GayHoopla: Docile Dom MIKE BEAUMONTE’s Solo Debut

Mike Beaumonte at GayHoopla

Docile Dom MIKE BEAUMONTE's Solo Debut at GayHoopla
Docile Dom MIKE BEAUMONTE's Solo Debut at GayHoopla

Docile Dom MIKE BEAUMONTE’s Solo Debut at GayHoopla:

Everyone’s been halfway through a shower and felt the hormones calling. Mike Beaumonte was just wrapping things up when his massive shaft started growing and he couldn’t ignore that familiar urge. Mike’s shower turns into a pleasure sesh as he starts stroking his massive cock all around the bathroom.

As the last of the water begins to dry, Mike Beaumonte pats himself off and heads to the bedroom to continue the fun!

Interview: Mike Beaumonte, The Docile Dom:

If you’re not careful, Mike Beaumonte might just catch you by surprise! His quiet, almost shy demeanor led many on set to believe he would be a chill guy in the bedroom. After his first scene, everyone learned just how wrong they were! Inside of his quiet shell, Mike hides a sexual demon that possesses him to take full control. Now we know for a fact, there’s a lot hidden under the guise of a nice, calm guy. Mike’s ready to tell it all.

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Bair says:

So the perfunctory Straight guy jerking off solo has been released to Gay(?)Hoopla that we’ve all been breathlessly waiting impatiently for. That’s All Folks, until next week’s perfunctory Straight guy jerking off solo. What more could/should we ask/want for here at Gay(?)Hoopla? Tehehehehe!

Jays says:

Did ChatGPT do that write-up? It’s cheesy af. And I remember this guy. He used to post his nudes on Tumblr back in 2013.

ArgleBjargle says:

Wow…lighting was handled like a first-timer who’s never shot a scene before.

Edwin Stoneback says:

Very sexy young man more please

lastshine says:

Hot body, big cock, kind of a goofy face but still kissable. It’s a win from me

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