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GayHoopla: Joel Gordo

Joel Gordo at GayHoopla

The new, rugged and handsome GayHoopla model, Joel Gordo, jerks off.

GayHoopla: Bryce Beckett

Bryce Beckett at GayHoopla

Big muscular jock Bryce Beckett jerks off at GayHoopla.

GayHoopla: Collin Simpson Fucks Travis Youth

Collin Simpson Fucks Travis Youth at GayHoopla

Mr. Three Piece Suit, Travis Youth is BACK and in full action at GayHoopla. Collin Simpson and Travis hit it off simply in passing.

GayHoopla: Randy Reno Fucks Blake Michael

Randy Reno Fucks Blake Michael at GayHoopla

Recently Blake Michael joined us at GayHoopla to shoot his solo. Well, it just so happens that Randy Reno was in town to shoot for us as well.

GayHoopla: Axel Woods (Jerks Off)

Axel Woods at GayHoopla

Gayhoopla newcomer, Axel Woods, is sporting a hot, thick, uncut cock that he can’t wait to show off for you. This young hottie is not shy and thank goodness for that.

GayHoopla: Blake Michael (Jerks Off)

Blake Michael (Jerks Off) at GayHoopla

Come ride along with the new face of GayHoopla; our very own All-American boy, Blake Michael!

GayHoopla: Travis Youth

Travis Youth at GayHoopla

Three piece suit wearing Travis Youth jerks off at GayHoopla!

GayHoopla: George Gomez

George Gomez at GayHoopla

GayHoopla newcomer, George Gomez, is one of the horniest guys we have ever met! We caught George jerking off BEFORE his jerk off scene! This guy just couldn’t WAIT to get his hands on his hard cock.

GayHoopla: Logan Piper (Jerks Off With A Huge Dildo Up His Ass)

Logan Piper (Jerks Off With A Huge Dildo Up His Ass) at GayHoopla

GayHoopla newcomer, Logan Piper, is just as good as he looks. He admits that he has a thing for butt stuff and to prove it, he takes us all by surprise when he whips it out in this hot, intense, and intimate jerk off session.