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BaitBus: Vince Wants To Rev Your Engine

Vince Wants To Rev Your Engine at

Today we have Vince Ferelli, he has been wanting to come on the bus and get himself some straight cock. We hit up Miami and see what we can find. Along our trip we come across Finn, he’s a boat mechanic and wasn’t to hard to get him on the bus. We told him were looking for a dude to star in our next porno, unfortunately we didn’t tell him who would be his co star. When the blind fold came off and he saw the brick house bobbing and weaving on his cock, he wasn’t to happy at all. Good thing for us when you flash cash your bound to get straight ass. Enjoy

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BaitBus: Navy Boy Toy!

Navy Boy Toy! at

Today was a real drag. We hit up Miami in hopes of finding something nice like we always do. As we’re cruising around we come across a sexy stud by the name of Nick, as he’s running around getting his physical training on. Sweating up a storm. Steven was drooling just watching him run. Obviously Steven wanted Nick’s cock in his asshole. So we stopped and ask if he would like to participate in our documentary for $50. He wasn’t so sure at first, but once he got a glimpse of our sexy diva Vanessa. It was a definite catch. Reel him in folks! If only he knew what he was really getting on the bus for. Vanessa gets him undressed and Steven provides some warmth to his cock. Sadly enough Nick wasn’t to ecstatic about the idea. Good thing everyone has a price and we happen to find Nick’s. Enjoy!

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BaitBus: Brains & Brawn

Brains & Brawn at

So when we were cruising around this week we bumped into a college graduate. He looked a little nerdy in his graduation robes, but who the hell doesn’t? We figured he might be pretty interesting, and Jake likes smart straight guys…as long as they have a nice, hard cock, of course. Anyway, our college boy, was ready for a graduation party but we got to him first. We fed him our line about making a video for school and convinced him to help out fellow students. Once we got him in the van, Vanessa used her feminine wiles to get his clothes off and a blindfold on…

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