RandyBlue: Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx

Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx at Randy Blue

Benjamin Bradley, Chris Rockway & Malachi Marx at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Chris Rockway has been a Randy Blue favorite for many years now. It’s so much fun putting him with new guys because he always does such amazing videos. Then again, I love putting him with established guys because they always seem to take it to the next level. So I called in Malachi Marx. While still relatively new, he’s gained a lot of Randy Blue experience in the past year and he’s looking woofier than ever! Then there’s Benjamin Bradley. New to Randy Blue but plenty of experience from various modeling gigs, he brings a fresh face and a dirty boy energy to the mix. Three hot as fuck bodies, three awesome guys, and three times the fun! I knew the sex would be as hot as you could get but I didn’t want them to just fuck. I wanted to do something fun. So I put these guys in a room and gave them one word. Cookout! Then I turned on the camera and let them work it out. What they came up with is really funny, and really sexy. They didn’t waste much time getting to the sex, which is a good thing. And seeing Benjamin’s delectably smooth skin up against Malachi’s scruffy beard and fuzzy chest is enough to get me going. And Chris, who loves to fuck, goes at it like he can’t get enough. And who knew Benjamin loved to eat ass so much? All three of them brought their A game to this video and from the sheer amount of cum that gets dumped all over the hot smooth body of Benjamin Bradley, you can tell they had as much fun making it as you will watching it.

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  • Anton

    OMG, OMG, OMG! Have my eyes deceived me?! IS that Malachi Marx bottoming for the first time on video?! Tell me I’m seeing things here!

  • irwin


  • chad

    Um, no you’re not seeing things…but it was only a rapid matter of time before it happened. It’s not like Rockway, where there was a build up to him bottoming and quasi-shock when it happened. Malachi (with his guyliner makeup) was waiting to bottom like someone waits for a bus.

  • jay

    – Malachi looks high.
    – Chris looks like Frankenstein.
    – Benjamin looks plastic.

  • Mike

    Saw it this morning. There’s no lack of beauty, but an enormous void of passion…or even attraction to one another. Just once I wish the straight RB models would act like they wanted to be there or that they enjoyed sucking cock. Benjamin, the gay one, would have preferred to fuck himself…little vain, that one.

  • Pieter

    Malachi – nice to look at, but the porn acting needs work.

    Chris Rockway – skeezy

    The 3rd guy – thanks for stopping by

  • don

    Malachi marks bottoms! Woo-hoo! If he looks a little wooden, give him time…it IS his maiden(head) voyage, after all.

  • Fazz

    There should have been an introduction to malachi getting fucked, and i.m.o. it should only have been rockway doing the deed, the third guy was entirely unnecessary and he looks way to boring to even be on. I would have liked to see how malachi felt about taking it up the ass, and how rockway felt doing it.

    As always the RB porn is staged as fuck, i mean the moaning could have been done by a choir, that’s how well choreographed it was :P … As for the acting well as always lacks passion and only seems like it’s being done for the cash and now for enjoyment.
    Rb tries to be passionate but as always just ends up being ridiculous.

    But the guys look good, the have dicks and the do cum. So the three criteria for me to get off have been met, cya in the JO booth :P

  • jj9stud


  • Anton

    Benjamin Bradley’s face almost resembles Joan Rivers. Way too much plastic surgery and make-up. I might check it out because I’ve been praying to see a video of Malachi Marx bottoming, but I was hoping that it would’ve been someone like Eddie Diaz or Victor Verando doing the honors. I agree with Fazz the video looks like a dud judging the pics. RB might as well have mannequin in his videos since the results will be the same.

  • chad

    Wow. Mike, you are REALLY laboring under the impression that Chris and Malachi are actually straight? :D

  • Orand

    Where is Tyrese Hunter? I wanna see him fuck a guy! Bring him back Randy Blue!

    As for this scene, so-so. Chris and Malachi are hot, that other guy is not.

  • Anton

    Oh my god, I forgot all about Tyrese Hunter! A sexy brotha like that definitely needs to return! I gotta give props to RB on that one, when he picks a man of color he rarely strikes out. Then again he often has the hottest guys compared to CF and SC — regardless of race or ethnicity — but the dullest videos. Shame.

  • Mike

    Chad, if Chris and Malachi are gay (or even bi) then they are bad at being it. Chris is a horrible cocksucker and Malachi is always glancing off camera to see the titty magazine on the floor or video playing.

  • josh

    This was boring as hell. Benjamin Bradley looks like a piece of dirty, plastic L.A. street trash. The fact that he’s so stereotypical, fake, and full of himself is a major turnoff. What guy in his right mind would even wanna touch him???

    GIVE ME A BREAK, RB!!!! This week’s clips from CD24-7 and SC put this shit to serious shame. If this is the best u can do, you’re just as pathetic as the idiots running Corbin Fisher.

