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BigMuscleBear, BigMuscle or Just NormalGay?

BigMuscle SitesI started off the day confused as I usually do. Why’s the coffee coming out of the filter basket? Where did I leave my keys last night when I stumbled in at 2 a.m.? In the ignition?

The last thing I needed was important choices to make, but they threw themselves at me first thing when I went to the Web sites owned ‘n operated under the BigMuscle umbrella. If you’re not familiar–c’mon, you know you’ve at least looked at him, or maybe him (and definitely him). Cruise around enough and you don’t just want to join all the meat with your own profile, you seriously want to plan your vacation around the next group gathering, whether it’s the White Party or Lazy Bear.

But which one’s right for you? Sidle up to BigMuscle – the first site put up in 1999 by Andy and Bill, owner/operators of the Web site trio – and the questions get pretty personal. “Why do you think YOU are a BigMuscle Guy?” “Have you been to the GYM or Worked out 3 times or more in the past week?” “Your BMI Index is within standard guide lines for a Body Builder or BigMuscle Guy?” Answer correctly and you’re in the pantheon. Get it wrong and you can be an “admirer,” which is a polite way of saying you can watch while all us hot fuckers get it on in the steam room.

BigMuscle SitesNormalGay, in contrast, sounds like it should be less rulebound, doesn’t it? “For guys who may not live at the gym, understand the term ‘Woof’ when spoken to them or just don’t like body parts sites. For men with no category,” it promises. But apparently, they’re not all that different from the rest of us: fill out the profile and you’ll be asked how big your cock is and how often you’re a top, by percentage. And the ads aren’t really toned down, if you go by the saucy one that caught our eye: “Partnered, with permission to play…hairy, hung, and uncut a plus…pits, man scents, working class are also big turn-ons.”

Of course, if you don’t want rules, and don’t mind a little girth where it doesn’t count, you can click over to BigMuscleBears, where the standards of entry are lower—but the crowds still seriously hot (and obviously, hairier). All you have to do is tell them “why do you think YOU are a BigMuscleBears Guy?” And that’s it. No hurdles to jump, except adding a few pictures – and getting woofed at on occasion.

All that, and I still I can’t figure it out which one’s best for me. Maybe coffee really doesn’t mix well with cold medication.

Hall Of Shame/Fame: Chicago’s Steamworks

Steamworks ChicagoPoetry’s been written about it (really – we’ll show you the stall wall where we read it), and many an online personal ad has been punctuated with the same sentiment: “See you at Steamworks!” The fact is, there’s hardly a bathhouse across the country like this Chicago landmark, positioned ideally about halfway up Halstead Street in the Windy City. Why’s it so windy? Apparently, everyone’s blowing something or someone here at Boystown’s own warm, welcoming love canal. That’s the way we like it — and even when we need a breather from the nonstop hunky crowd stuffing the maze room to its gills, there’s always the edgy hot tub and all its nooks and crannies to explore, the real gym upstairs that actually induces real workouts, and above all, the sunny front-door staff that does everything to accommodate short of a wake-up call and a warm buttery croissant. The club has everything from lights-out parties to biweekly STD testing. And when you’re finally fucked out, there’s always a vibrant Chicago nightlife waiting for you outside–or maybe more likely, an early-morning Caribou Coffee nearby so you can grab a quick one and still get out of the parking garage before premium rates apply.

Visit Steamworks Online

Quasi-Porno Of The Week: Gay Sex In the 70s

Gay Sex in the '70's

Showing now at gay and lesbian film festivals across the country, Gay Sex in the ’70s probably won’t be the movie of the week on Fox Family, we predict fearlessly. But it’s one of those queer documentaries that smart guys and horny guys alike can appreciate, as it shows a major nostalgic hard-on for the pre-HIV gay world (and underworld) of New York City, all captured and remembered from the years between the 1969 Stonewall riots and the first reported case of AIDS in 1981.

