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GayHoopla: Jeff Niels

Jeff Niels at GayHoopla

Jeff Niels at GayHoopla

Jeff Niels at GayHoopla

Jeff Niels at GayHoopla

Massive deltoids, a gorgeous ass in (and out of) his baseball pants and clean-cut good looks, Jeff Niels has plenty to offer the hungry GayHoopla crowd. Humping the bed and stroking his hot hard cock makes him even sexier. Stay tuned for many more innings with this handsome stud.

FULL Video releases to GayHoopla members at 12:01am PDT on May 12th, 2014. In the meantime, let us know what you think!

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  • Southbay

    Lord Jesus. Baseball players are my weakness

    • moondoggy

      +1. Justin Verlander is pitching tonight. Have you seen how his uniform fits his legs? Pretty much like what you see here.

    • elmtree

      MD, i don’t know if I’d say Justin V fills his uniform out quite as nicely as Jeff here but he’s not bad!

      Jeff otoh…Thick and Yummy! :-)

    • moondoggy

      elm, are you a baseball fan? The best legs of all time belong to Mark Prior. The announcers never failed to comment on them.

    • elmtree

      Sports fan in general MD. As far as baseball players, I’m going to have to give my “he really fills out his uniform well” nod to former Ranger Gabe Kapler. In a uniform or out, he was hot! Altho he got to a point where he was to big but I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed, lol!

    • 007james

      I think it’s the baseball pants that makes the athlete look so hot too.

    • Southbay

      @md yea I’ve seen justin verlander in uniform when the Giants beat him and the tigers in 2012 World Series. Love my Giants lol

  • sncale

    Gorgeous body! Nice smile

  • topher

    He’s got it all, with special mention given to his incredible ass.

  • Sushi

    Another crazy hot dude….stuck on a site where no one does anything but solos. :'(

    • elmtree

      Yep…SO unfortunate.

    • ThinkBig

      some of them fuck too, even a few of the hot ones, but the filming is crap

    • souse

      Nick Jonas in baseball pants is the best thing ever

    • Sushi

      Right with you souse. You can see I’m all about Nick! :P

  • swim400

    distracting tattoos especially the cross. how many times do we have to see the cross symbol. guy on SC has one today.

  • jag2power

    Damn dude, can you get off my tongue already? Oh, never mind.

  • Raihan Delano

    He has a Body perfect

  • NG22

    Please sir, kindly find your way over to Sean Cody in San Diego. Corbin Fisher in Las Vegas? ChaosMen in Austin? Randy Blue in LA? Anywhere else???