RandyBlue: Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Let’s face it, Reese Rideout is a porn phenomenon- The recently awarded “Man of the Year” shines in every performance he gives on Randy Blue. This made him the perfect choice to pair up with the newbie, Malachi Marx. This is Malachi’s first guy-on-guy scene and he dove right on in. Malachi is so fucking beautiful and people are still talking about his break out solo video! In this video Malachi is cruising an alley behind the parking garage of his apartment building where he stumbles upon an embarrassed, (but, not too shy) Reese Rideout jerking his meat to a porn magazine. Malachi is caught off guard but, soon Reese charms the pants off of him (literally). It is Reese who takes control, kissing, grabbing, stripping, and ultimately sucking off Malachi. After working himself up with only a magazine to help him, Reese was more than happy to have a cock to work on and play with. Malachi moaned and groaned with pleasure as Reese slowly licked him from ass to head. Malachi falls back against the bricks in ecstasy when Reese gulps and gags on his large rod. This is a must see video for those who (like me) who think this is only the beginning for Malachi Marx.

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  • Benjamin

    Uh, not his 1st time….he’s gay as the day is long.

  • phunky

    Malachi is pretty hot. Has a nice cock too. Reese needs to go away. So tired of him.

  • Riley

    Reese should have pounded that ass right in the starway on he barrel. Hell I would have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • PabloZed

    I was hoping it was a gloryhole scene. Pretty hot nevertheless.

  • askanipsion

    Malachi is gorgeous!

  • baz

    Hotness! Malachi is a good find, and I can always appreciate Reese (regardless of the comments about him being overused.) They should make it a flip-flop between the two of them next time.

  • Vinnie Niagara

    Two very sexy, very hot gay men doing it man-style. Wonderful bodies. I’ve always liked Reese, and he’s never overexposed for me. He gets into his sex. But, I gotta tell ya, Malachi has a beautiful face.

  • Devin

    Malachi is my new fav by far. Head to toe gorgeous. I’d be happy if he was in all of RB’s scenes. I really hope they make him a regular.

  • pubert

    Reese just looks old and tired next to a younger guy. Maybe it’s his weird hair.

  • radavan

    that reese guy looks creepy

  • dave jennings

    TWO VERY HOT GAY MEN!!! Hope to see more of both.

  • Brad

    Malachi is STUNNING! Too bad he’s paired with Reese. Puke! I’d pay to see Malachi with Xander Scott.

  • Fazz

    Malachi, Desperate housewives Gardener ftw!! :P

  • Tofer

    Malachi is beautiful but his nose is all kinds of fucked up. It looks good in profile, but straight on it looks like a bell pepper.

  • ken

    I use to be such a fan of reese, especially back when he first started

    I don’t know anymore. He looked so young and refresh before, he just lost that “refreshed” look, if you know what i’m saying. Ya he has great muscles, but he doesn’t give me a boner anymore. Plus i never am feeling ANY of his hairstyles.

  • don

    I guess if you work in porn long enough, you lose that freshness. Malachi is gorgeous now, but if he becomes cynical (or worse, a druggie) then goodbye fresh, young look. That’s why Randy should have seized the day and had this delicious, still-“fresh” boy draped over that barrel and pummeled silly by Reese!

  • Get ‘Em

    I think they both look great and should come to my house this weekend.

  • jackson

    Alliteration in porn. Interesting.

    But seriously, Malachi is proof of God.

  • rob

    i have seen some of the other shoots reese has done and i hadnt really noticed something till now. In all his films he is such a cocky little shit. he thinks hes the god dam best porn star out there. i know how how some of his characters are meant to be up themselves but he seems to do it all too well. its a real turn off, well for me anyway

    p.s. malachi is fukin, ridiculously gorgeous (but whats is up with his nose)

  • Ryan Tuck

    I don’t think I’ve seen a guy who is as beautiful as Malachi. I’d love to have sex with him and lick his facial hair.