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Fratmen.TV: Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock)

Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock) at

Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock) at

Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock) at

Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock) at

This week’s Pledge is a man’s man, with piercing eyes and an uncut cock. Welcome Fratmen Linde.

Watch Linde at Fratmen.TV

16 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Linde (Naked College Uncut Jock)

  1. avatar TC says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s “handsome”, but he’s definately cute, and with that body of his and those natural body hair……”Gasp!!!” I think i’m gonna pass out…

  2. avatar meck22 says:

    Not that attractive but nice muscular furry body!

  3. avatar LEX says:

    Different but he will cut the mustard! that BODY hair!! yummy!!

  4. avatar moondoggy says:

    Oh holy hell yes.

  5. avatar Riley says:

    OH HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed with moondoggy. Time for some uncut!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar XYZ-1 says:

    Hot! Loving the chest hair and killer eyes….and a very SUCKABLE cock!

  7. avatar LA Clergy says:

    I think his innocence eyes is what caught us all. I would love to see him bottoming.

  8. avatar Sexe says:

    Love that uncut cock

  9. avatar Jim says:

    OMG,…hairy, not shaven. Uncut ! And no tat’s. What is the world coming to ?

  10. avatar mountii says:

    Shave gosh darn you

    SHAVE!!!! i like hair but it ain’t working for him

  11. avatar phunky says:

    Wow, that is one very sexy guy. Love his cock too!

  12. avatar Zeke says:

    mmm He has a very sexy treasure trail.

  13. avatar TK says:

    Agreed with all the thumbs-up on the natural hairyness. However, he would look a lot less elvish if he’d get rid of the sideburns. They’re not for everyone! Nice everything else, though…

  14. avatar Jim says:

    Fratmen doesn’t say whether Linde is gay or bi or straight or what. Hopefully he’s a gay boy and loves giving & recieving dick.

  15. avatar Von Schlomo says:

    It doesn’t much matter since Fratmen doesn’t do fuck vids and their models only on very rare occasion, if ever, do fuck vids for other sites.

    He’s hella hot! Certainly a whole lot cuter than I’d need for a guy so rare as to have that nice, naturally hairy body…the awesome cock is bonus!

  16. avatar Steve B says:

    I’d love to suck his dick but I wouldnt have real sex with him. lol.

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