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Drill My Hole: Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid)

Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid) at Drill My Hole

Rafael Alencar may or may not be one of the first people you would want to meet in the showers on your first day in prison, especially if you have a super tight ass like Johnny Rapid does! Johnny just wants to take a hot shower after a stressful first day but he soon finds out that there is no rest for the wicked!

Watch Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid at

38 Responses to Drill My Hole: Prison Shower (Rafael Alencar & Johnny Rapid)

  1. avatar jag2power says:

    Yeah, give that little prison bitch what he came here for!

  2. avatar FTLRSW says:

    Yick…..I hate it when Rafael does the rough thing……it’s a turn off….and where do they get sticks in prison….lame.

    • avatar Juan Diego says:

      I, on the contrary, think that Alencar knows how to play as the rude one. And about the stick, this is just porn, it doesn’t need to make sense at all.

    • avatar kewl says:

      To FTLRSW: I agree completely. Rafael, I’ve followed your career for years. You’re too good for this kind of rape shit. You’re handsome. Stay with the romantic scenes. Love your ass; wish I could find out the truth about it, i.e. real or “enhanced.”.

    • avatar Wic says:

      I Loove when Rafael is rough. I am a bottom, and that’s a dream come true

  3. avatar PauloD says:

    They are trying so hard to make Rafael the gay version of Brazzer’s Ramon…it isn’t working. I saw his scene where he rapes Devon and I watched this one last night. Neither one was hot. You can’t understand him and his threats. He’s lost his looks compared to three or four years ago. You end up laughing at his directions vs get turned on. And, while this is suppose to simulate rape and of course the ‘victim’ isn’t going to be happy…the bottoms look like they just want it all over with and to make sure they get their cash. Not hot. Hot sexy. Not working.

    PS-the prison guard gives him the stick to work over the twink.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      I think I agree with you, but I would need to see more of the scene to know for sure. I know the bottom is not helping here. Their more acrobatic positions are hot to me, but don’t make sense for someone getting raped. And I know Men is not going to do bareback (even though they used to publish bareback hardcore photos in their offshoot couples magazine), but prison sex has not been convincing to me since Falcon in the old, old days. Even the bb studios today, while they don’t have the problem of making a condom seem authentic, still don’t have the skills or the talent to make anything other than plotless fucking look realistic.

      I guess my overall impulse is to say they should keep trying because I tire of just watching two men in a bed making no attempt to build a fantasy. Lucas Entertainment is the only company I can think of that has done any story lines that I found genuinely engaging in the past five years, and that includes what little I’ve seen of Titan. Storylines and set-ups are two different things though (the latter being less elaborate), and I’ve liked the set-ups of some other companies. I’m writing this before my morning coffee so it may be incoherent, so let me just say that I applaud them for trying and leave it at that.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:


      My problem with is that all their “storylines” involve some form of simulated rape or coercion. I mean, is this a BDSM site? I saw an extended preview of a scene where Ricky Sinz “rapes” Marc Peron (for stealing his phone IIRC). It wasn’t hot! All I could think about was how uncomfortable Marc must be, getting his underwear ripped off and spat in the face and having to fuck on a rock. Very seldom do I see kissing or any tenderness in their scenes. Now I understand they’re running disclaimers before the video (this is fiction; do not re-enact) and little interviews afterward where they ask the bottom if they were treated fairly (as was the case with this scene). If they’re going after the BoundGods niche, they should’ve been more clear about that from the start.

    • avatar porndog says:

      @moondoggy, you raise a good point on the bb. Since is featuring all these semi-violent rape scenes, it does seem kinda stupid to have condoms. It totally kills the fantasy and makes the scenes less than credible.

    • avatar NineHorseTop says:

      Right the “problem” here is authenticity, because they dont use condoms in real jails … y’all sound like a bunch of fucking IDIOTS!!! Even more so when people talk like these movies are vying for the Golden Globe Noms!!

      One of the idiots talks about getting tired of no lack of building fantasy, YET in the same fucking sentence he’s deconstructing the fantasy that some of us would like to see and enjoy without someone talking in the fucking theatre!!

      Regardless of the content on, the condom is there for several reasons. Not gonna go into all that–you’re all adults, or appear to be.

      You wanna see what a credible rape scene would look like?? Check out the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Then come back here and shut the fuck up about the authenticity & credibility on the scenes in porn. WTF!! They came, they saw, they fucked, they came again, then they talked about it afterwards. Did they actually fuck? Did they actually cum?? Then it’s fucking real. Damn!!

    • avatar Wic says:

      U guys forget the mayor point of watching a porn: big dick inside the ass.
      And I see here a lot….great movie.
      About bb movies, this just shows that Rafael and Johnny take good care of themselves more than the public opinion.
      Two thumbs up…..

    • avatar kaka2cool says:

      I love Ramon 2 and collect many porn of his

  4. avatar dio says:

    anyone know who the prison guard is? He’s hot.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      I think I’ve seen him as one of the bareback tops in a BukkakeBoys(?) scene. No doubt he’ll show up in a scene as one of the primary players soon enough.

    • avatar dio says:

      @FeydRautha, someone on QMN blog said it’s J.R. from the 2 Little Pigs scene. After some research it would seem so, and he’s been on a few sites already, and he looks soooooo much better here than in any of his other stuff.

  5. avatar Juan Diego says:

    :O, the end of the video!!!, :O

  6. avatar Southbay says:

    I’ll take Johnny

    • avatar Mike says:

      Me, too. Don’t like the scene, but he looks really good here, sans bangs.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Ditto. I really like this new generation of up-and-coming twinks. Lots of hot bodies (not rail-thin) and hard dicks. I mean, just look at DAT ASS!

  7. avatar HKguy says:

    Johnny and his dramatic faces are fucking hysterical, this is laughable not arousing and Rafael is gross

    • avatar Wic says:

      U should do porn instead,maybe u r hotter than Rafael and also be able to act better than Johnny, C’mon, give me a break…

  8. avatar jazz says:

    Everytime I look at Rafael’s ass I can’t help but think that he definitely has ass implants!

  9. avatar porndog says:

    In his early porn days, Rafael did turn me on, esp when he was versatile. Now, not so much…ok, not at all. Johnny OTOH is a cutie.

  10. avatar Twinkwhore says:

    I wish I was the prisoner and Johnny Rapid was raping my tight ass… (and if he had Rafeal’s cock that would be EVEN better!)

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    Laughable. Rafael is sooo hideous.

  12. avatar twinkemopunk808 says:

    johnny is such a cute little bitch lol sexy innocent face.. he better not get big like many twinks try and do – it just doesnt work

  13. avatar Res1 says:

    The bottom looks like a young Ashton Kutcker. I love me some Ashton.

  14. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Johnny Rapid: Stupid name, cute face! Figures that when a porn studio finally gets a looker (are you listening, CF?), they contort that pretty face so that it looks weird. Sigh.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Just looked at the other pictorial here with Johnny, from Str8-To-Gay. It’s funny how there are some guys who look better when they smile and others who look worse when they smile. Johnny R definitely falls in the latter group.

  15. avatar Wic says:

    I’m versatile and I’d love to be in the middle…
    To fuck Johnny and get Rafael’s massive cock in my ass, it’d be heaven…
    I loved this scene…..

  16. avatar cepsluvr says:

    I didn’t like this at all: nasty stuff, with (real?) blood showing. I was very put off by the “interview” at the end, asking if they had done anything they didn’t want to do… Creepy!

  17. avatar Johnny_Rapid says:

    No more ridiculous faces and don’t bulk up.. Anymore suggestions? This feedback really helps!

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