengeance of pleasure on their priest with the wandering hands, the sexed up choir boys take it in turns fucking the priests mouth and arse, slamming their uncut cocks into his sloppy hole, treating him like fuck-meat.

UKNakedMen: Woody Fox & Mateo Stanford

Woody Fox & Mateo Stanford at UKNakedMen

Woody Fox is filling out magnificently and this previously confirmed top is now making a very able and cock-hungry bottom! Woody is the date Shay Cruz was waiting for but he’s turned up late to find Shays annoyed flat mate – Mateo cleaning up a mess of jock straps and trainers.

UKNakedMen: Lucio Saints & Tyson Tyler

Lucio Saints & Tyson Tyler at UKNakedMen

Not many guys can take on Lucio (the monster) Saints, as loveable as he is, Lucio has something of a reputation as an arse smasher. We told him to be gentle with Tyson Tyler, but he still gave out a buttock-slapping, good fuck and sprayed down Tyson’s beautiful black skin with creamy, white cum.

UKNakedMen: Sneakerfuck (Frank Valencia & Mateo Stanford w/ Shay Cruz) (Part 2)

Sneakerfuck (Frank Valencia & Mateo Stanford w/ Shay Cruz) (Part 2) at UKNakedMen

Part of our sneaker special – introducing Mateo Stanford to the site, a very handsome, hung Spaniard with his fuck buddy, the equally hunky and hung – Frank Valencia.

UKNakedMen: The Berlin Special (Dan Broughton, Shay Cruz & Jonny Kingdom)

The Berlin Special (Dan Broughton, Shay Cruz & Jonny Kingdom) at UKNakedMen

A long weekend in Berlin, Jonny Kingdom and Daniel Broughton are preforming for Boner Magazine at ‘Connections Club’, Shay Cruz is merely an innocent onlicker. Shay never meets the boys, but he’s so turned on he can’t wait to get back to his apartment to jack out a juicy, juicy load. No guesses at to why he’s called Shay The SPRAY Cruz.

UKNakedMen: Hard Time (Darius Ferdynand & Daniel James)

Hard Time (Darius Ferdynand & Daniel James) at UKNakedMen

Banged up, bored and horny, Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James only have the bars separating them, but with a long, thick, uncut dick like Daniel James’ – thats not distance enough.