Former 20/20 producer Joseph Lovett culls it all: There’s sex on subways, sex in the back of parked trucks, sex on dance floors, and even more cunningly, sex in a bed. Larry Kramer and Tom Bianchi show up in appropriate cameo doses. Even if you were never envious of the disco-n-drugs era, its hard to argue with the fact that there’s just more sex, more cruising, more body hair and definitely, more repeated-fisting injuries than you’d see in a year’s worth of outings to today’s Lure.

Take a look at the official Web site, or at three trailers from the film here. (Yes, the advertising roadblocks at iFilm suck, but you won’t see this one by feeding dollar bills into a slot, now, will you?)

Givin Propers – The Peculiar One and More

The Peculiar One

Many thanks go out to a distinguished fellow, The Peculiar One. We’ve sourced TPO several times in the past and never gave credit…hope he didn’t notice. (hehe)

We also wish to thank:

Sexy Jack S. over at Gay Porn Blog

Richmond Spider

The Pretty Boys Club

If you’re not spent after all of the above, please check out Peter Reader, a hefty collection of syndicated gay blogs!

Hopefully one day we can invite you all over to sit out on our front lawn in fold out chairs, sip Mint Juleps and wave at the cars as they speed by; our favorite pastime.

Getting Carried Away

Getting Carried Away

Are images of men riding a pair of shoulders, being cradle carried, lifted or piggy-backed by another man exciting to you? Well, join the club — or group that is! We were recently introduced to this obscure fetish a few days back and have since found several Yahoo! groups devoted to guy-hoisting enjoyments. Think Abercrombie ads from the late 90s and there you have it. Those A&F photographers were definitely clued in to the sexual appeal of this guy/guy chumminess.

Below are a few of the Yahoo! groups that turned up in our research. (You’ll need to have your Yahoo! ID handy to join these groups.)

Men Being Lifted By Men — This is a group for strong muscular people who love it to play with people as toys. Don’t give them a chance to escape… Demonstrate your power!

Guys on Guy’s Shoulders — Guys on shoulders! Here you will find over 800 pictures of guys lifting and carrying guys on their shoulders. Keywords: lift and carry, shoulder sit, shoulder ride, shoulder fight, piggyback ride and chicken fight. Do these images appeal to you and do you like riding a pair of shoulders, or do you like having a guy on yours?

Men Cradle Carrying Men — As there have been a few clubs opened up for different types of carrying…..its about time there was a club devoted to those guys out there who like to be cradle carried or who like to cradle carry other guys.

Men Riding on Men’s Shoulders — If you like to ride a man on his shoulders, or if you like to carry a man on your shoulders, join our group. Let’s share thoughts and pictures related to man on man shoulder riding.

Wrestlers Lifting Wrestlers — Body slams, torture racks, fireman’s carry, crotch lifts, and bear-hugs–we’ve got it all. In the battle to overpower and conquer an opponent–whether it’s wrestling or fighting–there’s something about picking the opponent up and/or carrying him that displays an act of physical and psychological dominance.

Those Who Came Before Us

Internet Adult Film Database

IAFD, the acronym for the Internet Adult Film Database, covers 51,617 titles and 38,518 performers and directors is the premier resource for information about the straight porn community on the web. IAFD picks up where the IMDb leaves off.

Visit: Internet Adult Film Database

MidWest X Bois

MidWest X Bois

Midwest X Bois(MBX), a small gay porn production outfit based in Ann Arbor, Mich., vaunteth itself having the hottest, young, 18+ guys in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiania, and Illinois area. They go on to say, “MidWest X Bois, in business since 2000 has created some of the hottest scenes, with a great mix of guys and personalties.”

MXB advertises at their Yahoo! group that they are looking for models who are hoping to establish themselves in the adult industry and/or build their modeling portfolio. Doing a large part of their recruiting on college campuses, of which has sparked some school policy contestation on University campuses across Michigan.

Porn producer Derek Ward, 24, calls it his “College Campus Invasion Tour.” Flyers have gone up at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University and Wayne State University.

Ward revealed filming is done anywhere “from bathrooms, dorm rooms to study halls and libraries. It’s just a bunch of guys looking to show off on campus.”

“These are guys right from campus. It’s people who are really from these colleges,” said Ward.


