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RandyBlue: Malachi Marx & Tai Lee

Malachi Marx & Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Tai Lee at Randy Blue

Malachi Marx & Tai Lee at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Recently we’ve been presenting a lot of firsts. Will Vega having his first topping experience, Gage Wilson doing his first Randy Blue scene as a bottom, Christian Sharp topping for his first time. And I have always thought it was best to pair up the model having a first time experience with someone who’s been around and has experience. Mentoring, if you will. Passing the torch. But when it came time for Tai Lee to get his first blowjob from a guy I thought I’d try something a little different.

Malachi Marx is a relative newcomer to the Randy Blue family. In only a few short months he’s climbed his way to the top of many fan favorite lists. While not a newbie, he’s still in the process of having a lot of his own firsts. So this time I figured Malachi could help guide Tai from the perspective of someone who’s also going through the same horizon expanding experiences. And all psychology aside, they look fuckin’ hot together. Tai has such a fresh look about him, lean and smooth with just the right amount of muscle. He’s definitely got the metro vibe and is absolutely adorable.

Malachi, on the other hand, has been working up an edge. While he still brings his striking good looks to the table his beard and spiky hair show off his dirty boy streak. And watching him going down on Tai is so hot. He drove me wild when he started working Tai’s cock with his sexy mouth through his underwear, making Tai’s noticeable bulge become even more defined through the fabric, until it could be held back no longer and needed to be exposed. They look totally stunning laying next to each other that you just want to crawl between them and let them have their way with you. And Malachi was really feeling it. He got so turned on that the sight of Tai shooting his creamy spunk all over his own chiseled abs made him drain his own balls all over himself.

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  • irwin


  • Anton

    Well, you gotta hand it to Randy Blue, unlike his rivals, you do get a bit of an ethnic mix to his models/performers. I love that he features Black, Asian and Latino performers on his site. Whether you have a preference for “the other” or not, at least Randy Blue sees and embraces diversity in our community.

  • bob

    fucking sexy…i love them together. make fuck for the “first” time…i hate this waiting. that tai is for sure a looker…mmmmm

  • drew

    malachi and tai make a beautiful couple! now they need to let us see them go at it all the way! flip-flop!!!

  • Dillon McCoy

    They need to have a good ole cock fight…those dicks having a good kiss would have been nice but…

  • wes

    I like….

  • pieter

    tai is ok for an asian but no foreskin friction? what a waste. malachi needs to get fucked. like now.

  • Edward

    Nice scene; cute guys. Tai should do something better with his hair.


    This was a nice combination.
    Oh and very well said Anton. I love Randuy Blue’s diversity, Sean Cody used to feature nice black guys from about 2002 till 2005. But since 2006 its only been pure White.

    But the question is.. Is it really wrong to have an ‘All White Site’ after there are all Black and Latino sites. These sites aren’t mainstream gay porn sites though.. I think there should be at least one website for ‘White guys only’ After all skin colour in porn is like a genre of music some people like Rnb only some people like rock only, and when it comes to porn, some people like Black only and vise versa.

    I’m black myself, and I like all kinds.

  • The real RJ

    Malachi is really gorgeous. I like all ethnicities but Tai has a very unattractive face to my liking.

  • Scotts

    Damn these two are hot. Can’t wait for a flip flop fuck fest between them!

  • Anton

    I feel you on that, Jason. (I’m black myself.) It’s not so much I have a problem with Sean Cody being a strictly all-white site, and no doubt, in his early days, he did feature black performers (and other ethnic gay minorities) in his videos. It just seems to me that the moment he hit it BIG he decided to ditch adding a bit of variety to his videos. Not to mention that he has a certain “type” he goes for in white guys, and they all look the same.

    I give him props for featuring guys like Harley, who isn’t what one would call a matinee idol, but has a very sexy unique look to him that sets him apart from the other Ken dolls that’s featured on the site. And there are others that stand out from the pack. But he’s getting too samey for me, even though I do occasionally love the new performers he feature (I’m in love with Jake! I’m one brother who has a thing for Italian guys! lol) I mean, hell, even Corbin Fisher had Dante. It seems like Cody is afraid to rock the boat a bit due to his success.


