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Fratmen.TV: Glenn

Glenn at

Glenn at

Glenn at

Glenn at

This week brings our final installment of the Pledge Class 5. Welcome Fratmen Glenn.

Watch Glenn at Fratmen.TV

10 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Glenn

  1. avatar Luigi2k says:

    Dang! He’s hot…

  2. avatar Vic says:

    Plain yogurt!

  3. avatar snoopdoggy69 says:

    nice farm boy innocent-needs my big black dick up that creamy white ass. dayum he’s got that fuck me hard look.

  4. avatar Austin says:

    Jesus Christ… He’s gorgeous, but I’d be scared I’d hurt him, poppin’ that cherry and all.

  5. avatar chip says:

    Man. Glenn is my type! Innocent and nasty at the same time – Perfect mix. super sexy; his facial expressions and the flush as he shoots is so damn hot. Love this guy!

  6. avatar Vinnie Niagara says:

    The boy next door if the boy next door were an innocent, virginal teenager. So impossibly young-looking. Of course, the first one to suck him to orgasm will have him loyal and true for life.

  7. avatar todd says:

    cute. point finale

  8. avatar bambsm says:

    That’s my boo, he is doing really well ill give him all ur comments I’m sure he would love them, lets him know job well done.

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