BentleyRace: Alex Sanchez (Getting My Cute Mate Off)

Alex Sanchez (Getting My Cute Mate Off) at Bentley Race

My beautiful mate Alex Sanchez is back in the studio this week making one very hot photo and video shoot with me. I loved shooting with the 21 year old from Melbourne late last year so I invited him back for a series of shoots with me and my mates all through this summer. In today’s shoot I have Alex the studio doing a light workout with some weights before he starts stripping off.

BentleyRace: James Nowak (Returns To Soap Up His XL Cock)

James Nowak (Returns To Soap Up His XL Cock) at Bentley Race

I know a lot of the James Nowak fans are drawn by his hot looks, but it’s important to know that the 27 year old Aussie is also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s actually a bit on the shy side and never really knows what to do or where to look when I am shooting with him. He actually doesn’t really like all the attention…

BentleyRace: Jesse Carter and Dylan Anderson

Jesse Carter and Dylan Anderson at Bentley Race

Horny Aussie boys Jesse Carter and Dylan Anderson get together in the studio at Bentley Race.

BentleyRace: Bastien Passif (New Mate)

Bastien Passif (New Mate) at Bentley Race

I’m really excited about today’s new mate on Bentley Race. I had been exchanging emails with 27 year old Bastien Passif for some time before we met at the beginning of summer here in Australia.

BentleyRace: Brian Tanner

Brian Tanner at Bentley Race

Meeting our handsome new mate Brian Tanner as he strips for his first shoot at Bentley Race

Bentley Race: Noah Kelly (18 Y/O Cheeky New Aussie Mate)

Noah Kelly (18 Y/O Cheeky New Aussie Mate) at Bentley Race

I have a lot of new guys getting naked with us for the first time this summer here in Australia. And there are a lot more coming up. I thought I’d kick off today with our new mate, 18 year old Noah Kelly. Noah comes from the suburbs of Melbourne and had been waiting until he turned 18 to get in for his first shoot. Most new guys are a little shy about doing their first shoot, but not Noah.

BentleyRace: Kell Fuller (Stripping and Wanking)

Kell Fuller (Stripping and Wanking) at Bentley Race

I’ve had a really great year meeting some beautiful and hot guys around the world. One of the standout guys is 19 year old Russian hottie Kell Fuller. You might remember the night shoot I did with him in Berlin at the beginning of the year. I wasn’t really happy with the results if that shoot because of the poor light. So the day before Kell flew home to Russia I got him around one more time to do a second shoot. And this time, I’m really proud of the photos and video I made with Kell.

Bentley Race: Alan Reis (Meet My Cute New Brazilian Mate)

Alan Reis (Meet My Cute New Brazilian Mate) at Bentley Race

Earlier this year I met up with this cute Brazilian guy while I was in Europe. This 19 year old had sent me some really cute pics of himself, so I wanted to meet him. Alan Reis was also just visiting Berlin and dropped around to my apartment.

Bentley Race: Reece Anderson (Jacking Off My Cute Mate)

Reece Anderson (Jacking Off My Cute Mate) at Bentley Race

My cute mate Reece Anderson is back on Bentley this week doing a hot shoot with me. I wanted to get 20 year old Reece in for one more shoot before winter started. So this was actually shot here in Melbourne a couple of months ago.

Bentley Race: Alex Sanchez (Naked and Slamming A Fleshjack)

Alex Sanchez (Naked and Slamming A Fleshjack) at Bentley Race

Now that summer has arrived in Australia we are busy meeting lots of new guys. Last week I met with the very cute Alex Sanchez. This 21 year old comes from the suburbs of Melbourne. He had been emailing me some pics and asked about dropping by to see the studio.

BentleyRace: Christiano Szucs (Showing Off His Naked Body)

Christiano Szucs (Showing Off His Naked Body) at Bentley Race

My sexy mate Christiano Szucs loves showing off his naked body at Bentley Race.

Bentley Race: Ryan Kai (After-School Shoot)

Ryan Kai (After-School Shoot) at Bentley Race

Let’s start with our cute Asian twink mate Ryan Kai. Since doing his first shoot 2 years ago at the age of 21, Ryan has done a load of shoots. Mostly solo scenes since he is one of our straight mates. But lately he’s been enjoying getting wanked off in his videos.

Bentley Race: Marti Trifon (Meet My Hot New 21 Year Old Mate From Berlin)

Marti Trifon (Meet My Hot New 21 Year Old From Berlin) at Bentley Race

When I first saw a photo of 21 year old Marti Trifon, I knew I wanted to meet with his hunky muscle boy. He was introduced to me by one of my other mates in Germany. Marti moved from eastern Europe to Berlin a few years ago. He told me that he’s not in peak shape at the moment while he takes a break from his body building in winter. I kinda expected that he might have a bit of an attitude when I saw the poses he was pulling in his photos.

