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This week brings our final installment of the Pledge Class 5. Welcome Fratmen Glenn.

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  • Brad


  • Luigi2k

    Dang! He’s hot…

  • Vic

    Plain yogurt!

  • snoopdoggy69

    nice farm boy innocent-needs my big black dick up that creamy white ass. dayum he’s got that fuck me hard look.

  • Austin

    Jesus Christ… He’s gorgeous, but I’d be scared I’d hurt him, poppin’ that cherry and all.

  • chip

    Man. Glenn is my type! Innocent and nasty at the same time – Perfect mix. super sexy; his facial expressions and the flush as he shoots is so damn hot. Love this guy!

  • Vinnie Niagara

    The boy next door if the boy next door were an innocent, virginal teenager. So impossibly young-looking. Of course, the first one to suck him to orgasm will have him loyal and true for life.

    • bambsm

      U were so rite, we have been together for two years now, just took my Hoover to make him stay.

  • todd

    cute. point finale

  • bambsm

    That’s my boo, he is doing really well ill give him all ur comments I’m sure he would love them, lets him know job well done.