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American College Sex: Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany

Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany at American College Sex

Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany at American College Sex

Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany at American College Sex

Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany at American College Sex

Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany at American College Sex

Watch Nolan, Landon & Tiffany at AmericanCollegeSex

New freshman Nolan gets into his first bi tag team with Landon and Tiffany. The guys kiss Tiffany and get her blouse and bra off. Nolan and Landon suck on Tiffany’s tits and get rid of their shirts.

Landon kisses his way down to Tiffany’s panties and eats her out. Nolan kisses her as she rubs his cock. She pulls his hard dick out and takes it into her mouth. She sucks Nolan’s cock and he slides across her lips.

Tiffany sucks Landon’s nuts and then his cock. Landon drills his tongue deep into Tiffany’s pussy. Nolan pushes his dick down Tiffany’s throat. She flips over so Nolan and Landon can spitroast her.

Nolan fucks Tiffany from behind. Tiffany sucks Landon’s cock. Nolan pulls out and teases Tiffany with his dick before slamming it back into her. She moans and whimpers loudly, her mouth stuffed with Landon’s cock.

Landon lies down and Tiffany straddles him, riding his dick in a reverse-cowgirl. She bounces up and down on his cock, sucking on Nolan’s dick. Landon pounds her from below as she takes Nolan’s cock in her mouth.

Nolan kisses Landon, and he rolls over so Landon can suck his cock as Tiffany sucks his. Landon sucks Nolan’s dick until Nolan is ready to fuck him. Landon gets on all fours and Nolan fucks him doggy-style. Tiffany kisses Landon as he gets fucked, then helps Nolan push his cock into Landon’s ass even further.

Tiffany kisses Nolan. Landon flips onto his back and Tiffany straddles his face while Nolan fucks him in the missionary position. Nolan fucks a thick load out of Landon, who yells as he’s cumming. Cum splatters onto Landon’s abs.

Nolan keeps fucking Landon, until he pulls out and blasts a huge load onto Landon. Tiffany licks cum off Landon’s cock and all three kiss. Landon asks Nolan what he thinks of fucking a guy and Nolan says it’s almost better than fucking a girl.

I have to agree!

Watch Nolan, Landon & Tiffany at AmericanCollegeSex

18 Responses to American College Sex: Nolan Fucks Landon & Tiffany

  1. avatar moondoggy says:

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this so late in the day. Nolan looks flaccid in some of these, but Landon getting barebacked is pretty much hot no matter what.

  2. avatar the last dodo says:

    Landon bottoming, topping, doesn’t matter really. He always delivers for me. I especially love the understated sexy way he talks to his partners.

  3. avatar Hendricks says:

    Love Landon, but Nolan is meh

  4. avatar jazz says:

    Nolan ruined this…well him and the vadge. Basically Landon should’ve been in the update with Connor and Aiden and should’ve gotten fucked by both.

  5. avatar Sushi says:

    Exactly. Landon is one of their recent rare great finds, but they keep pairing him with duds. You can’t make a pig smell pretty by putting a rose behind it’s ear CF.

    Who woulda guessed Landon would be such a hungry bottom!

    • avatar TheSagaOf says:

      I agree… Quit pairing Landon up with these lame-o’s. Give him a well-endowed Adonis who’ll give him the ride of his life.

  6. avatar Mike says:

    Landon is the only thing I’m looking at here.

  7. avatar Cubankid says:

    I’ve already seen Landon get that anus drilled on CD so this is nothing new to me. But i will say that Nolan isn’t very attractive and they should have put Zeb or Josh in Nolan place.

  8. avatar dio says:

    Nolan is kind of a hot mess, but Landon is such a handsome sonofabitch.

  9. avatar Johnny2x4 says:

    The guy who jumped to this site from CD saved this scene!

  10. avatar SuperDuper says:

    Landon should be paired with Aiden or even bottom for Chandler. I don’t care for Chandler but his cock is something though. :D

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    Nolan’s face is so gross.

  12. avatar jinger says:

    OMG poor Landon

  13. avatar jag2power says:

    When women get in the mix I get a little confuse.

  14. avatar darkthunder1983 says:

    And in other news: Wesly that used to be here has, I guess, became a Bad Puppy model like Austin. First the Big Daddy sites and now Bad Puppy. Guess he has to make money somehow.

  15. avatar Patrol says:

    Please, please come up with a brilliant way to make good use of Nolan’s huge cumshots.

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