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TimTales: Tim Kruger Fucks Allen King

Tim Kruger & Allen King at TimTales

Allen King is and Angel. No other way to describe his smile, his eyes, his sweet and sexy looks. At the same time he has a friendly and open personality, so it was so much fun to have him here in our appartment for a joyful afternoon.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Gabriel Vanderloo

Tim Kruger & Gabriel Vanderloo at TimTales

Gabriel Vanderloo is new on Timtales and his body is so perfect, he simply looks good in every position. No matter how Tim fucked him on that afternoon he always looked stunning.

TimTales: Tim Kruger and Matt Stevens

Tim Kruger and Matt Stevens at TimTales

Younger man with huge cock fucks muscledaddy. One of my (Grobes) favourite themes.
We saw Matt in Florida and man, this guy really has a perfect body! Thick muscles, greast chest, big arms, hot ass.

TimTales: Tim Kruger and Angel

Tim Kruger and Angel at TimTales

Angel is a young man from Colombia, a country we heard of that Timtales is very popular there. He said he has watched our videos for years and always dreamed of being in one of them.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Donato Reyes

Tim Kruger & Donato Reyes at TimTales

We invited Donato Reyes over from Madrid to get a taste of Tim´s cock. He did not hesitate, took a train and spent a hot and sensual afternoon with us, which i recorded for your pleasure.

TimTales: Lucio Saints & Tim Kruger Fuck Sergio Moreno

Lucio Saints & Tim Kruger Fuck Sergio Moreno at TimTales

While others stuff their Turkey today, our extrahung fuckers Tim Kruger and Lucio Saints stuff Sergio Moreno‘s hot musclebutt. They start nice and slow on the bed and feed Sergio with their huge cocks before they turn him around and both take care of his musclebutt.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Paco

Tim Kruger & Paco at TimTales

A superhot new man on Timtales. We met Paco when we visited Rome, just a few weeks ago. When we talked to him he mentioned that he is interested in making a shoot with us so we did not hesitate and brought him over.

Tim Tales: Tim Kruger & Gaston

Tim Kruger & Gaston at TimTales

I was invited to be guest at Cox party in Rome and i also wanted to do at least one video over there with a local hottie, so i was looking at some profiles online.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Scott Hunter

Tim Kruger & Scott Hunter at TimTales

After I let Lucio Saints fuck musclestud Scott Hunter first and i only had the pleasure to feed Scott with my piss, it was now my turn to give all his holes what they needed.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Tomy Hawk

Tim Kruger & Tomy Hawk at TimTales

Just take a look at the video and you will know why we both love Tomy Hawk! He is sexy, masculine, he has an amazing body and is a pleasure to watch.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Jake

Tim Kruger & Jake at TimTales

Probably everything on Jake is huge! Huge body, great ass and enormous cock! What’s not to love about this man?
He’s a very sweet and shy guy and spent a lot of time in the gym to build his body as you can see. But even bodybuilders need a break sometime and how you can spend you’re free time better than with a big cock in your ass? Tim was very happy to take care of Jake and give him a good pounding!!

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Veles

Tim Kruger & Veles at TimTales

24 year old Veles from Slowenia is a real hunk of a man. He looks like he could easily break your arm in a wrestling fight and his deep voice adds up to the perfect masculinity of that man.

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Kayden Gray

Tim Kruger & Kayden Gray at TimTales

If you haven’t fallen in love with Kayden Gray in his first video on TimTales, you will do it now. His cock is rock hard while riding Tim’s huge pole. Tim gives it to him in every position and even enjoys a little massage of his cock with Kayden’s feet. At the end they both blow a huge load and we have to say it looks quite good on Kaydens cute face :o)

Watch Tim Kruger & Kayden Gray at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger & Gabriel Mendez

Tim Kruger & Gabriel Mendez at TimTales

Today we bring you a hot interracial scene. Gabriel Mendez asked Tim if he can do a video with him and Tim didn’t have to think about that very long and said YES instantly. First Gabriel sucks Tim a while before he offers him his sexy ass to fuck. Tim’s huge cock looks absolutely hot in that boy’s little black butt and that tight and athletic body really turns him on.

Watch Tim Kruger & Gabriel Mendez at TimTales