Bentley Race: Dylan Anderson (Aussie Boy Stripping and Stroking)

Dylan Anderson (Aussie Boy Stripping and Stroking) at Bentley Race

Joining us this week is local hottie Dylan Anderson. The 28 year old Aussie actually wrote me last year about getting in on the action, but our combined travels delayed us getting together. And when I learnt that Dylan was back in town last month, I got him around for his first shoot. I remember the hot photos he had sent me, so he was always on my mind for a future shoot. And it turns out that Dylan is a really sweet guy. During his strip show in the studio I started thinking about which of my mates would love to hook up with our new mate.

Bentley Race: David Sweet (Is Back And Looking All Buff)

David Sweet (Is Back Looking All Buff) at Bentley Race

During my travels I have met some really beautiful men from all around the world. Some of these guys have become good mates and I see them every time I am back in their city. One of the nicest guys I have met on my travels in Europe is porn star David Sweet.

BentleyRace: Patrik Vass (Showing Off His Huge Cock)

Patrik Vass (Showing Off His Huge Cock) at Bentley Race

I’m really excited to show off my new mate Patrik Vass today. I met this cute 20 year old when i was visiting Hungary earlier in the year. This guy looked really cute in his photos, so I lined up a meeting with him. It almost didn’t happen when we had trouble finding each other. But I’m really glad the shoot eventually went ahead. Patrik has gotta be one of the fittest guys I’ve shot with this year.

BentleyRace: Kevin Babik (Hot, Steamy Shower)

Kevin Babik (Hot, Steamy Shower) at Bentley Race

My cute mate Kevin Babik is back on BR this week in this hot shower shoot with me in Berlin. This was actually Kevin’s first nude photoshoot. I had not seen him naked before taking these photos. So he kinda surprised me when he pulled out that super fat uncut dick.

Bentley Race: David Ivan (In The Shower)

David Ivan at Bentley Race

Sometimes the simplest of shoots turn out to be the best. I did this tiny bathroom shoot with Bulgarian hottie David Ivan earlier this year during my visit to Berlin. David had hardly walked in the door when I had him trying on speedos. I didn’t really get an idea of just how built this guy was until I started taking his photos. David is 21 years old, from Bulgaria, now living in Berlin.

Bentley Race: Christiano Szucs (In The Shower)

Christiano Szucs (In The Shower) at Bentley Race

Today’s Bentley Race update features are very sexy Hungarian mate, 21 year old Christiano Szucs. Having trekked through snow to get to my Budapest hotel in January, Christiano stripped off to warm up with a hot shower.

BentleyRace: Kevin Babik

Kevin Babik at Bentley Race

Today I have published my first shoot with this very cute Polish boy I met in Berlin last month. I saw some pics that 19 year old Kevin Babik had posted on his personal profile. They were photos of him showing off his fetish for sneakers.

Bentley Race: Justin Evans (Hotel Room Show-off)

Justin Evans (Hotel Room Show-off) at Bentley Race

I was really happy to see my mate Justin Evans during my recent visit to Germany. Just had a long break away from modelling last year after a very serious accident. I’m really happy to see him recovered and getting fit again.

BentleyRace: Christiano Szucs (Getting Naked in Budapest)

Christiano Szucs (Getting Naked in Budapest) at Bentley Race

I have a lot of new guys who did their first shoots with me while I was travelling through Europe in January. In Hungary I met the very sexy Christiano Szucs. This bisexual boy was very interested in getting some new photos when one of my other models there told him about me.

Bentley Race: James Nowak (Working Out)

James Nowak (Working Out) at Bentley Race

Working out with my straight mate James Nowak at Bentley Race.

BentleyRace: Sarpa Van Rider (Showing Off His Boner on the Roof)

Sarpa Van Rider (Showing Off His Boner on the Roof) at Bentley Race

This week Bentley Race is excited to be having Sarpa Van Rider back after a year’s break from shooting. I’m really happy to see him back. He’s looking super fit! After kicking the footy around on the roof, Sarpa started stripping down, showing off his bum in a black g-string and more.

Bentley Race: Jake Gibson

Jake Gibson at Bentley Race

I’m very happy to introduce my cute new mate Jake Gibson today at Bentley Race. I met this Aussie red head from country NSW just before Christmas. This sexy 25 year old came to meet me after being told by one of his mates abut the shoots I am doing in Melbourne.