GayHoopla: RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One In His Solo Debut!

RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One! at GayHoopla

RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One! at GayHoopla
RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One! at GayHoopla
RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One! at GayHoopla

RJ Flex Shows Off The Big One! at GayHoopla:

RJ Flex stays true to his name, flexing his fat cock to the camera for your pleasure! He’s rock hard before the camera starts rolling and takes no time getting his clothes off and his dick in his hand. Rj’s thick arms look great gripping his shaft as he goes from lying on his back to kneeling on the bed and his juicy ass will have everyone drooling by the time he’s done humping the mattress.

Interview: RJ Flex Learns About the Reality of Porn!

Being an adventurous introvert, RJ Flex really stepped outside of the box and tried something new when he sent his application in to Blurred Media. Like everyone else, he’s seen a lot of porn and he thought he had a pretty good idea of how things would go down behind the scenes. We’re catching him just before he catches his flight to see if things went as expected!

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Bair says:

All Gay men can be happy knowing that (according to RJ) his experience of being filmed fucking vagina by the folks at Blurred Media was a good one. That’s always nice to know, isn’t it? We all do worry about the emotional well being of the Straight Guys fucking vagina, don’t we? That’s’ the very definition of what being Gay means. It’s who we are. And so, that’s it for another exciting week at Gay(?)Hoopla, where the porn needs of the Gay Community is their top priority. Tehehehehe!

Scrapple says:

It’s funny how this bitch is complaining on every GH post (usually the first comment every time). I remember when people said GH was trash and homophobic, he’d vehemently defend them. I also remember when people said giving a model the name “Mallatto” was an issue. He defended that too. In fact, he was one of their most rabid supporters. That is, until he got dragged by the person who posts for GH. Then suddenly, this studio is the worst ever and their goal is to make a mockery of gay sex. He doesn’t give a fuck about solos or duos or bi scenes. He’s mad because his feelings were hurt and now he wants to act like he’s some champion for gay representation. And yet, he still supports Men. Their antics are just as bad. Read a CF or Men post and see how he tells people who don’t like what the site offers to check out the many other studios out there. And yet, he’s still here, complaining that this site only does solos.

Clown shit. Every week. On every post.


He clearly like to stick things in his asshole

Trump’s Mugshot says:

He looks a bit like the actor Patrick Wilson.

bsg1967 says:

That sleeve tat is dodgy AF MAGA vibes

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