JakeCruise: James Biehn and Jake

James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise

James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise
James Biehn and Jake at Jake Cruise

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Jake wrote:

For some reason bad boys really turn me on. I’m not talking about mean spirited boys or bullies. I’m talking about the guys who know they are being naughty and love it. It shows in their wry smiles and in their attitudes. James is a very, very bad boy and I love every second I spend with him. At first I was hesitant about him plowing me with his formidable cock. But soon every thrust was sending me to heaven. You’ll hear me scream a lot in this scene, but they’re all from pleasure.

You can see that James really likes being bad, too. The more I moaned the more he got into fucking and kissing me. This was truly a fuck my ‘tate and I will remember for a long time. I hope to bring James back and have him fuck me again and again. Can you blame me?

iheartpenis says:

IT BRALIN! Is it just me or are they barebacking???

boyman says:

I totally “admire” Jake’s shamelessness.

chiguy4m says:

Mother, don’t let your babies grow up to be gay porn stars… because they’ll end up barebacking Jake! I’m appalled by what some people will do for money.

milo says:

how on earth can he keep it up when he’s fucking a goose like that..

Blah says:

I am utterly confused about why Jake would think that anyone would want to see him with his legs spread to the high heavens. You can see on the guys face that he hates this troll touching him. There’s nothing less erotic than joyless, shame-inducing “sex”. I feel bad for the kid . . . .

temptorius says:

I Have Posted Many Comments On That Walking Breathing Tragedy We Call Jake Cruise. Really Does Money Buy Anything These Days? What Compells A Guy 2 Let Themselves Go And Give In 2 That “Freak Show” And 2 Lose Respect And Passion By Barebacking The “WALRUS” As Well. Lets Keep Porn Sexy, And Not A Joke.

tom says:

You couldn’t pay me enough to bareback with jake cruise.

Pharaoh says:

Hey Guys:

I turned down hiring James Biehn because he did the whole barebacking thing with jake.

Shame too cause James is really hot and really nice in person.


KyleSaguaro says:

I don’t think that Jake looks bad

But it’s repulsive when he fucks or gets fucked

thom says:

It’s amazing, you twinks soon to be trolls. I

Thom says:

If you do not want to see Mr. Jake naked, don’t look, do us a favor, go some place else. I for one like to see him naked, and would like some one on one time with him myself. I guess I will never make it as a pedophile, so actually, I do not care for seeing the likes of you twink types parading your silly twink asses around. So here’s to twinks who have nothing better to do than rip into someone they don’t even know, and karma that will catch up to them in a few years. And to you self hating 40+’ers see you on ‘To catch a predator.’

YUCK says:

OKAY Gross! I have nothing against older men who take care of themselves but I am sorry Jake is UNSAT! I mean to lie next to someone like James or Brodie makes him look even more hideous….there is not enough money in the world for Jake to get me to lie next to him naked in bed…..I mean really lets be real here people. What is he paying these guys????? A new car, house…what? LOL!

travis says:

NASTY. look at the look of digust in his face when he is about to fuck jake. I think this old man is lucky but poor guys.