RandyBlue: Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout

Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

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Randyblue wrote:

Reese Rideout can’t get a moment’s rest. If he’s not doing a photo shoot for another magazine, he’s off doing personal appearances as Men’s Magazine Man of the Year. But even with his busy schedule he always makes time to make a super hot video for you guys. He’s in perfect shape, adorable as always and his award winning personality shines through no matter if he’s strutting his stuff on stage or fucking a hot ass in a video. And with his amazing body and gorgeous cock it’s no wonder he’s been getting so much praise lately.

One of our newest guys who’s been proving to be an exceptional talent is Bryce Barrington. His videos with Leo and Braden were some of the hottest and he’s aching to do more. I knew that putting him with Reese would give you guys the kind of video you’d have to put into your favorites the minute it was finished. Well, after you clean yourself up first. The two of them had an amazing chemistry together and it really shows. Bryce loves sucking cock and takes Reese’s humongous rod all the way down his open throat. Bryce gives it his full attention, making Reese so horny that he can’t wait to ram it up his hungry hole. And while he starts off by sliding it gently in, after a little while he’s ramming that man ass for all it’s worth.

And Bryce can’t get enough of it. In fact, he’s so into his ass that he’s not even concerned with his cock. And that’s just as well because Reese pounds him in a bunch of different positions, the last of which is any ravenous bottom boy’s dream, face down over the side of the bed letting Reese shove every last inch of his huge cock deep inside, open access. And Bryce won’t even think about getting off until Reese shoots a huge sticky load all over his back. Once he’s sure Reese is satisfied he lets himself go and shoots his own load all over that muscular chest of his.

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  • marianne

    reese looks old and tired.

  • dell

    RandyBlue need to get new exclusive models. I’m tired of Reese and Chris. Both are getting old. Chris and Reese have been on the site for the last 2-3 years.

  • andrew

    Agreed and the bottom is not even hard well at least in the pics:( that’s such a turn off really.

  • Eric

    I’ve never liked Reese or most of RB’s site content. It’s always too exagerated and unnatural. To top it off, Resse is like 5’4″. The short stripper types never did it for me. His whole site needs a complete revamp.

  • The real RJ

    Reese is so hot, too bad that the sex is always bad acted in this site.

  • Rudd

    this looks like “brothers in crime”….don’t get me wrong…but to me they look kinda similar

  • Josh

    Reese couldn’t be any more unattractive. Why is he still doing porn? As for Bryce, man boobs aren’t sexy. Time for these two to go home.

  • MikeB

    These updates just prove that canceling my subscription was the right thing to do.

  • Anthony

    I agree with a lot of these comments.

    Reese does look tired and old, and even Randy Blue aludes to it by saying he “can’t get a moment’s rest”. Maybe he should take, oh I dunno, two or three years out of being in the spotlight and quit doing so many photoshoots. Perhaps even take up a producer or director role? Or, better yet, tone down so he doesn’t look so gross. Muscles are hot, but he just looks like a beefed up pygmy.

    And Bryce’s hair appears to be receding fast.

  • brucesteggert

    I agree: Reese is ready for the glue factory.

    I have subscribed and then canceled from RB a number of times. While some of the models are hot, it just strikes me as having tacky production values. Not the same quality product (in terms of tech) as with SF, CF, or even CollegeDudes. Sets and production always looks cheesy to me.

  • trace

    Stupid question but I’m on mac and I don’t know how to download the videos. Can someone tell me how? I only see the “view online” option.

  • Josh

    I don’t think mac users can view videos from RB. They use DRM protected wmv files. It’s pretty stupid.

  • maberarc

    Finally Reese got rid of that hideous 80’s porn star haircut… I love Bryce, he’s an outstanding bottom, however I’d love to see Braden Charron take it up the butt… That’d be freakin sweet…

  • bankerboy

    Reese is STILL the man of my dreams. I would LOVE to see that boy on a daily basis – especially spread eagle :)the things i’d like to do to that HOT body & ass :) YUM YUM!

  • TK

    Reese still looks kinda skeezy to me.

    Where are these supposed manboobs on Bryce? No wonder gay men are killing themselves to have ripped bodies, with expectations as high as some of the critics on here.

  • AL

    Why the negative comments? Two very nice bodies. No country outside the U.S. could supply guys half as good looking as these.

  • Josh

    AL, don’t kid yourself. Besides the reputation of having the highest proportion of fat people, the US doesn’t compare to other countries when it comes to good looking people.

  • Owen

    Yeah! I agree with you Josh… becaause “WE” the Americans are the “most spoiled bratts” of the world! lol All we know is keep on complaing in every single detail…We always cry if we don’t get things the way we want it to be… And we don’t know these “two” little words… patience and sacrifice… right???

  • Owen

    Oh! Regarding these two models…. Bryce and Reese. I wonder if they are actually right next to u if you’d still say that they are “old and tired”??? lol What a shame because a lot of times… people tends to be “HYPOCRITES” which I hate!!!

  • Owen

    OLD AND TIRED??? You’re kidding,right? I bet if you look at yourself in the mirror… you would look worst than that!!! hahahahaha

  • Madame Bataille

    Wow, Owen… whatever you’re smoking, I want some of that.

  • Josh

    Judging from his three posts in a row, he’s probably smoking on Joke Cruise’s dick.

  • Mother Hen

    JOSH!!!! GET IN HERE!! I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap!!

    We all know and love what Owen is smoking! Shame on you for being so contrary!

    To insinuate Owen would go within 100 miles of “Joke Cruise,” Jake or any of the Cruise brothers is downright, lowdown and SHAMEFUL!

    Better yet! Go fetch a switch!

    Your gettin a bare assed whipping Young Man!! Now Get!!!

    Mother Hen

    Now tell Owen how sorry you are for accusing him of “mingling with the Crusty, Cruise Monster” and for crying out loud! WIPE YOUR FEET!! I JUST RAN THE SWEEPER! Owen is coming over to smoke with me. I don’t want this place looking like a Cruise lives here!

  • Churchy

    If he’s really that short he’s beautifully proportioned.

  • LOLman

    The only thing that I don’t like about Randy Blue is that their anal scenes seem fake (ie: Anything with Chris, lol, or Reese and Braden, remember that shiz?). To me, Sean Cody always had the real sex, like seriously, the bottom can’t walk for a few days afterwards, sex… I never bother to watch the Live Shows becuase I find them boring, but do they even do anal in those?

    But, in general, I feel that Randy Blue has the hotter guys because they don’t all look like they stepped out of a catalogue. After 21 years of life in America, that plastic, too-perfect-to-be-true look gets a little stale.

  • nutcracker

    what’s with these RB men not having their dicks hard while being fucked???