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BentleyRace: Tate Ryder (First Day of Summer)

Tate Ryder (First Day of Summer) at Bentley Race

Tate Ryder (First Day of Summer) at Bentley Race

Tate Ryder (First Day of Summer) at Bentley Race

Tate Ryder (First Day of Summer) at Bentley Race

Watch Tate Ryder at

On the first day of summer here in Australia the sun came out and it turned in to a really hot day. So I called up my mate Tate and told him to drop by before soccer practise to model for me on the roof. Tate loves showing off and jumped at the chance to get naked on the roof in the middle of the city. Tate has got an amazing bum and it looks even better as it pops out of his tight shorts in a little white jockstrap. I bet he gets some looks in the changerooms! Tate was so horny from being naked outside that we headed back in out of heat and filmed him jacking off on the floor in my apartment. I could tell he was very worked up by how much cum he was coated in at the end. Tate works as a personal trainer during the week and tells me that his popularity on BentleyRace has brought him quite a lot of new clients. I know that he’s very popular with the members and my mates.

Watch Tate Ryder at

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  • elmtree

    Why another solo of him when we’ve already seen him bottom on this site? Anyway, hot ass…lets see him put it to good use and bottom again, soon!

  • adowhat

    again, WTF with that mustache… it completely distracting and unattractive. pass.

  • Southbay

    Summer is over why are they posting this now? Anyways Tate is hot tho

    • Rico

      Did you nap during geography class?? He’s in Australia where Dec. 22 marks the beginning of summer–just like South America.

    • Southbay

      Obviously that’s why I’m asking asshole

  • Daniel

    That is not a pretty face.

    • Peach

      As I have mentioned before, he definitely had some procedures done on his upper lip (injectable fillers).

  • moondoggy

    Wow, the roof play is lovely — not enough things involve public play (including, most especially, the crappy site that’s devoted to that). Love the athletic gear, too — Bentley Race has been really interesting to me lately.

  • Dave

    I like his shorts