Rob Lowe Sex Tape

Remember Rob Lowe? Yeah…him. Remember how hot he used to be is? Well, brought to us by our dearest counterparts at Gay Skin Index, are Parts One and Two of a video that’s purportedly Rob Lowe and a buddy of his having a sex romp with some woman in a hotel room. These are two VERY grainy videos where you can barely make out any distinct facial features. This may or may not be Rob Lowe. Our research only brought up one Rob Lowe sex tape back in ’88 and that contained him and two women, one of which was underage.

That being said, we make no claims as to the authenticity of these videos. Most likely, they’re fakes…but then, who knows.

Rob Lowe Sex Tape

Video : Back in Time Rob Lowe Sex Tape (Full Frontal Nude + Hard-on ) [Skin Index]

or go straight for the downloads:

Video Clip 1: Back in Time Rob Lowe Sex Tape (4.8mb – :58)
Video Clip 2: Back in Time Rob Lowe Sex Tape (5.0mb – 1:00)

  • austlar

    The vids are probably legit. The Rob Lowe sex tape scandal involved Lowe, a well hung buddy, and a young woman in an Atlanta hotel room during the 1988 Democratic Convention. The incident just about derailed Lowe’s career at the time.

  • noto

    i love his ass wow

  • Stephen White

    I’ve watched Rob Lowe since his appearance in “Class” in 1983 and of what I can see, this is NOT him. Unfortunately his dick isn’t that long compared to the supposedly authentic pics I’ve seen of him.