MidWest X Bois

MidWest X Bois

Midwest X Bois(MBX), a small gay porn production outfit based in Ann Arbor, Mich., vaunteth itself having the hottest, young, 18+ guys in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiania, and Illinois area. They go on to say, “MidWest X Bois, in business since 2000 has created some of the hottest scenes, with a great mix of guys and personalties.”

MXB advertises at their Yahoo! group that they are looking for models who are hoping to establish themselves in the adult industry and/or build their modeling portfolio. Doing a large part of their recruiting on college campuses, of which has sparked some school policy contestation on University campuses across Michigan.

Porn producer Derek Ward, 24, calls it his “College Campus Invasion Tour.” Flyers have gone up at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University and Wayne State University.

Ward revealed filming is done anywhere “from bathrooms, dorm rooms to study halls and libraries. It’s just a bunch of guys looking to show off on campus.”

“These are guys right from campus. It’s people who are really from these colleges,” said Ward.


Derek says:

Hey guys its me Derek from I hope everyone enjoy’s my website. If you wanna be apart of what I’ve started just hit me up with an email Last years Campus Invasion was so big I have extended it into the next few years. This year being Capmus Invasion 2.0 Im looking for guys in sports gear, bathrooms, dorms, classroooms, anywhere you can get naked. just send me your work and all post for everyone to see. lets show the guys on the west coast what we can do here in the midwest… I love working with all of you and cant wait to get started again this year.

Dan says:

hey! i wanted to get involved! What happened to the site?