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RandyBlue: Malachi Marx & Xander Scott

Malachi Marx & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Xander Scott at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

There are a lot of firsts in life. A first date. A first kiss. A first time having a guy ram his huge cock up your tight virgin hole. Xander Scott has been a Randy Blue favorite for a while now. From his stunning debut on the back of a silver motorcycle, and hot videos with several of our Randy Blue hotties, to his crazy antics on RBL, he’s one of the hottest and most entertaining guys we have on our site. But through it all, he’s never once bottomed. Until now. It’s been a long time coming and if anyone was going to pop his ass cherry it was going to have to be Malachi Marx. Every time I’ve seen these two together they were always carrying on. There’s an amazing chemistry between them and I wanted Xander to have his first time with someone he really got along with. Malachi just gets hotter and hotter every time I see him. His short beard and light dusting of chest hair, matched with his adorable features, give him a look like nobody else. And I knew his awesome dick would be the perfect size for Xander. Not small by any means, but not Leo Giamani either. And Xander really gets into it. A guy’s first time is always an exquisite mix of pleasure and pain, and while Xander is really getting into the loud moaning and heavy breathing, you’ll see him also stick out his ass the second Malachi pulls out, practically begging for more. And it’s almost too much for him to handle as he shoots his load all over Malachi’s chest with his cock still buried deep inside him. And Xander isn’t the only one totally getting his rocks off. After giving Xander the ride of his life, Malachi lets loose with the biggest spray of jizz adding to Xander’s load all over that sexy chest of his.

42 Responses to RandyBlue: Malachi Marx & Xander Scott

  1. avatar fuckable says:

    About time Xander cherry got popped, he looks like he is enjoying it. So hot.

  2. avatar nutmeg says:

    Yeah, good to see Xander get real.

    I assume he is frequently on his back off camera.

  3. avatar phunky says:

    I’d so much rather see Xander top.

  4. avatar Prancer says:

    To me this is just like when Ethan bottomed, you make me wait to long for something and I lose interest..I def lost interest in Xander a long time ago, and knowing that this site is a pro at making crap vids with hot guys doesnt make things better.

  5. avatar LA Clergy says:

    The facial expressions were over the top but over all very hot video. Xander bottoming was a dream of many and he is a pro at it. Malachi on the other hand is a dream to me. Great movie.

  6. avatar Edward says:

    Cute guys; nice scene.

  7. avatar don says:

    So when is Malachi going to bottom? Hopefully not after a million years when I’m too over him to care.

  8. avatar kristupa saragih says:

    Malachi is hoottt..!!

  9. avatar baz says:

    While RB has mastered the art of making two hot guys having sex seem as interesting as watching paint dry, I’ll just have a look for Xander getting it.

  10. avatar Anton says:

    Oh damn. Here I thought it would be Xander topping Malachi! Well, I ain’t mad, a video with Malachi is better than no video at all — even when it looks dull and over-acted. Perhaps RandyBlue should save that special occasion of Malachi bottoming for someone like Victor Verando. Now THAT would be a hot video, someone just as equally hot as Malachi in the same video.

  11. avatar Anton says:

    You can tell that Xander is faking it too because his dick isn’t even hard while he’s getting fucked. That ruins the eroticism for me because it shows that he’s not enjoying having a dick up his ass. I’ll still check it out because of Malachi, but I can tell it’s going to be another boring, passionless video.

  12. avatar LOLman says:

    not everyone has a hard dick when they get fucked, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying it.

    “Does this couch make me look fat?” Worst Xander moment ever.

  13. avatar Anton says:

    Perhaps. I guess I’m spoiled by SC producing videos where the bottoms have massive erections while getting fucked. Watching a porn star with a limp dick while getting fucked gives me the impression that the action is all mechanical with no eroticism.

  14. avatar crazy says:

    omg xander getting fucked and especially by malachi is just…hot…wanna see xander fucking malachi now

  15. avatar Jordan says:

    Wow! This is like the video that I’ve been waiting for since Malacai came to randyblue. And so what if xander was fakin it it was his first time gettin fucked on air so he will do fine next time and they’re both so hot individually that u all are coming down way to hard on them. Overall, I think that was an extremely hot vid.

  16. avatar Anton says:

    Just saw the video. Xander’s screaming and moaning as Malachi was fucking him was so annoying. He was screaming, hissing and moaning as if he was in the hospital giving birth. It was so cringe-inducing I was waiting for the moment where Malachi tells him, “Breath in, breath out…yes…there you go…slowly. Hold my hand.”

