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Fratmen.TV: Laird (Nude College Wrestler)

Laird (Nude College Wrestler) at

Laird (Nude College Wrestler) at

Laird (Nude College Wrestler) at

Watch Laird at Fratmen.TV

Fratmen wrote:

All American college gymnast Laird has joined the Fratmen! With a big cock, tight bubble butt and infectious energy. Watch Laird enthusiastically work his rigid cock until he uncontrollably shoots his load to his chest. After a long hot shower you see Lair hit the bed for another jack off session, this time fucking the sheets with his muscular ass until he turns over and blows another load.

18 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Laird (Nude College Wrestler)

  1. avatar bgbg85 says:

    Kinda cute in the face, but that BODY IS ON POINT ! Stellar ass ! Great guy !

  2. avatar LA Clergy says:

    Perfect body but way too young of a face there. I am not so sure he looks older than 18 a bit of a turn off on that front other than that an awesome body there.

  3. avatar Dave says:

    Where’d you get your body from?!? I got it from my mama…

  4. avatar idolopinions says:

    Omg those lower back dimples are making me cum!!!!

  5. avatar von schlomo says:

    That ass.

    We’ve been overdue for one of these…

  6. avatar HKguy says:

    Holy shit! What an ass! I am in love!

  7. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Very nice, well rounded, well put together, well everything about him looks fucking great.

  8. avatar Fazz says:

    I’m not a fan of the face, as for the body, Well it’s fantastic. Kinda feels like a Payne copy tbh, but I might be wrong :p

  9. avatar Established One says:

    Wow…nice ass!

  10. avatar Guy says:

    AMAZING BODY!!! WOW!! Ass and cock are just perfect.

  11. avatar Redboy70 says:

    I think I just creamed my jeans. Perfection!

  12. avatar tadnarsa says:

    I think hes one of the most beautiful models ive seen. I love everything about him. Very handsome, sweet and adorable and i love him! Please keep him on and show him often Fratmen.

  13. avatar gpguy says:

    He looks ok but I can’t say I am a fan of his face either. The body looks not bad but we’ve seen better on Fratmen, sorry.

  14. avatar aqpdi says:

    looks kind of retarded or inbred in the face but he still has some sex appeal

    • avatar gpguy says:

      I couldn’t put my finger on it earlier, it may be a little mean to say it but he does have that “inbred” look.

  15. avatar Daniel says:

    Fucking hot bod!!

  16. avatar TysonJ says:

    I am in love with this guy ♥

  17. avatar charles Hym says:

    Wake up fantasy – come true e

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