Poseable Thumbs

Poseable Thumbs
Poseable Thumbs
Poseable Thumbs

Handcuffed studs, boot-licking slaves, leather-clad muscle queens — sounds like that notorious party at the old Lure, but this web site is different in one critical respect: The men are all twelve-inches-tall action figures. “I’ve heard from a lot of guys who used to have their own G.I. Joes act out their burgeoning sexual fantasies — and a lot of guys who are surprised to find themselves so turned on by the photos I’ve taken,” says Pete Handler, the site’s New York-based photographer and designer. Indeed, the various clever scenes — of fisting, bondage, gangbangs and more — could easily be mistaken for commercial pornography. All the pictures are for sale, along with a book of them, and you can send in your own suggestions of storylines or poses you’d like Handler to shoot, which fits in perfectly with his master plan. “I’m trying to get people’s circuits to cross,” he says, “almost daring them to see how much about what turns them on is in their imagination.” — Jonah Tully(HX Magazine)

Visit Poseable Thumbs

Those Scally Lads

Scally Lad Sex Blog

Special favaz goin’ out to those slang talkin’, scally lad sex lovaz ova’ at Scally Lad Sex Blog for dat linkage.

Big up’s guys!

Google Blog Searching: Blogle?

Google Blog Search

Google has taken over when it comes to searching for images, news, maps, meta, xml, or your desktop. And now Blogs; which is no surprise. I’m not so much into allowing Google access to my desktop or installing their toolbar, but I’m actually finding this new search implement to be very handy and something I can foresee myself using regularly.

This is interesting: If you do a search for pertinent keywords such as ‘Sean Cody,’ our blog turns up on the first page, front an center. But when searching for broader terms such as ‘gay porn’ we did not fair so well. We’re located waaay out on the edge of SERP oblivion. To be totally frank, we’re not showing up at all! (Actually, we gave up at around page 45.)

Visit Google Blog Search

Givin Propers

Just wanted to take a quick minute and thank Joseph of and his boyfriend over at for their linkage.

Many many thanks, y’all!

Category Update: Gay Porn Report

Sorry about the interruption. The former Hot-N-Bothered category has been appropriately renamed the Gay Porn Report. Maybe we’ll bring back Hot-N-Bothered sometime in the near future.

We are currently in the process of making Waybig a better place to dawdle, jerk or whatever it is you folks do here. :) There are some exciting changes on the way. Stick around and please bear with us through our growth spurts. Waybig is ALWAYS better.


And They Spoke of Cock

Cock Talk

Cock Talk is a LiveJournal community started by Molly and Kayla to rant about cocks. They got the idea to create this community in December of 2002. You’re welcome to talk about anything, as silly or serious as you please. Just make sure it’s related to COCK. If it’s not, M & K claim that they’ll hunt you down, dick slap you(are they chicks with dicks?), and then kill you(let’s hope they’re joking).

Visit Cock Talk Community

Brat Boy School

Ethan at Brat Boy School

Think you have what it takes to be a Bratboy? Ethan at Brat Boy School has defined in his mission statement, a full outline to which bratboy would-be’s must adhere. Students and prospective students are reminded that classes are offered with the expectation of student participation and and open exchange of ideas. The following courses are available anytime at Brat Boy School.

  • BHS 101 – History of Brat Boy
  • BSC 101 – Brat Boy Life
  • BSC 201 – Transforming from Brat Boy Life
  • BPY 101 – Brat Boy Survival
  • BPY 201 – Principles of Brat Boy Life
  • BBE 101 – Brat Boy Love
  • BEC 101 – Brat Boy Economics
  • BBS 101 – Modeling Pros and Cons
  • BPE 101 – Yoga
  • BPE 201 – Kickboxing

Visit Ethan’s Brat Boy School

Tropical Gavian Hairdos

The ubiquitousness of the ‘fauxhawk’ amongst the so-called trendsetting homos has baffled me from the onstart of this silly, seemingly neverending fad. This ridiculous hairdo, thought to have been started by David Beckham, has quickly become the gay equivalent of the infamous and always laughable mullet. I’m ready for this thing to die. I mean, when I take one of these boys home, I feel like I need to spread newspaper, fill his seed bowl and make sure he has his mineral beak block tied firmly to the side of the bed.