    Thanks Anton, I wonder if they still have their old files available with the past videos featuring minority models. That would be a low blow, if he deleted it now that he is famous.

    Yea I can see what you mean he goes for certain types of White guys, the more pale guys I would say.

  • Zane

    You wanna talk about models that all look alike, you gotta include Corbin Fisher. That site is awash in smooth, blond, dead-behind-the-eyes men with swimmer’s builds. Like a series of clones with changeable heads.

  • Chris

    Tai is hot. Can’t wait to see him bttm.

  • Arden

    VERY surprised that the roles weren’t reversed. Refreshingly unstereotypical.

  • Nick

    I wish they’d gone all the way.

    And I also don’t like Tai’s hair. He’d be perfect with a better cut.

  • Marvster

    Don’t worry snow queens, SC and CD247 is gonna stay 99.5% white. NDB, CF and Fratmen will stay 95% white. Meanwhile RB will stay about 80-90% white. The white bois aren’t going anywhere.

  • Mak

    There are hotter asians or generally men than tai undoubtly.malachi deserves someone,he must get fucked sometime!

  • Anton

    I dunno. I think Tai Lee is cute, the hairstyle GOTS TO GO! Almost look like a nappy Afro that needs to be comb! (Kind of like how my hair use to look in the morning! lol)

    You won’t get any complaints from me about Malachi Marx. He’s perhaps the hottest gay porn star I’ve ever laid eyes on in a long time. (I agree with another poster who said he looks a lot like IAN SOMERHALDER.) I hope he goes far in the porn industry, he’s one of those rare guys who has the looks and personality that could make him a Michael Brandon in the business.

  • DMWN

    LOL @ Jason. It doesn’t take much of a detective to be able to read in between those lines. It’s clear you have some white boy-only fetish and just want to defend sites like SC for feeding it with the plastic interchangable Ken dolls he features. Poor you.

  • elephunk

    Tai is a butterface, IMO. Malachi still looking DAMN fine.


    malachi should get plowed senseless in the ass soon!!!! i wanna see his beautiful face twitching in ecstasy from having a big cock up his tight hairy ass!!!!!

  • ted

    i for one love tai’s hair. i live in asia and it’s the norm haircut for asians. you guys are so traditional and closed-minded! whaaa…he has long hair…whaaa…he has tat.’s… whaa…he has piercings. get over it and welcome to 2009 already! we’re gay, not mormon!

  • rayman

    sorry but Tai acts like trade to me .. little kissy face but no real involvement is what’s going on .. yuck boring. I don’t like Tai’s hair – looks like a bad drag ‘do to me. and heck I’d do anything Malachi wanted to me to do!


    DMWN, first off, I don’t have some white boy only fetish, Just because I defended something that doesn’t help my own race, but the white race, makes you think I must be a snow queen, I’m Self hatred, an Uncle Tom.

    It sounds like you only hate racism when it is only directed at your own race. I hate racism of all kinds not just when it is directed at black people. There is alot of double standards when it comes to racism in the black community. I simply believe in equality for the human race.

  • geoffy23


    I just joined RB…was always on the bubble about joining the site..Malachi pushed me..this pairing with hottie Tai confirmed it!! BAM!

  • Her Imperial Highness The Enfante Bathilde-Jeanne-Maximilienne of France, Madame Sixième, Duchesse de Picquigny


  • BannedWithANewAccount

    Tai is definitely breaking the asian penis myth

    Malachi needs to get more defined…he gained some weight

  • nutcracker

    malachi is still not bottoming?! how queer?!

  • Nolan

    DAAAAAAMN TAI IS HOOOOOT!!!!!!!! i feel like a cartoon character doin all sorts of crazy shit (**whistles**) bcuz Tai is frickin HOT! man i`d wanna lick his body ALLL day AND night then suck his cock like theres no 2morrow. Man i hope we see him top somebody soon.