    He’s moaning was tolerable when Malachi had his dick in his mouth, that way the over-the-top moaning and screaming wasn’t so piercing.

  17. avatar LA Clergy says:

    I just saw the video too and Anton is right on the bulls eye. Xander was way over the top. So fake that it was a turn off. He acted as if he has never had sex with another guy. So out there. If anyone else plans on watching it turn the sound off it will be way better. The soft dick on Xander was real though. Perhaps Xander should watch some of Sean Cody’s and learn how guys that enjoy bottoming act.

  18. avatar Fazz says:

    I’m soo over malachi. Xander has a glimmer in his eye and a spring in his step. over all the scene is like most recent RB scenes lacking in passion and depth, the models seem to moan and groan on cue, and expressions as well as positions are too well choreographed for it to be a fulfilling watching experience. Well what ever happens Rb has enough fans, for me to ramble on. ^^

  19. avatar pieter says:

    the only virgin hole in Xander is a left ear.

  20. avatar trinity says:


  21. avatar MikeB says:

    Xander is one of the reasons I stopped subscribing to RB. His dick was limp as a top too.

  22. avatar Riley says:

    Malachi has high fashion good looks! He should have gone for modeling.

  23. avatar tom in portland says:

    RB makes us wait to see Zander bottom and then pairs him with a top who doesn’t really know what he’s doing and won’t rim. What BS RB.

  24. avatar Peeter says:

    Xander as bottom! I’ve never imagined that! Great vid, thanks Randy.

    Branden Charron and Xander – it will be a great scene!

  25. avatar Von Schlomo says:

    Hard bottoms? Hell, on RB the tops aren’t hard most of the time!

  26. avatar Kyle Saguaro says:


    This fact ALONE is amazing. I don’t care how good or bad the scene was, HE GOT FUCKED! FINALLY! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOREVER!

    And with Malachi! How perfect. YEAH XANDER!

  27. avatar Steve says:

    Remember when they used to present Xander all butch and manly? Guess that’s all over now.

  28. avatar Lilo says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe, xander is fucked!
    but that xander’s face!!
    but so exciting

    very good (Y)

  29. avatar sam says:

    GOOD,i love bottom Xander!!!I hope he will do bottom continuously

  30. avatar Zeke says:

    They’re both so perfect!

  31. avatar Whoa says:

    This is just a curiosity: has Malachi got only one ball?!

  32. avatar Kiki says:


  33. avatar Xander Scott says:

    Glad that those of you who enjoyed the video did, there’s more to come in the future and looking forward to keep entertaining everyone.

    P.S. that was my first time and that shit hurt, lol

    Bye ^_^

  34. avatar chipp says:

    these guysa are both incredibly handsome.

  35. avatar steve says:

    you can’t force eroticism on two straight guys only in it for a paycheck. mechanical and limp dicks are all you’re gonna get. i think the scene looked good for what its worth and it was fun and new, not in a boring ass bedroom. RB is the more classy of the amateur sites. no fake football bullshit and abercrombie poses. they put out content like its going out of style and its getting better imo. xander, next time try not to sound like your getting raped and malachi, try to stay hard when you’re fucking hot ass. that’s what you get paid for.

  36. avatar canadajoe says:

    well at least the pictures and video are getting better. the guys’ acting still sucks. get some real porn stars please, not whiny straight guys. so tired. its so unsexy that my hard-on inverted to a vagina. is it too much to ask for to have two men on one of the biggest sites actually make it look like they’re happy to be there? i mean some things are out of control but RB, your models may look realllly hott but they need to watch some other sites for research. they need to check themselves before they wreck themselves…and your site.

  37. avatar micky says:

    Agree with the comments about SC. So how about SC hottie Kurt and Malachi doing a flip flop? Now that would be some pairing so long as SC filmed it!!

  38. avatar CoolJ says:

    It shows in here that Xander is really gay. He’s been pretending to be straight and tough but deep inside he’s been craving those juicy cocks to fuck him up. Especially off camera, he is into sucking those dicks and pounding his ass. Anyway you’re a GREAT FAGGOT Xander Scott, so be true to yourself dude!

  39. avatar Fernando Racines-Jerves says:

    I was waiting for sooo long to watch Xander as the bottom. But, what a boring video!!! Love Malachi’s look but, I don’t know, one of the worst RB vids.

  40. avatar ariel says:


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