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ChaosMen: Derek Atlas

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Watch Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

Derek is a full-time fashion and muscle fitness model, and has been making the rounds doing some adult work. At the time of filming he had only done a couple solos, but no real guy-on-guy…on camera.

But he agreed to receive head, so next week we get to see this big muscle stud get some seriously good Servicing.

This week, you get to see a “take” on a masturbatory skills.

So if you are a fan of Derek’s and have been waiting to see him on ChaosMen, or he is totally new to you, either way, you will enjoy how amazing he is at showing his body to us.

This is one seriously hot dude.

Can’t wait to see him sit on someone’s face! ;-)

Watch Derek Atlas at ChaosMen

32 Responses to ChaosMen: Derek Atlas

  1. avatar PornJock says:

    Hot rugged, built man. Love the fur around his manhole. I agree, he needs to sit on someone’s face! Put him together with Taylor and Vander.

  2. avatar jazz says:

    Good gawd he is fuckin SEXY! Too bad Bryan seemingly squashed my hopes for him to do a full on sex scene in the write up :-(

    Oh what I wouldn’t give to see him paired with Taylor!

  3. avatar elmtree says:

    On first glance…holy fuck, what a hot, perfectly beefy man. OMG, love his ass! On second glance, specifically after watching the vid, his imperfections become apparent…such as his lazy eye, not good complexion and small cock. But all that would be tolerable if not for his offputting personality.

  4. avatar Sushi says:

    He’s got a body and then some, but that left eye…..kinda gross. I have no inyetest in him getting blown though–only fucked. ;)

  5. avatar Fazz says:

    YUM! Love the body, Adoooooore the cock (perfect) and he looks really sweet too. :) It’s a Yes.

    Now Please place him with Valentino in a scene so I can culminate all over my self :P

  6. avatar tomtomson says:

    if he was uncut, I might even fancy him. But alas, to many faults on that bull.

  7. avatar CarlosEduarc says:

    He is really really hot. He is a one very fine piece of human meat. Almost too good for porn. I saw him at another blog and it seems he is doing a lot of nude photoshots and solos for porn sites and i don’t think he is going to do sex scenes :(. But if he start doing sex scenes with CM I WANT HIM PAIRED WITH DWIGHT! Dwight is fucking gorgeous, Dwight cannot be so big as that guy Derek but Dwight is at the same level of perfectness as Derek is.

    • avatar CarlosEduarc says:

      I read the text i and realised i was just redundant sorry. But Derek+Dwight will still be hot!

  8. avatar armour says:

    Im confused as to why he’s on here and not a fucking scene on Randy Blue. I’m guessing that he’ll be back, which is great. RB’s loss.

  9. avatar porndog says:

    Well, at least we know he’ll get his dick sucked, but OTOH, that was the next step for him at RB as well. I much prefer he stay here, but I have no hopes he’ll do hardcore. Btw, who doesn’t think it’ll be Vander who does the honors(?), at least I hope it’s him. He’ll give him a proper rimjob.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Oh wow, I did not even realize he was previously on RB…and I even have a RB membership. Shows you how much I pay attention to solos…

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      Thanks for bringing that up about Vander. I thought I had no interest in a blowjob, but Vander would make that a different story.

    • avatar CarlosEduarc says:

      I think it’s better let Darius with his vaccum cleaner mouth suck this guy.

  10. avatar Billy.Sive says:

    sexy sexy, i like him

  11. avatar ThomT says:

    I’m not a big fan of muscles but I do appreciate all the work one has to go through to get there – however, from the video I’m thinking maybe he needs a bit of work on his personality. Long after his looks (and muscle) are gone a good personality could still help get him by.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Regarding the personality comment…fully agree.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Yeah, that’s a problem with attractive people. They don’t have to work as hard at having a nice personality to get the same results; many also lack a sense of humor.

    • avatar jag2power says:

      He’s trying to get comfortable with the gay scene by being overly macho. Kind of sexy in my eyes because of his efforts. He’s gorgeous!

  12. avatar bananahead05 says:

    Woof! What a hunk!

  13. avatar Ashtom says:

    The dudes hot as hell.

  14. avatar jag2power says:

    Bull eyes! I’m in. I think I remember seeing him in some of his modeling work in fitness magazines.

  15. avatar Daniel says:

    He needs to be fucked hard ASAP. Only thing he’d be good for.

  16. avatar PornJock says:

    Having not seen the video, what’s going on with his personality? And I agree with everyone else it should be Vander who does the servicing.

  17. avatar Patrol says:

    He comes off as aloof and narcissistic, and a self-promoter. Lucky for us, he’s been featured on multiple sites so there’s plenty to ogle, which is all I care about anyway.

  18. avatar Juan Diego says:

    This is the kind of man that would make me go out of the closet and tell everybody about our love. I’d marry him. It’s just perfect.

  19. avatar LGC says:

    The second I saw this guy, I immediately recognized him from RB. I’m so glad hes come back. I hope he does more, this guy is stunning!

  20. avatar jinger says:

    Mmm I like this guy, yummy ass

  21. avatar Sugarbehr1967 says: you guys hate much? Lazy eye? Small penis? Most of you wish you looked as good as he did. He’s beautiful…period. There are plenty of guys who like him as he is (I’ve seen more positive comments on his looks thank god)…if you’re looking for the perfect fantasy…get the fuck off the site and use your imagination!

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