  • mhm


    But i can’t get over how much I love Malachi and Ben’s jeans… where can I get them?!

  • Jared

    You would think an real gay porn star who is actually gay would be able to whip these fools at Randy Blue into shape. But what a disappointed. I had high hopes but it’s your typical low/fake energy Randy Blue scene. All style and no substance.

  • Ike

    How much for a night with Malachi on top? I’ll pay, I’ll pay!!!!

  • geoffy23

    Pics nice to look at..Vid was a YAWN…Malachi didn’t even cum near them! Malachi was his hottest with Tai..Chris was unusually boring in this.

    6/10 Would’ve been 4/10- but they’re just so nice to look at!

  • brucesteggert

    Great to see Malachi flat on his back. There’s a future in that! lol

    Vid was a bit ho-hum though. No real spark.

    But I am confident that Malachi will improve with a lot of practice.

  • jason

    Malachi has the cutest underwear–my 5 year old kid has undies that look the same…

  • JOE

    Something made me numb! I already liked Rockway, and I think Malachi have THE THING! But… I even don’t want to watch it. I think a flip flop pay back with Xander could be more interesting, amazing and finally get our expectations about Xander bottoming. Both togheter is HOT by itself, with a bit of emotion it could become the burning hell of love.

  • Leonardo

    Chris Rockaway is one of the few (if only) “Gay-for-pay straight” guys whom I don’t have an issue with. He got into gay porn in order to help pay his Mom’s medical bills, something I find noble and admirable. As for the rest of these “Gay-for-pay straight” guys in gay porn, they piss me the fuck off! As a gay guy, I thinks it’s not fair for these guys to take our money and shower it upon their miserable gf’s or wives!
    However, as long as gay guys put up with it, we have noone but ourselves to blame! Shame on us!

  • LA Clergy

    I think we are more worried about if they are gay or straight here. Fantasize whatever you want and go with it. It is not likely that any of us will ever date any of them so lets not worry so much if they are gay or straight. BTW Malachi has a live-in boy friend for the past 2 years. He said so in the last CES in Vegas. Yeah he is as gay as Madona.

  • Elijiah

    RB has some of the sexiest amateur men on the net yet it puzzles me why the actual sex seems so…bland and lifeless!

    Someone needs to wake these models (or is it the directing crew?) up and make them evoke passion or intensity. I just don’t feel anything for ’em and these are good looking men! Oh well. To each his own I guess….

  • crazy

    malachi getting fucked…hot baby

  • john

    how much plastic surgery has Ben had?

  • Nate

    I think they need to stop over directing the guys. Cause it must be the direction for them to ALL do that over the top fake moaning, the exxagerated poses and looks. If they just set up the basics for them what positions they want etc and let them be a bit more natural I think RB could get on track.

    Well they would have to deal with the problem they have alot of times with the limp penetration. Pisses me off when the top is barely hard and they are doing that fake moaning.

  • Zeke

    I would have loved to be in that group.

  • Karan

    Malachi marx, no doubt he is the most hot and handsome guy after cody springs….but the other two guys are nt hot at alll….i love malachi marx looks like my xbf muahhh……..i love u i love u i love u very much….malachi… muahhh muahhhhhhhh…randy blue is becomg like other sites ….malachi fucking xander was gud one ….bt dia is tooo boaring….only very gud looking n hot guys deserves to fuck my boy malachi….


    Benjamin Bradley’s face looks like it’s being weighed down by some hefty shitty stuff….Watching this scene was like watching a silicone-ballooning face monsteroid mutant fucking a beautiful human… Who knows maybe Benjamin paid RB just to bein the scene and then paid double just to fuck Malachi… What a creepy face he has…

  • tom in portland

    Malachi bottoms for the first time–should be a big deal and presented in a way that makes him the center of attention, but not on RB. Only a first class idiot would have Malachi get his video cherry popped in a three way. Then the directing and video work are equally incompetent. Rimming ( finally!) filmed entirely from the side or ??? the front?? Almost no penetration shots and Malachi gets fucked in the reverse cowboy with a completely soft cock. This takes the RB technical crews incompetence to a whole new level.

  • martin

    hot. always loved Ben,,but i think it would have been hotter if the guys fucked chris too :)

  • Edward

    Why no big deal about Malachi bottoming? Would that have offended the fading star in this threesome? The underwear is moronic; maybe the former spokesmodel is selling that trash out of his trunk. Malachi is adorable and Chris is nice but this could have been a lot better.

  • Gayleopatra

    benjyummy suckugladly is so hot. would love him to do anything to me or do anything to him. keep him coming back randy blue!

  • finbar

    Of course Ben has NOT had plastic surgery…way too young! So he wears a little metrosexual make-up and has a tan? His skin is beautiful and he exudes sex appeal, it is all about fantasy, not reality isn’t it?
    Randy Blue…keep the new Ben shots coming.