GayHoopla: Roman Cain Daydreams About His Crush While Jerking Off

Roman Cain Feature Solo at GayHoopla

Roman Cain Feature Solo at GayHoopla
Roman Cain Feature Solo at GayHoopla
Roman Cain Feature Solo at GayHoopla

Roman Cain Gets His Post Shower Nut! at GayHoopla:

GayHoopla newbie, Roman Cain, just wrapped up a long morning at work and as he finished up his shower, he can’t ignore the urges he’s feeling. His cock is practically begging for attention, the mere touch of the towel causing a chub as he dries off.

Roman Cain doesn’t even make it to the bed before deciding to get this thing taken care of. As he starts watching his favorite porn, the thoughts of his crush and their time together the night before come into his mind. His imagination takes over as he tosses the phone and uses his imagination to get him all the way there!

Interview: Roman Cain Saves The Shoot!

Roman Cain doesn’t have super powers but he sure saved the day. When we had a last minute spot open up, he quickly made the moves to get himself on set. His trip was nothing short of eventful and the wild ride hasn’t stopped since he showed up!

Roman Cain gets candid about his experiences on and off set, sharing some eye opening stories about his past!

Watch Roman Cain at GayHoopla

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Bair says:

So, the perfunctory solo scene of a Straight guy jerking off has been sent at Gay(?)Hoopla and now, Thats’ All Folks!
I was saddened to hear what a rough time poor Roman had getting himself to HotGuysFuck and to the vagina that was awaiting him. Miss Rivers was really helpful to him once he finally got there, according to Roman. It’s a heartwarming story that Gay Guys of course would want to know all about. Rivaled only by the series, HeartStopper on Netflix. Tehehehehe!

Kj says:

Roman Cain is a very handsome hairy man

Gazzaq says:

I agree the man is hot and easy on the eye, but wont have sex with men on camera sadly!

Quietist says:

This is not only not gay.
This is gay unfriendly.
This is homophobic.
This is hostile towards gay people.
This is parasitic on gays.

The guts they have to call this gay!
They should be cancelled by the gay porn loving community.
HomophobicHoopla is their true name.

Maybe I’m wrong, but by now it looks like this blog at last decided to no longer post about the stupid “comedy” porn coming from MEN, where the true comedy are the fake cumshots.
Be wise and do the same with this joke of a porn site.

Gazzaq says:

The thing is I agree hence why I rarely comment on this sites or it sister sites updates, and unfollowed them on X as soon as they ditch the gay sex scenes.

However on another site I comment on regularly for the guy of the week. month, this site models almost always received the most votes (hundreds nearly every time) from Gay Men who then bitch and complain that they hate the site?

Says it all really!

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