Tropical Gavian Hairdos

Ministry of stop the fauxhawk!

Wiki: Fauxhawk

Enter Junk Magazine

Junk Magazine

Proclaiming that Guys + Music = Love, Junk magazine, the brainchild of Kathy Cacace and Brad Walsh is committed to bringing the male-loving populace the same combination of content that is currently easier to find in men’s magazines.

There can exist a magazine that has both pictures of attractive men as well as articles that make you laugh, make you think, and keep you interested. In addition, we will not spend all of our time and words measuring you the reader against some ridiculous standard and expect you to be entertained by it. To the men-folk: we know there are men who like men. This magazine was created with you equally in mind.

Junk Magazine now finds a loving place nestled in amongst my Firefox bookmarks. Be sure to checkout the pictures of Josh B.(my personal fav).

Our Huge Secret

We can’t deny it to our readership or to ourselves anymore. Perhaps you already realized it, or possibly you didn’t. But we felt that it was time to come to grips with the hard truth.

WayBIG really sucks…the BIG one!

And you should too…

Vamos Rafael!

Rafael Nadal

Rising tennis pro Rafael Nadal is preparing for Wimbledon, which starts today. He is seeded fourth, and is in the bottom half of the draw. He will be scheduled to play on Tuesday.

Many thanks go out to my longtime friend, Jerry, who is a tennis pro in his own right, for turning me on to Rafael!

Rafael Nadal
Nice cup

Believe me, I searched high and low for pictures of Rafael that depict a bit more skin but was not so lucky in my quest.

Rafael Nadal

You can find more info at Rafael’s website.

Versace Mini Cooper

Versace Mini Cooper

Donatella Versace designed an exclusive MINI, which premiered at the Aids charity event on May 21st, 2005. Let’s hope Elton John doesn’t get wind of this one. And if he does, his toupee is strapped and glued on tight.

The Versace MINI
Only a few automobiles arise as much attention in the fashion scene as MINI. Also the international acquainted fashion designer Donatella Versace had been inspired by it and thus designed a black MINI Cooper Convertible following the creative ideas of her own.
“It has been an unusual and stimulating challenge – said Donatella Versace -combining fashion with the technology and modernity of a car like the Mini. The fact that this helps to fight against AIDS was the ultimate decisive factor.”

The design reproduces the famous Versace “baroque” print. It is typical Versace style: elegant yet coltish. It therefore perfectly fits the colorful Life Ball event. The flower pattern is layered over the car lacquer like a second skin.

Versace Mini Cooper Versace Mini Cooper Versace Mini Cooper

The seats are covered with black leather, which are held together by golden seam. The gearshift, being the core element in the car’s cockpit, has been adorned with a silver Versace-type Medusa and is enframed by original Swarovski crystals. On the car’s c-pillar (the hindmost part of the cars soft-top) and the headrests of the front seats, one can find an embroided Versace Medusa. The interior has also been made by in-house Versace experts following the conceptional idea of Donatella Versace’s design and therefore perfectly fit the car’s exterior.

Auction on eBay
Following the Life Ball Event the Versace MINI will be auctioned off for a good cause on eBay (, and The proceeds go to the Life Ball, which supports several HIV and AIDS aid organizations with it.

MINI is available in a total of 7 model variants, from the MINI One D with 55 kW/75 bhp to the MINI Cooper S with 125 kW/170 bhp. In between there is the MINI One with 66 kW/90 bhp petrol engine and the MINI Cooper with 85 kW/115 bhp. The icing on the cake is the MINI Cabrio which has been available since Summer 2004 with electric soft top and a fresh design.

For more information regarding the MINI commitment at the 2005 Life Ball please visit and for general information.

Andy Roddick’s Well Fabricated Rod

I’ve seen this posted on a few of the other blogs. I hate to spoil the fun as savory as it may look, but it is most definitely a farce. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprized if it were actually fabricated by one of the other blogs as a means to stir controversy. Just something for you to ponder. Anyways, here’s the photographic evidence: