Varsity Men

VarsityMen: Dakota

Dakota at Varsity Men

Dakota is a construction worker. He responded to an internet ad we’d placed for new models.

This hot 21 year has this amazing body built in both the gym and through hard manual labor. He tells us he’s straight but doesn’t currently have a girlfriend.

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VarsityMen: Cale

Cale at Varsity Men

Goodness… The second we met Cale we knew we weren’t taking “No” to our question as to whether he’d like to model for us! This boy is just so hot…

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VarsityMen: Adrian

Adrian at Varsity Men

Adrian is a really shy guy who was nervous whenever the camera was around… Even still, his dick was always hard. And, when the cameras were put away he’s a really wild guy!

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VarsityMen: Justin

Justin at Varsity Men

Justin is just 20 years old but carries himself with a decidedly masculine & mature attitude. When not shooting with VarsityMen, Justin loves playing basketball with his college buddies. He’s majoring in Physical Education and it sure shows!

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VarsityMen: Glenn

Glenn at Varsity Men

We’re really excited that a wonderful photographer who had been “out of the business” for a couple years is back. He sent us pictures of Glenn recently and we knew that we just had to have this hot guy. Glenn is from the Czech Republic. When not modeling, he works as a DJ at a club in Prague.

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VarsityMen: Luka

Luka at Varsity Men

Our friend in Prague sent us a picture of Luka a few weeks back and we knew that we wanted him to model for VarsityMen. This hot boy is just 18 and has been dancing since he was 11.

VarsityMen: Doug 3

Doug 3 at Varsity Men

Doug is 21 and loves playing volleyball on the beach. We were immediately stuck by, and taken with his dark sexy eyes and his beautiful body. Doug is very erotic and a real turn on! (We knew we wanted to have sex with him when we saw him go wild when he came…) A friend referred Doug to us so he could make a little extra money. A student, Doug has some school bills to pay…

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VarsityMen: Trey Returns

Trey Returns at Varsity Men

We met Trey last year and immediately set a date for a shoot. We were amazed by his amazing body (OMG-what a butt!) and really liked his winning personality. We ran into Trey recently with some friends at a club and struck up a conversation. Knowing a good, or perhaps, great thing when we see it, we instantly set a date for his 2nd shoot. Trey works out 5x’s a week and loves playing soccer. Trey’s Stats: Height: 179cm or 5′-10″ Weight: 80kg or 178lbs. Age: 25 Cock: 19cm or 7.5″ uncut

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VarsityMen: Lane

Lane at Varsity Men

Truth be told, we found Lane while innocently walking through a park one evening. Looking for a little action, we ended up finding a hot, hung model! Lane works out pretty regularly and likes to start his day with a jog. Lane’s Stats: Height: 182cm or 5′-11″ Weight: 79kg or 174lbs. Age: 26 Cock: 18cm or 7″ uncut.Watch Lane at

VarsityMen: Lee & Thad

Lee & Thad at Varsity Men

Thad’s been here with us a few times before. We’d never talked about it, but we always wondering if he didn’t really like guys… So when we saw him in a bar in Prague with another model of ours (Lee)…

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VarsityMen: Tomas Returns

Tomas Returns at Varsity Men

Check out hot Czech guy Tomas! He 21 years old and really sexy. Nice lean body and a hot and willing ass! He told our photographer that he’s going to be working this summer as a pool boy (how cute!) at a Mediterranean beach resort!

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VarsityMen: Trevor 4

Trevor 4 at Varsity Men

Members have been clamoring for more of hot Trevor and we’ve brought him back this week! This hot 24 year old has amazing green eyes, a lean swimmers build and a delicious big cock! He’s alway a charmer and great fun to work with.

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VarsityMen: Joshua

Joshua at Varsity Men

Joshua is a sophomore at a local college where he’s majoring in communications. He’s got a gift for gab and a ready smile so that major sounds about right. Joshua told VarsityMen that he works out 5x’s a week and it shows. He’s got amazingly smooth and soft skin and I, for one, wouldn’t mind rubbing my hands all over his hot body!!

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VarsityMen: Gaucho III

Gaucho III at Varsity Men

This hot 25 year old has been really diligent with his works out and now has an amazingly defined six pack! Doesn’t hurt that he’s very sexy and well hung, too!

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VarsityMen: Julian

Julian at Varsity Men

VarsityMen is featuring hot 30 year old Julian. A bit older than most of our models, he’s got a great build and a he’s a sexy man!

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