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Where Have You Gone, Dean Coulter?

Dean CoulterIn the great hall of porno gods, a few men stand tall and long above the crowd – Al Parker, Steve Kelso, Carl Hardwick and the like. But color us depressed that former Titan and Raging Stallion guy Dean Coulter has ridden his last flesh pony into the sunset along with the others. Coulter’s first action scenes in the likes of Swell and the instant guy-on-guy classic, Eruption, were followed by only a handful more flicks before the bubble-butted, thickly treasured-trailed and toward the end, heavily tattooed Coulter waved sayonara to fuck-flick action.

Happily, most of his efforts are endlessly repeatable on disc – and though they say DVDs are nearly indestructible, we’ve got a rut or two where Coulter gets ravished beachside by Eduardo in Eruption.

Scan for the classics over at Waybig’s online store, and pray for a comeback of Madden-like proportions, will you?

  • Malcolm

    favourate star of all time
    wish him a wonderful life time

  • Dean Coulter

    I am still alive & well–I live in Vermont now. And obviously, no longer go by the name Dean Coulter and I am no longer in the porn industry. I am happily partnered, loving Vermont and I am doing bodywork & massage now.

    • musclsd

      Hey Where in Vrmont r u man ?

    • Chris W. Luczak

      sup bubba?

  • michelle

    I only just recently saw your movies last year when I got Timewarner. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you back in 1999 up to 2007. I like the water scenes the best in Swell and Eruption. But I’m glad you have someone. good look in the future.

  • yutaka

    Dear Dean
    Pity you did not make many movies. I had not been interested in porno movies until I saw your photos in a magazine several years back. I do’t know where Vermont is, but I am pleased to know you are happy.

  • Michelle

    Happy birthday Dean. Hope you had a nice one.

  • Michelle

    Dean, did you partner with Mike Roberts you lover?

  • Michelle

    I would like to learn more about you. My email address is I only got to see your movies recently.

  • Michelle

    I understand you had a web long ago. Unfortunately I never got a chance to talk to you. I would like to communicate with you now and find out more about you. I gave you my email address. Please talk to me. We are both Taurus and you are a lot like me. Michelle

  • Michelle

    Hi Dean. I’m still waiting for you to communicate with me I never got a chance to speak with you. I only just saw you and you seem to be like a warm giving person like me. I gave you my email. I’m sorry I missed you website. Please communicate with me. I gave you my email


    For you fans of Dean :He made a video titled SUBMISSION before his Titan and Raging Stallion ones .He looks perfectly buffed, his ass has never looked better and rounder than in SUBMISSION.

  • Randy

    Hey Dean…
    A blast from the past… glad to hear you in love with Vermont and your man… will give Rocky a call one of these days and see if he has your number… or if your following this blog at all.. write me…

  • kyhunt

    Dean, Your films created something inside me that has been hard to satisfy with others. I never even cared for porn but in the days of Atlanta, with my boyfriend, I could not get enough of watching you, bits and pieces of different folks shape our ideas and thougts and feelings towards the one that will ultimately be the one for us. I have loved and lost, loved and lost, and currently comfortable with being by myself. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you were admired from a far and thanks for touching my heart.

  • trashben

    Dean is in NH and cams on webcamnow and cam4 as nhvoyeur

  • Chris W. Luczak

    hey dean….it’s me Chris…my evil ex is the one that tatted you in Huntington Beach. how you been? hope all is well