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BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 3D Fuck (Parts 1 & 2)

Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 2 Part 3D Fuck at

Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 2 Part 3D Fuck at

Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 2 Part 3D Fuck at

Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 2 Part 3D Fuck at

Watch Mick Lovell & Kris Evans at

Mick and Kris together is the scene that everyone has been asking for since our American beauty, Mick Lovell, stepped onto a BelAmi set almost 2 years ago! Mick and Kris are two of BelAmi’s most popular and muscular models so don’t miss as the boys suck each other until their cum shooting completion. In Part 2 Mick gets his bubble butt fucked by our super hunk Kris Evans. Enjoy this full 2 part scene in rich 3D! The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively at!

Watch Mick Lovell & Kris Evans at

26 Responses to BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell & Kris Evans 3D Fuck (Parts 1 & 2)

  1. avatar dio says:

    so… fuck w/ a condom, and then come on the guy’s ass hole anyway, really? That seems counterintuitive… x-D

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Yeah, I thought the same but I guess Kris has still not been talked into going bb so this is as good as it gets…which is pretty damn good!

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Even weirder: I saw one Czech scene years ago (I think it was Man’s Best) where they fucked with a condom, but after cumming the top stuck his bare cock back in the bottom and kept fucking for a minute.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Oh, wait a minute…there was a CF scene in 2011 where Dawson fucked someone with condom (I forget who), but then stuck his bare dick all the way in briefly after cumming.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      Oh yes, I immediately remembered that too, Jonny. Dawson and Ethan tag Trey. It’s all condom until Dawson reinserts his cum-drenched dick. It was seriously hot.

    • avatar swim400 says:

      Where is Ethan?

  2. avatar elmtree says:

    Wow! What a perfect start to the new year. Two of BA’s finest! Very nice.

    While the last two pics are awesome, I’m pretty sure Kris is wearing a condom during the fucking, right? Still very hot update.

  3. avatar Southbay says:

    Two of the most gorgeous studs in porn

    • avatar jinger says:

      Yeah but the sex is so boring, and all that moaning is fucking annoying

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      @jinger BA moaning drives me nuts, too. IMO it’s also visually unflattering. E.g., sexy Kris looks his worst when his mouth is forming a moan.

  4. avatar DaddyYankee says:

    Kris and Mick are amazing, but I’d really like to see Kris having bareback sex.

  5. avatar von schlomo says:

    Sexy but god awfully boring. Kris just doesn’t seem like the type to say no to not using rubbers.

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      lol @ “say no to not using” … took me a while to figure out what you were saying. you mean that you’re surprised Kris refuses to bareback. Mick obviously doesn’t refuse, so to put him with someone who does refuse is such a waste of his talent.

  6. avatar jazz says:

    Just when I thought the novelty of my 3D had worn off…I downloaded and watched this scene on it. Let me tell you it’s like these two gorgeous men were fucking in my living room! At one point I thought Kris’ balls were gonna smack me in the face they were swinging so hard! Ahhhh I just wish he would jump on the BB bandwagon.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      “At one point I thought Kris’ balls were gonna smack me in the face.. ”

      Jazz, perhaps your face should not be so close to your computer screen. Back up an inch or two…lol. :)

      I could only wish Kris’ balls were smacking my face!

    • avatar jazz says:

      LOL I wasn’t watching on a computer screen. I was watching in 3D on a 55 inch 3D TV.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Ah…a 55″ 3D TV? I need to come watch my porn at your house!!

    • avatar jazz says:

      Ha ha come on over :)

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:


      That tickled me to no end! Maybe jazz was trying to get a front row seat! LMAO

  7. avatar adowhat says:

    Mick, my next husband. Yay! Missed you.. Lol

  8. avatar jag2power says:

    Beautiful scenery all the way around. Lots of cum flying being blasted in the orifices.

  9. avatar Daniel says:

    This looks epic.

  10. avatar swim400 says:

    This is awesome. Kris Evans is epitome of beautiful men. Mick and Kris are well matched.

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