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EnglishLads: Matt Hughes Gets Blown

Matt Hughes Gets Blown at EnglishLads
Matt Hughes Gets Blown at EnglishLads
Matt Hughes Gets Blown at EnglishLads
Matt Hughes Gets Blown at EnglishLads
Matt Hughes Gets Blown at EnglishLads

Watch Matt at EnglishLads

Matt has the most gigantic cock, its just over six inches when soft and doubles to 1ft when hard! He is quite slim and toned so it looks even more massive with his slim build.

Matt enjoys being photographed and strips down to get his soft cock measured, after a little bit of touching it starting to grow and he relishes in showing it off. Once nearly hard he pulls his legs up over his head and tries to self suck, he gets pretty close, his back is just not flexible enough!

After a load of wanking Str8 lad Matt agrees to get his 1st blow job from a man and before long he is being jerked off and shoots his load without lifting a finger. Cum is shot everywhere!

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